Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirement: Intimacy Level 15
Shinobu Sengoku Sub Story Part 3
Season: Spring (春) Location: Grounds

!? I-I’m not Shinobu Sengoku! I’m just a passing ninja!

Huh? It’s really obvious? H-How…!?

To think you’re able to see through the “Camouflaging Technique” I created; Anzu-dono, which village are you from ~de gozaru!?

Ahh! On second thought, please ignore my question!

For all ninjas, revealing one's own village is quite deadly ~de gozaru.

To think I carelessly forgot about that… it’s too great of a failure!

As apology, will you let me know if there is anything I could do?

Nothing in particular…? This is where you should be jumping up and down in joy ~de gozaru, Anzu-dono!

Ah, could it be you’re holding back because you have a modest personality…?

As expected from you, Anzu-dono. It was disrespectful of me to do the exact opposite.

I’d very much like to learn from you and become an excellent ninja ~de gozaru, but… it appears I’m too noisy.

If you’re free, Anzu-dono, would you teach me…

Ahh! Don’t make such an amazed expression. Don’t look at me so pitifully like that~!

You’re asking about this outfit ~de gozaru?

That was rude of me. It’s your first time seeing my idol outfit, isn’t it?

I’m in “Ryuuseitai”, and my designated colour is yellow.

But it’s not as if I particularly like the colour yellow. I’ve been told it’s like the colour of curry and it’s quite troubling ~de gozaru…

I prefer sour foods to spicy foods, so I feel a little embarrassed whenever someone asks if I like curry.

……! I-I just remembered ~de gozaru!

I was wearing my idol outfit and not my school uniform…!

No wonder you could see through my “Camouflaging Technique”, Anzu-dono…! It makes sense ~de gozaru!

To think such a perfect technique had such a catch… Had you not seen through it, I wouldn’t have noticed a thing.

I shall concentrate and devote myself in order to not be recognised even if I’m wearing my idol outfit in the future ~de gozaru~☆

With that decided, I cannot stand here twiddling my thumbs ~de gozaru!

I shall develop new techniques and blow all the ninjas throughout Japan away ~de gozaru!

I-I’ve never met another ninja apart from myself, but… it’s only because one cannot simply encounter a ninja like that!

I shall dream of meeting a fellow ninja someday and strive in my training ~de gozaru~☆

Translation: Creampuffs
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