Shinobu Sengoku Management Story 3 - Midori Takamine
Shinobu Management Story 3
Location: Near the Auditorium
Shinobu Sengoku School Dialogue Render

Midori-kuuun! I found what you were looking for! Ahh, but please do confirm if it is the correct one.

Midori Takamine PE Dialogue Render

Mhm… this is it alright… Thanks for helping me find it, Sengoku-kun…

Shinobu Sengoku School Dialogue Render

Oh no no, I am the one who is thankful that you gave me this mission.

We do not have unit activities today, and I had a lot of spare time, to be honest…

I am excellent at finding items, so please do ask for my help again if you ever need it~♪

However… What sort of basketball practice would cause you to launch the ball all the way over here?

Midori Takamine PE Dialogue Render

That’s what I wanna know… I was told we’d have practice in the basketball court today, so I begrudgingly headed over there…

Then Morisawa-senpai apparently shot the ball outside the court… Jeez, we’re not playing soccer here…

Shinobu Sengoku School Dialogue Render

Ahaha… Nevertheless, I am glad we found it.

… Hm? Isara-dono just messaged me. Heheh! Looks like I have a new mission to do!

I shall take my leave here! See you tomorrow, Midori-kun!

Translation: euni2319
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