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An antique doll belonging to Shu Itsuki. In order to cope with large crowds, Shu does ventriloquism using Mademoiselle, speaking for her in a feminine voice. However, when his ventriloquism is asked about, he states that he is not a ventriloquist.[1]


Mademoiselle is a small, petite doll with long, blonde hair and emerald eyes. She has multiple outfits that Shu made for her, but frequently wears one made to match the Yumenosaki Academy school uniform. During the warmer months in Enstars!!, she wears a blue dress and hat to match Shu's casual spring-summer outfit.


  • Being an antique doll, Shu dislikes having her being touched, as he is afraid she will break.[2]
  • Mademoiselle usually addresses others using their first name, adding either -kun or -chan to the end of it.
  • Akira has mentioned[3] that Mademoiselle does not speak in reminiscence events (such as Marionette) because Mademoiselle was created due to Shu's personality splitting as a result of shock.

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Character Name What they call Mademoiselle What Mademoiselle calls them
Anzu Circle.png
· Mademoiselle (マドモアゼル)[4] · Anzu-chan (あんずちゃん)[2]
Aira Shiratori Circle.png
Aira Shiratori
Kohaku Oukawa Circle.png
Kohaku Oukawa
Hajime Shino Circle.png
Hajime Shino · Mademoiselle-chan (マドモアゼルちゃん)[5] · Hajime-chan (創ちゃん)[5]
Hiiro Amagi Circle.png
Hiiro Amagi
Hinata Aoi Circle.png
Hinata Aoi
Midori Takamine Circle.png
Midori Takamine
Mitsuru Tenma Circle.png
Mitsuru Tenma · Mado-chan (マドちゃん)[6] · Mitsuru-chan (光ちゃん)[6]
Shinobu Sengoku Circle.png
Shinobu Sengoku
Sora Harukawa Circle.png
Sora Harukawa
Tetora Nagumo Circle.png
Tetora Nagumo
Tomoya Mashiro Circle.png
Tomoya Mashiro
Tori Himemiya Circle.png
Tori Himemiya
Tsukasa Suou Circle.png
Tsukasa Suou
Yuta Aoi Circle.png
Yuta Aoi · Mademoiselle-san (マドモアゼルさん)[7] · Yuta-chan (ゆうたちゃん)[7]
Adonis Otogari Circle.png
Adonis Otogari
Arashi Narukami Circle.png
Arashi Narukami · Mademoiselle-chan (マドモアゼルちゃん)[8]
HiMERU Circle.png
Hokuto Hidaka Circle.png
Hokuto Hidaka
Ibara Saegusa Circle.png
Ibara Saegusa
Jun Sazanami Circle.png
Jun Sazanami
Koga Oogami Circle.png
Koga Oogami
Makoto Yuuki Circle.png
Makoto Yuuki
Mao Isara Circle.png
Mao Isara
Mayoi Ayase Circle.png
Mayoi Ayase
Mika Kagehira Circle.png
Mika Kagehira · Mado-nee (マド姉ェ)[5]
· Big Sis Maddie (Anime Dub)
· Mika-chan (みかちゃん)[9]
Natsume Sakasaki Circle.png
Natsume Sakasaki · Natsume-chan (夏目ちゃん)[10]
Ritsu Sakuma Circle.png
Ritsu Sakuma
Souma Kanzaki Circle.png
Souma Kanzaki
Subaru Akehoshi Circle.png
Subaru Akehoshi
Tatsumi Kazehaya Circle.png
Tatsumi Kazehaya
Yuzuru Fushimi Circle.png
Yuzuru Fushimi
Chiaki Morisawa Circle.png
Chiaki Morisawa
Eichi Tenshouin Circle.png
Eichi Tenshouin · Mademoiselle (マドモアゼル)
Hiyori Tomoe Circle.png
Hiyori Tomoe
Izumi Sena Circle.png
Izumi Sena · Mademoiselle (マドモアゼル)[11]
Kanata Shinkai Circle.png
Kanata Shinkai · Kanata-kun (奏汰くん)[7]
Kaoru Hakaze Circle.png
Kaoru Hakaze · Mademoiselle-chan (マドモアゼルちゃん)[12] · Kaoru-kun (薫くん)[12]
Keito Hasumi Circle.png
Keito Hasumi
Kuro Kiryu Circle.png
Kuro Kiryu · Kuro-kun (紅郎くん)[13]
Leo Tsukinaga Circle.png
Leo Tsukinaga
Madara Mikejima Circle.png
Madara Mikejima
Nagisa Ran Circle.png
Nagisa Ran
Nazuna Nito Circle.png
Nazuna Nito · Nazuna-chan (なずなちゃん)[2]
Niki Shiina Circle.png
Niki Shiina
Rei Sakuma Circle.png
Rei Sakuma · Mademoiselle (マドモアゼル)
Rinne Amagi Circle.png
Rinne Amagi
Shu Itsuki Circle.png
Shu Itsuki · Mademoiselle (マドモアゼル)[9] · Shu-kun (宗くん)[5]
Tsumugi Aoba Circle.png
Tsumugi Aoba · Mademoiselle (マドモアゼル) · Tsumugi-chan (つむぎちゃん)[5]
Wataru Hibiki Circle.png
Wataru Hibiki
Akiomi Kunugi Circle.png
Akiomi Kunugi
Jin Sagami Circle.png
Jin Sagami
Seiya Hidaka Circle.png
Seiya Hidaka
Mademoiselle mini.png
Mademoiselle · Atashi (あたし)
Daikichi mini.png
Leon mini.png
King mini.png
Ruka Tsukinaga mini.png

