Writer: 西岡麻衣子 (Nishioka Maiko)
Snow Globe Chapter 4
Location: Infirmary
Shu Itsuki School Dialogue Render


Mika Kagehira School Dialogue Render

Mm~mm. Yer fever keeps comin' an' goin'. The towel on yer forehead's already warmed up too, even though I just put it on ya a bit ago.

(Snow's Temperature) Mika Kagehira CG
Mika Kagehira School Dialogue Render

Just a sec, Oshi-san~. I'll get ya a nice, cool towel right away.

So Oshi-san an' Madonee were actin' off 'cause of their colds... Even knowin' that now, m'still surprised.

I panicked too much durin' lunch and got Oshi-san mad, but I'm all calmed down now~.

An' after I settled down, I even remembered what I used t'do fer the kids back then when they got sick! Hajime-kun gave me all kinds of advice fer it too.

Would ya scold me fer takin' care of ya now?

The two of ya have t'get better soon. M'lonely bein' by myself.

Shu Itsuki School Dialogue Render


Mika Kagehira School Dialogue Render

There's nothing I can do about it, but it sure feels like I'm pointlessly talkin' to myself...

Oshi-san gets real absorbed in sewin' sometimes, but I don't mind talkin' to myself then... I wonder why.

Shu Itsuki School Dialogue Render

... be, sor...ry

Mika Kagehira School Dialogue Render

Eh? Oshi-san, are ya awake?

... Nah, yer still sleepin', like I thought. Then what was that? Were ya sleep-talkin..? I didn't really catch what ya were sayin', though.

I wasn't listenin' real well last time, but if ya say it again I'll pay better attention.

Shu Itsuki School Dialogue Render

... S... no...glo..., I'm sor...ry I...

Mika Kagehira School Dialogue Render

"I'm sorry"..? Oshi-san, what're ya apologizin' fer... I feel like he's apologizin', anyway. Wonder why?

Hm~... What's this "no" about...

Ah, maybe ya meant "metroNOme"? Hold on, Oshi-san, I'll turn on the metronome on my phone.

Shu Itsuki School Dialogue Render


Mika Kagehira School Dialogue Render

... That ain't it. If anythin', Oshi-san's face is worse than it was with just the fever gettin' to him... I'm gonna turn it off.

If it ain't "metronome"... maybe the "S" is for "Super ball"?

Hm~... But I'm pretty sure if I hit Oshi-san with a bouncy ball like that, especially when he's got a fever, he'd definitely get real mad...

That's the kinda violent thing he hates, after all.

Seriously though, what could ya be sayin'..? Maybe "do" for "matador"..?

That ain't it either. Ya seem like the kinda guy who's bad with stuff like bullfightin' and bouncin' super balls, Oshi-san.

M'm not that great with gory stuff either anyway. There's a thin line between scary an' gross things, ya know.

Hm~m... I just can't pin it down...

Nnah, someone's knockin' on the door?

Uu~... M'not good with dealin' with others though, ya know? I don't like it... An' I'm 'specially nervous around strangers.

Sagami-sensei, I'd really like if ya stop disappearin' without warnin'...

I wanna hold my breath an' act like I ain't here 'til I'm blue in the face, but... the person who's just outside's probably sick or hurt.

An' if I just left 'em out there like that, I dunno if I could sleep at night.

Okay, no more of that, I've just gotta do it. ...'Lo there~, who is it?

Oh, it's just Anzu-chan. Thank goodness~. Ah, don't mind me, just talkin' to myself. Anyway, what's up?

Oo~h, gotcha~. Ya came 'cause ya heard Oshi-san an' Madonee were sick, huh? Thank ya kindly fer doin' so ♪ I think they'd be happy t'hear that too.

Oh, right. Since they're sleepin' right now, we oughta speak softly, alright?

Anyway, yer timin' is real good, Anzu-chan, 'cause I wanna ask ya somethin'.

Ya see, Oshi-san's been apologizin' fer somethin' in his sleep, but I can't tell what he's sayin'. What d'ya think, Anzu-chan?

Huh? "Snowglobe"?

... Nnah, yer right! I can hear it too, he's sayin' "I'm sorry I broke your snowglobe"!

S'funny how when ya can't understand what someone's sayin', it's like they're speakin' a whole other language, huh?

But the moment ya get it, ya can hear it pretty clearly, can't ya?

Assumin' things can be pretty scary. S'real easy to fool yerself, just 'cause that's how our minds are.

Oshi-san's always callin' me defective, but I dunno if it's all my fault~.

Nnah. M'really gettin' off track though, m'sorry Anzu-chan~.

But what snowglobe is Oshi-san apologizin' fer breakin'?

Mm-mm. I ain't got a clue. S'not like I have a snowglobe.

Eh? That so? Ya really think he's speakin' from the heart 'cause of his sickness? Then, t'help Oshi-san...

Hmm... Hold on, Anzu-chan, m'gonna think a bit.

Supposin' I get an unbroken snowglobe, maybe Oshi-san's bad feelings'll clear up an' he'll start gettin' better quicker..?

Translation: Peace
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