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Sengoku Night Blood
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Season: Winter
Writer: Mitsuki Chapters: 6 Translator: User:Kytaen
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Story CGs

Writer: Mitsuki
Sengoku Night Blood - 1
Location: Handicrafts Club Room
Mika Kagehira School Dialogue Render
Hiya, Anzu-chan~ Welcome to th' Handicrafts Club~♪

Nnnah? It felt weird hearin' me say that?

Ahaha, prob'ly 'cause I haven't really used the sort of speech that made me into the owner* before ~ ♪

*regarded me as the owner / as if I were the owner

Oshi-san's 'n expert at that kinda thing.* 'Cause from the day he was born, Oshi-san naturally gave off this sorta feeling**.

*Lit: is an expert at this kind of standpoint / from this standpoint

**Please let me know if you have a better tl for this...!

Though Oshi-san'd def'nitely think the way I was speakin' was too vulgar. He's always very picky on what people say, 'fter all.

What's th' reason fer comin' here, Anzu-chan? I've already paid the wages* you an' Tsumu-chan-senpai an' the rest came for last time?

*Lit: work money

C-could it be, Anzu-chan's here 'cause she wants interest?!

I've heard before, when ya owe money, ya need to pay back interest. And if ya don't pay back th' money on time, there'll be more and more interest, and prob'ly it'll reach a point where it'll quickly add up ta be more than th' original amount borrowed......

Uuu, do I hafta pay back that much interest too? I-Interest is so scary?!

Nnnah? It's not 'bout money? There's work to be given?

So that's how it is, ya had me scared there just now~ You can talk directly to Oshi-san if it's on work-related matters. Oshi......

Huh, it's not for Valkyrie nor Oshi-san, but work 'ntrusted ta me?

Seein' that there'd be people who'd straight up call upon me, how strange......?

U-uuu. I 'nderstand now.

In th' past, Valkyrie had participated in a TV show, and we received th' care of the TV producer.

Considerin' he became associated with a compr'hensive plan concernin' women*, it look's like that person's career developed quite successfully, and has had growth in the area of his work ~ ♪

*What I'm guessing is that the TV producer got requested to work on media that appealed to the demographic of young women (perhaps after the TV show Valkyrie participated in), but I am not completely sure...

So, 'cause of my eyes, he thought of lettin' me play the part of Date Masamune* in an advertisement.

*Date Masamune was a ruler, but in this case, it's referring to Date Masamune from Sengoku Night Blood.

As expected, it was like this~ I thought so too; if there wasn't a special reason, they'd never skip over Oshi-san an' find me 'nstead.

S'okay, I'm not feelin' unhappy 'bout it?

I am Oshi-san's doll, 'n Valkyrie is Oshi-san's unit. So if there happens to be work then it's only right ta look for Oshi-san first, yea~?

I m'self don't dislike th' reason for this assignment.

You can say that his strange eyes can be considered as Date Masamune's "sellin' point", though no one thinks it ta be disgustin', but on th' contrary, they think he's very powerful.

If ya put it this way, I admire* 'im a lot~ Considerin' he can make others think this way ♪

*this word can also mean "envy".

If I accept this assignment, who knows, maybe it'll also make others think "different-colored eyes are also very very dashin'"......?

Though, I can't take charge of this decision m'self, ya still hafta go ask Oshi-san.

If Oshi-san thinks this work'll harm th' integrity of Valkyrie's image, then I can't accept it.

M'kay.* Um, Oshi-san~ Can ya hear me?

*"Hai hai." (Similar to "okie-dokie".)

Shu Itsuki School Dialogue Render
"Ah, that is, can I ask you to please quiet down for a bit, Mika-chan?"

"I'm sorry for this, but Shu-kun doesn't really want to talk right now. I will think of ideas to persuade him, so wait a moment please?"

Mika Kagehira School Dialogue Render
Nnnah, right now there's only Mado-nee present. Oshi-san~ Oshi-san?

Sorry, Anzu-chan, I can't give ya an answer when 'm unauthorized t' do so. If you're in a hurry for an answer, it's prob'ly better if ya seize th' time an' find someone else?

Shu Itsuki School Dialogue Render
Mika Kagehira School Dialogue Render
Ah, Oshi-san, welcome back~ Can I talk with ya now?
Shu Itsuki School Dialogue Render
You're an inferior good after all, Kagehira. Without me giving you a tune-up*, you can't even do basic judgement like this.

*tuning, as in tuning a musical instrument

How detestable, you're just like those fools who would rather obey the arrangements of others, and yet you fear using your own will.

Mika Kagehira School Dialogue Render
Nnnah? I don't understand what Oshi-san means?
Shu Itsuki School Dialogue Render
Then, for this particular case I will say it in simpler words*: whether you accept it or not , decide for yourself. I won't be giving you any suggestions.

*Lit: Then I will specially say it a bit simpler

For goodness sake, no matter how useless you are, you need to learn the manner of a "human" at the very least, and learn how to maintain basic self-functionality.

Otherwise, you will be made by others into a strange doll and thrown into the landfill. You can understand at least this, can't you, Kagehira.

Mika Kagehira School Dialogue Render
But, up 'til now, Oshi-san has always lead me at performances~ I don't need ta think 'bout anythin', everythin's good so long as I obey Oshi-san's arrangements.

Right now, to suddenly let m'self make m' own decisions, this's way too hard.......

Oshi-san also stood aside during the "Halloween Party"*. But thankfully, it was 'cause everyone from Switch was there that time, along with Anzu-chan, that I was able to prevail**~?

*See the event Magical Halloween.

**Lit: respond to [a situation]

I am an 'nferior good who can't act on m' own.

So that's how I'm able ta stay by Oshi-san's side~ Only I can forever and ever stay by Oshi-san's side!

By Oshi-san's side is where I've made my home!* As long as I'm beside Oshi-san, I am fortunate~♪

*place of my existence / where I take shelter

Ahaha, it's been like this all the way up 'til now; in the future, it needs to continue to be this way~

Shu Itsuki School Dialogue Render

"Oh? Shu-kun suddenly refuses to talk again. Shu-kun, Mika-chan is waiting for your recovery?"

"Ah, everything's a mess now. Shu-kun completely refuses to answer me. He really is a fickle child......"

"Hyaaa?! Anzu-chan, don't pull at my dress?!"

Oi, little girl, what do you think you're doing, stop that this instant! Haven't I said this countless times, that Mademoiselle is a precious work of art!

Ah, ah, each one of you, really......! If you greatly wish for Kagehira to accept this work assignment, then go talk to him directly.

The power to decide is solely in his hands. However much more you say to me, it'll be of no use.

Mika Kagehira School Dialogue Render

Mm, I get it now. Ahaha, it's rare fer me to be able to make sense* of what Oshi-san means ♪

*understand clearly / make clear

Anzu-chan, I'll take upon this assignment. ......'ndeed, if it's this way then it'll better meet Oshi-san's expectations.

've acted accordin' to Oshi-san's way of thinking, so, followin' this, I can also continue ta stay by Oshi-san's side, right~♪

Shu Itsuki School Dialogue Render
......hmmph. There's another thing I want to explain in advance. This time as well, I won't be giving you any guidance. You will have to rely on yourself to collect the materials, so be prepared*.

*Because of the vague sentence structure, this could also mean "and make preparations", if I'm not mistaken.

This is work only entrusted to you, so you need to put in your own efforts*. The achievements you gain from this will, appropriately, be written only under your own name.

*you need to work hard [using your own efforts]

Produce results to use as underlying support for your future, Kagehira.

Translation: User:Kytaen

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