(Systematic Sound) Shu Itsuki Bloomed.png
(Systematic Sound) Shu Itsuki.png
(A Flower with Thorns) Shu Itsuki Bloomed.png
(Tactical Soldier) Shu Itsuki Bloomed.png
(New Outfit) Shu Itsuki.png
(New Outfit) Shu Itsuki Bloomed.png
(3rd Anniversary) Shu Itsuki.png
(Craft Display) Shu Itsuki Bloomed.png
(Sovereign's Puppet Show) Shu Itsuki CG.png
(Enthusiastic) Shu Itsuki CG.png
(Duke of Devils) Shu Itsuki CG.png
(Duke of Devils) Shu Itsuki CG2.png
(Lantern Gravekeeper) Kuro Kiryu CG.png
(Fireworks Art) Shu Itsuki CG.png
(Athletic Festival Enjoyment) Mika Kagehira CG2.png
(Victorian Investigation) Shu Itsuki CG.png
(Victorian Era) Mika Kagehira CG.png
(Pink-Haired Living Doll) Shu Itsuki CG2.png
(Eternal Art) Shu Itsuki CG.png
Shu Itsuki School Uniform (Winter) (Matching).png
Shu Itsuki Student Uniform (Summer) (Matching) Outfit.png
Shu Itsuki Valkyrie Uniform (Matching) Outfit.png
Shuu Itsuki Soldier Outfit (matching).png
Shu Itsuki Halloween Costume Outfit.png
Shu Itsuki Shooting Star Festival Yukata (Matching) Outfit.png
Shu Itsuki Kimono (Red Team) Outfit.png
Shu Itsuki 3rd Anniversary Outfit.png
Shu Itsuki Living Doll Outfit.png
Mademoiselle Eccentric Outfit.PNG
Shu Itsuki Sakura & Rose Outfit.png
Shu Itsuki Casual (Spring-Summer + Mademoiselle) Outfit.png
Mademoiselle School Dialogue Render.png
Daikichi Leon Mademoiselle Acrylic Badge.png
Daikichi Leon Mademoiselle Cord Holder.png
Mademoiselle mini.png