Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirement: Unlock in (Handicrafts Companion) Shu Itsuki's Idol Road
Shu Itsuki He Cannot See the Strings
Season: Spring (春) Location: Dojo
Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render

Hmm. Little miss Anzu, you met Itsuki?

That guy, he still hadn’t quit school, huh… I hadn’t seen his face in a while, so I was a bit worried, but…

If you listen to what people are saying, seems that he’s “the same as always,” isn’t he?

Itsuki’s a weird one, right? Even at his age, that is, even though he’s a man, he likes to play with dolls, you know.

Ever since he was a kid, he was bullied often for that, wasn’t he?

Hm? That’s right, you know. We’re childhood friends. That is… Well, it’s an unfortunate relationship we can’t break, you know.

Our houses were close, so we were at the same kindergarten and elementary schools, see.

Since way back when, Itsuki’s been a guy who plays with dolls all by himself, you see.

I was the kind of snot-nosed kid that liked to go outside and swing a stick around for play, though.

I’d often protect that guy from the idiots who’d go around roughhousing and shoving him around, didn’t I?

And then I’d pull him by the hand, and we’d play around getting covered in mud, you know.

I was a kid too, so, see, I couldn’t be mindful of things, and all. I treated that guy’s precious dolls roughly, and tore their clothes, see.

That guy, he cried like a baby, you know.

I’ve always been weak to crying, since long ago… So, I learned handicrafts from my mom, and mended the dolls’ clothes, see.

I made an earnest apology, and he forgive me, but, you know...

That Itsuki guy, maybe that’s what got him interested, but he started acting like an apprentice to my mom, see.

He would just stitch and stitch away at his sewing, you know. I had them let me join every once in a while, too.

That Itsuki guy… he’d only listen obediently to what my mom said, you know.

Sometimes, my mom would get mad at him, telling him it wasn’t healthy, so he should go play outside…. And then he’d reluctantly go out and run around the hills and fields with me, too, but…

How nostalgic, huh… Well, after a fashion, we came to get along well, but, you know…

That guy’s a rich kid, so in middle school, he went off and matriculated into a prestigious private school…. Until I met him again at school, we weren’t in touch, see.

I... went to a local middle school like a normal kid, and all.

In my middle school days, I was pretty rough, too, wasn’t I? I’d changed quite a bit since way back then, and all. And that guy, for him to be called one of the “Five Oddballs,” he became pretty otherworldly, and all, too.

To be honest, I don’t know how I should interact with him, you know. It’s not that I dislike that guy, and all…

A lot has happened, and I’m sure he’s down about it, and all. I want to cheer him up, but, see...

Neither one of us are kids anymore, and all. We have our own places, and all, see, so it’s difficult, you know.

…Whoops, sorry, little miss. I went off on some boring story, didn’t I?

Hm? You’re happy that I let you hear me grumble every once in a while, you say? Is that so? Well, I do want to look good in front of a girl, but, you know…

…Alright, it’s done. ♪

The outfits, these ones are done, so I’ll help you with yours, too. Up to where have you already finished?

It would be faster for me to sew them all, but this is fundamentally your job and all, little miss.

Really. I don’t have much interest in fault-finding, but take on an amount of work you can handle, okay?

Coming to me, crying for me to help you, that you wouldn’t make it by the delivery date, you know…

Yeah, I’m not attacking you for it, you know. Making outfits is... fun, and all.

That you’ve been asked to make so many… that’s how much everyone values your work, little miss.

But, well, it’d be a problem if you pushed yourself too much and keeled over, and all, wouldn’t it…. Nobody wants that to happen, you know.

While you’re still getting used to it, just come and rely on me, okay? I welcome you with open arms anytime, you know.

Shu Itsuki School Dialogue Render

Kiryu! May I have a moment!?

Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render

Whoa, that surprised me. …Hey, Itsuki, speak of the devil. We were just talking about you, you know.

Shu Itsuki School Dialogue Render

Hoho, Kiryu, you are talking about me, are you? I have already grown weary of the many compliments of the vulgar, which lack in sense, but!

If it is you, who know me well, who is complimenting me, I may recognize it as an exception! I do not mind if you compliment me greatly, you know, Kiryu…!?

Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render

No, we weren’t really complimenting you, but… If you’re not busy, help us with making these outfits, okay?

You’re good at it, right, this kind of thing? Right, head of the handicraft club?

Shu Itsuki School Dialogue Render

You are as rude as ever, aren’t you, Kiryu! Very well!

Rely upon me as much as your heart desires! Since way back when, you’ve never been able to do anything without me, have you, Kiryu…


Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render

What’s wrong, Itsuki? For you to be so taken aback… Your words and deeds are as flamboyant as always, aren’t they? Don’t make such a ruckus in the dojo, alright?

If you get too irritating, I’ll throw you out, you know?

Shu Itsuki School Dialogue Render

Ki-Ki-Kiryu! Who is that- that woman! It-it-it-it’s not like a tough guy like you! A lover’s rendezvous in your sacred dojo!? I am disappointed in you, you know!

That is- you are that ill-bred little girl from the other day…!?

Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render

You’re the ill-bred one here. I told you not to make a ruckus, didn’t I? I’ll shut you up with my fist, you know.

Shu Itsuki School Dialogue Render

Humph. Violence!? You barbarian!

To hope for manners from a beast like you, who only specializes in physical strength, is like commanding a bicycle to fly, though!

Non! I am against violence! We are closer than this, aren’t we! Do you not remember, I wonder!? That day in our childhood when we sat side by side stitching lace!

Our beautiful friendship…!?

You have changed, you know, Kiryu! Ahh, how wretched. That there could be such a tragedy as this! Even though I believed that you alone would not hurt me!

Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render

Shut up, alright… If you want me to treat you like something fragile, then act in a more commendable manner, okay?

It’s not like I’m going to hurt or anything, so, you know… We’re not strangers, or anything.

Shu Itsuki School Dialogue Render

Heheh! I like you because you act in accordance with your place, you know, Kiryu!

All the others, they do not know how to treat the world treasure that is myself, you see! They doubt my character, you know!

Very well! I, possessed of a generous heart, shall forgive you, Kiryu!

That little girl over there treated my precious Mademoiselle roughly, so I want to punish her by boiling her in a pot sometime, though!

Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render

Are you stillll playing with dolls? You’d already met this little miss, hadn’t you? Then, I don’t need to introduce you, do I?

This little miss, as the only girl here, she’s been dumped into this place full of guys, see… She’s got it rough every day, you know.

But even so, she’s doing her absolute best as a “producer” for us, see.

She does stuff like this, making outfits for us and other things. Don’t you want to cheer her on, to support her?

… You help, too, Itsuki. Since you’re better at sewing, you know?

Shu Itsuki School Dialogue Render

Heheh. Yes, yes, praise me more!

Because there is more value in the praise from a fellow lover of handicrafts than there is in gathering ten thousand or more misguided commendations from the masses!

They don’t understand anything, you know, those lot! The ordinary people do not comprehend the arts! So they are no different than little birds chirping shrilly!

They are nothing but fools, you know!

Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render

Haha. The little miss was praising you, too, you know. For the clothes on that doll, see. I’m an amateur when it comes to those things, so, see…

Cute-type stuff, you could say, or, stuff that would make girls happy.

Itsuki, teach her about “that kind of stuff,” please, alright? This little miss, she just absorbs everything she’s taught, so…

I’m sure it would be fun, you know. I’m sure you’d be happy to be able to talk about your hobbies, too, right?

Shu Itsuki School Dialogue Render

Humph. Going off and just deciding you can understand me! You’ve always been like this, haven’t you, Kiryu!

It’s unpleasant. It’s rude! I do not think that I would like to breathe the air of a place in which some fellow interfering with our chat exists for even one second!

Farewell, my chum! And you vulgar little girl!

Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render

Ah… That guy, he seriously just said whatever he wanted to and left. He’s a selfish guy, isn’t he, same as always.

I’m sorry or something, you know, little miss?

Hm? That’s right… That Itsuki, what in the world kind of business did he have with me? He left without explaining anything, so I don’t have a clue, you know.

If he’s in some kind of trouble, I’d like to help him out, though. Even though he’s like that, we are buddies and all, at the very least.

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