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Because he possesses synesthesia, Sora can feel the colors and smells of everything. Bright and cheerful and has a honest personality, Sora's range of movements is high after having trained and improved a lot. His singing voice sounds as if it's frolicking, and his performances are so light and energetic that he seems to bounce.

Affiliated with NEW DIMENSION’s Switch.[1]

This is Sora Harukawa from the agency New Dimension! Sora works in a unit called Switch with Shisho~ and Senpai! Switch is a unit of magicians that uses magic to make people happy~♪ If everyone gets a bright and fun "color", Sora will be very happy! Sora will work really hard towards that goal, so please support us! HaHiHuHeHo~☆[2]

Sora-kun is Switch’s junior who is very sensitive and loves games. He has synesthesia, so he feels sounds and smells as colors. That's why he notices a lot of things, and is interested in lots of things, and being with him really energizes me♪ You should all come and watch Sora-kun’s energetic performance onstage. It’s so fun, you will feel like you’ve been put under a spell♪[2]

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Ensemble Stars! Profile

The youngest member of the unit Switch. As their junior, he idolizes Natsume and Tsumugi, and calls Natsume his "master" (shisho).

The type of character who's cheerful and goes at his own pace.

Because he acts on intuition, his communication skills are a bit on the weak side; although he's kind and benevolent, his behavior tends to confuse others.

He has synesthesia, which gives him the ability to sense the color of sounds, smells, and emotions.


Sora is a fairly short boy with a small build. His hair is a bright yellow with lime green streaks on the right side and is tousled with his bangs long and curved upwards while the rest of his hair is of average length. He has aqua eyes.

Ensemble Stars! Appearance

Sora is a fairly short boy with a small build. His hair is a bright yellow with lime green streaks on the right side and is tousled with his bangs long and curved upwards while the rest of his hair is of average length. He has aqua eyes. He also wears yellow stud earrings.

He wears a pale yellow hoodie with two side pockets beneath his unbuttoned blazer.


Sora is an energetic and extroverted boy who loves parkour and video games. He goes at his own pace and loves to hang out with others, but dislikes crowds due to his synesthesia (meaning he can smell, hear, and feel emotions as different colors). As a result of his synesthesia, he often references the "colors" of other people. He gets overwhelmed in crowds because of too many colors of people being present, and usually doesn’t carry a phone due to there being so many things working inside of it that it overwhelms him.

Sora is extremely emotionally aware, but due to his unusual way of verbally communicating, he cannot communicate emotional support in an "understandable" way, and expresses by describing colors. This “strange” behavior caused him to be bullied as a kid and become a shut-in (hikikomori in Japanese), but when attending Yumenosaki, he felt much more loved and cared for, especially after joining Switch.

Not much of Sora's past has been revealed, but there are parts in stories that imply he's had a history of abandonment or attachment issues due to isolation because of being alienated when he was younger, similar to Leo Tsukinaga, but he did it "intentionally".[3]

He aims to learn the "magic" that Natsume Sakasaki and Tsumugi Aoba used on him that made him more appreciative of those around him and saved him from feeling alienated. Thus, he values happiness and appreciates his unit members for teaching him what is "normal" to others. Despite this, Sora has stated he feels like he doesn't have to try to be normal in Yumenosaki, because everyone is a bit different and everyone treats him fairly.

Sora has been known to interact with almost all of the cast, and is known for acting natural around even the "weirdest" of characters, such as Nagisa Ran. He's described as abnormal, but very easy to talk to.


The name Sora means "sky", whereas the kanji (宙) means "space, midair". It is also the kanji found in uchuu (宇宙), that means "space, universe". Sora's surname Harukawa means "spring" (春) (haru) and "river, stream" (川) (kawa), which fits his cheerful personality and character.


In the story, Sora is mentioned to have synesthesia, a neurological condition in which certain sensory stimuli trigger several of a person's senses. However, Sora's synesthesia appears to work closer to fantasy-genre aura sensing, allowing him to see the colors of people's emotions.

This synesthesia can overload his senses and tire him out when he's in crowded places, especially during lives like Switch's Halloween live where both students and fans from outside the school pour in to view performances.[4]

Sora says that because of his synesthesia, he can't carry a phone on him. This causes others to worry and go look for him when he gets lost.


  • Sora is the youngest and shortest member of Category:Switch.
  • During the "Ensemble Stars!" era, Sora was one of the additional definitive main characters introduced into the game and storyline.
    • Sora made his "Ensemble Stars!" game debut in the company of Natsume Sakasaki and Tsumugi Aoba, presenting to audiences as Switch for the first time on August 18, 2016.
    • His late entry to the series makes him one of several characters to be revealed after the game's release, also notably including the idols belonging to Valkyrie, MaM, and Eden.
  • Sora often ends his sentences with "na~".
  • Sora usually refers to himself in the third person.
  • Thanks to Sora's outstanding physical abilities, he is often found climbing on walls or trees. He's talented at parkour.
  • Sora often calls people with nicknames similar to the ones Natsume Sakasaki uses.
  • Sora can play video games with both his hands and his feet. [5]
  • He believes in Santa, and he thinks that Christmas Eve is the most exciting day of the year.[6]
  • Due to his synesthesia, he's able to easily tell when people are lying. He also struggles to lie himself, outside of when he's playing games.[7]

Voice Actor Comment

"Sora-kun is hard to grasp. It’s not like he’s bundled unconditionally as a cheerful character, and there are times where he just kind of watches over things from an observer’s point of view, so he can act indifferently.

He has fluffy cheerfulness. We don’t know his past yet. And although he’s somewhat hard to grasp, you’ll know he’s a good boy when you start a conversation with him and he would also open up. It’s probably a new type of communication disorder. He may get too close and personal than he should, and act familiar out of nowhere, but I’m sure to Sora-kun, it’s a natural course of action. That’s why, he may be hard to grasp to other people. But the boy himself is having fun, so as an observer I’d end up giving him a warm chuckle." (Enstars!)

"" * (Enstars!!)

Sora Harukawa
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