Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirements: Unlock in (Systematic Sound) Shu Itsuki's Idol Road
Shu Itsuki sub story part 1
Season: Spring (春) Location: Soundproof Lesson Room
Note: The italicized words are when Shu is speaking with Mademoiselle.




Non! No good! I am a half tone off again! And my right step is also zero point three seconds late!

Ahh, please tell me, Mademoiselle! Where did it get out of alignment, the circuitry that is this perfectly tuned Shu Itsuki!

I am now no more than a mere shadow of my former self, you know…!?

I cannot see it! I cannot see the strings- they are torn to pieces! Those points of contact between this world and I! The manipulative strings which control others to do my bidding!

They are disconnected! I cannot see them anymore! I cannot see the strings!

Non! To be sure, I understand, Mademoiselle, that this sort of thing is nothing more than a temporary crossing of the wires! Unfasten the tangled strings, and grasp them in these hands once again!

I- shall come back to that throne…!

“More importantly than something like that, you know, Shu-kun. You’re already over your time for using the soundproof practice room, you know?”

What do you mean, saying “something like that,” Mademoiselle? Even though I am suffering this much!

Do you not hear what I say, you doll!? Even though you are a doll, you are the same as all the others!

“Relax, okay, Shu-kun? I and I alone will always be your ally, you know. ♪”

Ally? Non! For you to say that although you stab me in the back! From behind me, you cut me! My strings…!?


“Shu-kun? Oh my, what’s wrong? Going quiet all of the sudden… Did you die?”

“Hm? Ah! It’s a guest, isn’t it!”

“Hello! I am a yet-unnamed doll! Shu-kun calls me Mademoiselle!”

“On the right hand side, from your point of view, there is an adorable little girl doll, right?”

“That’s me! Mademoiselle! Ventriloquism? Hee hee! I suppose there’s no helping that you would think that, is there?”

“Shu-kun... is a shy one, so... I speak as his representative when dealing with people he does not know very well. ♪”

“Hmmm. You… you’re called Anzu-chan? Nice to meet you! Let’s get along well, okay? ♪”

…!? Don’t touch, little girl!

“Ah, no! It might be a pain, but talk to me, not Shu-kun, okay?”

“Shu-kun is a bit timid, so if you touch him or something, he goes into a panic!”

“Yes, that’s right, that’s right. I shall hear your business, so, you see... Let’s get along together as fellow girls, okay? ♪”

“Hmm, hm? I see, understood!”

“Hey, Shu-kun. Anzu-chan- she came to clean this soundproof practice room on her ‘school part time job,’ she says.”

“It’s not nice to get in people’s way, and all, so let’s bid our ‘farewells’ in short order, okay?”

“I’m sorry, you know, Anzu-chan. Lingering on and on in here… Wait a minute? You... your name is Anzu?”

“Then, you are the rumored ‘transfer student-chan?’ The one who produced for those kids called ‘Trickstar,’ and defeated ‘fine?’”

“Wow, hmmm…?”

Tch! Tch! Tch!

“Ah! Shu-kun is clicking his tongue! It’s a sign of his displeasure! Shu-kun does not like unnecessary chatting, you know~ Sorry, see? Would you go outside for a moment?”

“Yeah. It seems like Shu-kun wants to change his clothes. We’ll pick up our belongings, too, and clean up a bit, so would you please wait in the hallway for a bit?"

“Yeah, bye byyye~♪”


“Whaat, Shu-kun? That is… don’t just make me talk all the time! We were being looked at strangely, weren’t we!”

Absurd! It is unnecessary to heed the gazes of the vulgar folk, you know! More importantly, what were you thinking! That person was the rumored transfer student, right?

That thief, snatching away another’s prey! She has some nerve, shamelessly showing herself before me, doesn’t she!

Ahh, how irritating. I want to disembowel her and stuff her with cotton, you know!

“How cruel! She didn’t snatch it away or anything. She just got ahead of you because you were dilly dallying, right?”

“And then, for you to whine and complain after, you know, don’t you think that’s not very cool looking?”

Not cool looking! Certainly, I know that it is wretched of me! Ahh, I feel as though my whole body will come unravelled, you know!

You odious “fine!” You, Eichi Tenshouin!

That you bent your knees to someone other than me, some person of doubtful origin! You are completely disrupting my works!

What shall I do... about this gloom? This resentment! Please, tell me, Mademoiselle!

Shall I sublimate them into a creative ambition? Should I put on a splendid puppet play!?

“Calm down, Shu-kun! Anzu-chan has come back, you know! Sorry! Wait just a bit more, okay!”

“Let us playact for about an hour more! It is a necessary ritual for Shu-kun!”

“Huh!? You can’t wait? I understand, you know! Sometimes I feel like I’m getting disgusted with Shu-kun’s all encompassing narcissism, too!”

“You’re... going to clean? Are we… in the way, I wonder? Oh me, oh my?”

Do not touch Mademoiselle! Little girl…!

*pant*~... *pant* You vulgar person, having no understanding of the value of things! You are the same, aren’t you! You do not understand beauty! Boisterously making merry, being carried along. You cheap puppet!

“Ahaha. Sorry, you know, Anzu-chan. I’m... quite a vintage antique doll, so…”

“If I were to take even a little fall to the floor, I’ll break all to pieces at the places where I’ve been worn down over time.”

“Hm? I’m a cute doll… you say? Thank you, I’m so happy! ♪”

Ka ka ka! It’s natural that Mademoiselle is cute, of course. It appears that you do have something of a good eye, doesn’t it! But I shall not recognize you! Adamantly!

I do not have any intention of getting along with you, you know! Absolutely not!

“That’s right, you know! You picked up on that well, didn’t you? Shu-kun made my outfit for me! Compared to my skin and other things, only my outfit is brand new, right?”

“Shu-kun is in the handicrafts club, he is! He is good with his fingers~ Do you like sewing and things, too?”

I have heard, you know! You studied under that Kiryu and made the outfits for “Trickstar” or whatever, didn’t you?

Kiryu is the same as always, too, isn’t he! Extending his hand to the weak!

“That’s right! Shu-kun and Kuro-kun are childhood friends. ♪”

Hmph! What a waste of his talents! Even though if he would only come to my side, I would make efficient use of him!

Our connection has already been severed, and all! At the same time that the strings were cut!

“Ughhh… As you can see, Shu-kun is a bit of a handful, but… if you can, please get along with him, okay, Anzu-chan?”

“I like you, you know. ♪”

I dislike her, you know, that thing! You outsider! Do not disturb the harmony of this academy!

“Hm? That’s right, the same as my outfit… the one Shu-kun is wearing... is an outfit he made himself.”

“If you’re a transfer student, maybe you don’t know~ about ‘Valkyrie?’”

“‘Valkyrie’ has not been active for some time now, and all. Shu-kun, and Mika-chan, and Nazuna-chan…”

“A three-person group, long ago, they were a pretty famous veteran ‘unit,’ you know?”

Don’t speak of unnecessary things, Mademoiselle!

Get out, Anzu, or whatever! I must tune... my heart and soul! I shall perfect my songs, my dances!

Like the name “Valkyrie,” I shall go forth to the heavens!

“No, I’m telling you, we’re in the way of Anzu-chan’s work...”

"I’m sorry, you know~ Shu-kun is a bit of a selfish kid. ♪”

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