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Pursuing the path of an idol via fine arts. He is currently active in France. He is a punctual and fussy person, and tends to have a short temper, expressing his emotions in extravagant ways. His singing voice seems to dance with colorful expression, and his performances are both delicate and elegant.

He is the leader of Valkyrie under Cosmic Production.

Ensemble Stars! Introduction

As intelligent as he is fussy and short-tempered, Shu uses his beloved doll "Mademoiselle" to communicate with those who he is unaccustomed to. One of the Five Eccentrics. He's childhood friends with Kuro Kiryu as well, and his forte lies in the arts and crafts.

Shu is Captain of the Handicrafts Club, where he makes costumes alongside Tsumugi Aoba and fellow unit-mate and underclassman Mika Kagehira.

A member of the unit Valkyrie as well as its leader. He used to hold a grudge against former member Nazuna Nito while Mika Kagehira and he performed together in a brand-new Valkyrie.


Shu is a very tall young man with a good build. He has short, light pink hair that is slightly tousled. His casual attire consists of a light blue shirt with white, grey flowers and black pants with a belt.

On stage, Shu wears Valkyrie's brand new uniform - a rose red colored coat over a black shirt and a nice looking corset. Additionally, he wears a white ribbon with a red jewel around the neck. He also wears a dark rose hat with a feather on the side and two gear accessories on top of a dark brown ribbon.

Ensemble Stars! Appearance

Shu is a very tall young man with a good build. He has short, light pink hair that is slightly tousled. He wears the school's uniform with the white shirt undone at the collar and a jabot over the blazer. His jacket is buttoned up nicely. He wears black loafers and loose plaid pants.

On stage, Shu wears Valkyrie's uniform. It consists of a black, dark-rose colored coat over a buttoned dark red shirt with a black ribbon around his neck. He also wears a dark-rose colored top hat decorated with a black ribbon, a white badge, and a black feather.


Formerly perceived as arrogant, dishonest, and selfish, while still kind and caring at heart, Shu was quite a fussy and short-tempered person with a desire for perfection at all times. However, over time he opened up his heart more to those around him. He is an antique doll lover, with a fascination towards all forms of art and European culture.


Shu’s first name (宗) means “religion.” It is also an alternative spelling of 旨 (mune), meaning “aim” or “purpose.” This compliments Shu’s strong ambitions as a character. The first character of his last name (斎) can be read as itsuki by itself, and means a “sacred [Shinto] ground.” The second character (宮) means “shrine” or “palace.” His entire last name (斎宮) can also be read as saiguu or itsukinomiya, which both refer to the ancient imperial princesses who used to serve as the high priestess of the Ise Grand Shrine. Interestingly, Ise Shrine is a shrine dedicated to the goddess Amaterasu and is a location to pray for public happiness.[1] This is similar to Shu’s goal of bringing salvation to those trampled by the world through his art.[2]

Overall, the references in his name to worshipping the divine seem related to how he used to view himself as an unparalleled god who stood above all other creatures.[3]


  • During the "Ensemble Stars!" era, Shu was one of the first additional main characters introduced into the game and storyline.
    • Shu made his "Ensemble Stars!" game debut in the company of Mika Kagehira, presenting to audiences as Valkyrie for the first time on March 2, 2016. His unit was the first official unit to be announced after the initial release of "Ensemble Stars!".
    • His late entry to the series makes him one of several characters to be revealed after the game's release, also notably including the idols belonging to Switch, MaM, and Eden.
  • He is the eldest and tallest member of Valkyrie.
  • Shu's autograph consists of his full name, rendered in roman letters. Some of the letters in his name feature long extensions to represent marionette strings.
  • Shu often carries around a small blonde doll called Mademoiselle. He does ventriloquism with her and speaks for her in a feminine voice.
  • He is a bookworm, hence why he has knowledge on many philosophical subjects and history.
  • He has a much closer relationship with his grandfather rather than his parents. This is most likely due to the fact he was often scolded by them and they were unsupportive of Shu's interests.
  • In his childhood Shu held Kuro's mother in very high regards because she was supportive of his interests. He mentions that he was jealous of her and Kuro's relationship.
  • Kuro's mother was the person who taught him lace knitting.
  • He refuses to call Anzu by her name (unless he's using Mademoiselle) and calls her "girl" (小娘 komusume) instead. It's hinted that he calls all girls this way, since he refers to Chizuru Yakumo like this in the Crosstalk side story in the Ensemble Stars! light novel series.
  • Due to his bad relationship with food, he relies only on his own cooking and croissants. However, that appears to be changing as he seems more willing to eat food not made by himself as time goes on.
  • He was frequently bullied by other kids in his neighborhood for playing with dolls.
  • When he was a child he drew sketches of clothes designs, which he now looks back at to get inspiration and recreates them with more modern features.
  • He is Kuro's childhood friend.[4]
  • Mika lives at Shu's house to avoid commuting from his home in Kansai.[4]
  • He doesn't like other people touching Valkyrie's costumes, implying that he washes them himself by hand.[5]
  • Shu has very good vision and high levels of discernment between objects, so much so that he's able to see the 2mm difference between Hinata's and Yuta's hair lengths and claim this as being "obvious." When questioned about his vision, he simply states that "if your vision is clouded, you will never be able bring art into this world."[6]
  • Sora described his color as "Pretty, as well as sparkly like a kaleidoscope[7]".
  • Nazuna Nito was a member of Valkyrie during the War era. After his leaving and the devastation that wrecked Valkyrie at Eichi Tenshouin's hand, Shu and Mika began to hold lives in much rarer frequency, and Valkyrie was considered to be on the decline.
  • Shu found Mademoiselle in one of the storage rooms of his house and he had her as an emotional support. She was later officially given to him by his grandfather under the condition that he'll love her and treat her as family.[8]
  • It is implied, and more explicitly mentioned by Natsume, that Shu has a form of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) for the sake of simplicity. However, he does not fit all important diagnostic criteria of DID, which makes his case fall under the category of Other Specified Dissociative Disorders (OSDD-1). He split a part of himself and entrusted it to Mademoiselle as a result of the shock he experienced because of Valkyrie's downfall.[9]

Voice Actor Comment

"It’s so lively with so many characters, isn’t it? My character is arrogant and overbearing, but he’s also very bad with crowds. I suppose he’s like the saying, “A lion at home, a mouse abroad.” …Though, I would encourage you to play and decide which he is for yourself. His name may be written like Saiguu (Itsukinomiya), but it’s pronounced I-tsu-ki☆ Please remember it!" (Enstars!)

"Prestige is defined by high class, high quality, elegance, nobility, style, and so much more. Therefore, more than ever, let us continue to live as such!"* (Enstars!!)

Shu Itsuki
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