Normal Event mini 1/3

Birthday Course Shu Itsuki Normal Event 1
"What are you doing here, young lady!

Moreover, where is Kagehira? It’s the busy season, so I have instructed him not to let anyone enter!

You can see for yourself, can’t you? I do not have the time to be your company, hurry up and take your leave."

Choice 1 実力行使で連れだす
Take him with you by force
Possibility 1 Character response: "W-what is this! Even you, Kagehira-- you two, are you conspiring with one another!?

Go ahead Anzu-chan, Mika-chan! Shu-kun needs a break right now, so go on!

Mademoiselle! That even you would…!"

Possibility 2 Character response: "Hn, do you intend to threaten me by rolling up your sleeves? … “I’m pretending to”?

K-Kiryu! Why is Kiryu...

Uwoh!? What are you doing Ryu~ku-- Kiryu! Put me down this instant!"

Choice 2 素直にお願いする
Ask him directly
Possibility 1 Character response: "...What? You wish to celebrate my birthday?

Ahh, that’s right, Today is my birthday isn’t it. I’ve been so busy that I’d completely forgotten that sort of thing.

You remember well, flattering me in that manner. You’re up to no good, too, aren’t you?"

Possibility 2 Character response: "A birthday party? What are you suggesting during such a busy time of year!

You baked croissants…? You intend to bait the likes of myself with worldly goods? Don’t group me with the likes of such petty vulgar people...

Moreover, I detest such merrymaking. Even under normal circumstances, it’s unbearable with the Halloween mood, so I wish for you to spare me."


Normal Event mini 2/3

Birthday Course Shu Itsuki Normal Event 2
"For goodness sake, I said that I’m busy at the moment. To call this a birthday party and then forcibly...

..Oh, this is the designated venue?

...Not bad. It seems you understand my interests quite well."

Choice 1 最高傑作です !
It’s my finest work!
Possibility 1 Character response: "Ka ka ka! For that sort of phrase to come out of your mouth!

Hm? Everyone cooperated to set everything up, that’s why you could say that with confidence?

....I-it seems like things are appearing in droves. This is an unexpected development."

Possibility 2 Character response: "Hn. You’re a cheeky one, aren’t you. Well, it’s not a bad thing to try so that you may always be able to say that--...

What is this cloth? …”The birthday boy”?

You couldn’t possibly wish for me to wear such a thing? Is there even a fragment of artistic sense in such a vulgar piece of cloth…!?"

Choice 2 褒めてくれたんですか ?
Are you praising me?
Possibility 1 Character response: "Non! Don’t get carried away; I was not praising you in any way!

Ufufu, it’s because Shu-kun is that sort of person. Anzu-chan knows as well, don’t you?

It would be complicated to ask him directly, so I think it’s correct to interpret it the way Anzu-chan did. ♪"

Possibility 2 Character response: "D-don’t approach me so suddenly. I could have dropped Mademoiselle in surprise.

Hn, you’re delighted that much merely with a single remark. You’re as plain and simple as a baby.

Ah well, as far as the decorations go, I shall give you a passing mark! Ka ka ka ♪"


Normal Event mini 3/3

Birthday Course Shu Itsuki Normal Event 3
"I have changed! Are you satisfied now?

Naturally, I have placed Mademoiselle inside of her case for safety.

I did not consider that I would be surrounded by such a large amount of people. Ahh, it’s so noisy!"

Choice 1 みんなお祝いしたかったんですよ
Everyone wanted to celebrate you
Possibility 1 Character response: "Goodness, even though I had planned to immerse myself in my work in a quiet spot...

Aah really, it’s so noisy! By the way, why is that lot from my class also here?

Moreover, they brought things like fries and chicken… All of you, do you even know how to celebrate me!?"

Possibility 2 Character response: "What is it, you’re offering me a paper cup? If it’s something to drink, I would like water.

Hm? There’s a thread stretching from the bottom of the cup...

I see. When you said “everyone,” those strange companions of mine… No, those people with too much time on their hands are also among them."

Choice 2 お誕生日おめでとうございます
Happy Birthday
Possibility 1 Character response: "...Thank you.

Ahem. That was a remark from Mademoiselle. Not from myself.

“She’s resting right now”? You also heard it in my voice... You’re fussy, young lady!"

Possibility 2 Character response: "Thanks to today’s festivities it’s sure to be a sleepless night tonight… Even if you tell me that everyone will help.

If there's someone we could make use of, aside from you two... Perhaps someone like Aoba, who nonchalantly joins in without knowing why?

Ahh, Kagehira… Even if I tell him to go home he won’t listen, I suppose he’s tired out from preparing everything from the shadows."


Translation Credit: dreamyproject
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