Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Scroll of the Elements - Scroll of Wind 3
Location: On the Garden Terrace
Chiaki Morisawa School Dialogue Render

Yes. It’s largely come together, hasn’t it?

The Dream Festival’s name is “The Scroll of the Elements,” and “Ryuseitai” and “Akatsuki” will perform a joint live performance, as equals.

The reason the theme is “ninjas,” is because they want to do a tie-in with the movie, if possible, it seems.

There is a copyright issue, and so it would be difficult to use lines from the movie as-is, but...

Well, we should match the design where we can match it, shouldn’t we?

It seems that there is no need to force it to be story-like, like a musical, but...

Fans of that movie will gather and all, I bet, so I want to actively incorporate their catch phrases.

The location is also used for movie shooting and such. It’s a tourist attraction that recreates the world of period dramas.

Our sponsor is also the the organization that manages that tourist attraction.

Regarding the show, the sponsor has the personnel and know-how, so we just have to communicate our opinion and leave it up to them. Hasumi and I will do the negotiations and such.

The purpose is to get visitors to go to the tourist attraction and to advertise the newly built attraction that it has.

You don’t need a ticket, and so if you are just watching, it’s free. So it’ll be the kind of thing where we’re making money off of selling exclusive goods, won’t it?

Preparing goods and such is Anzu’s specialty and all, and it seems that she has personal connections, so we’ll leave that up to her.

We’re asking Anzu to handle the negotiations in that respect, as well. If she runs into some trouble with it, Hasumi or I will advise her on it, so...

I want you to give her your opinions on what kinds of merchandise might be good.

Midori Takamine School Dialogue Render

When you think about goods, you think about yuru-characters, don’t you…♪

Anzu-san, what kind of yuru-characters does that tourist attraction have...? They’re there, aren’t they? Lately, no matter what tourist attraction...?

Ohh, a cute ninja, “Hanzoumon”...? Hanzoumon?

It’s like the famous ninja Hattori Hanzou and the yuru-character that’s famous among yuru-characters, “Ku*mon,” not quite mixed together completely, isn’t it....♪

Chiaki Morisawa School Dialogue Render

Ahh, Takamine, sorry. Right now, your Captain is talking for a bit, so I’d like it if you would be quiet.

Midori Takamine School Dialogue Render

Huh...? Even though when I tell you to shut up, you don’t listen to me...?

Chiaki Morisawa School Dialogue Render

Ahaha… At any rate, the majority of the visitors to the tourist attraction aren’t interested in idols.

Of course, I’m sure that our fans will come, as well, but it will principally be normal visitors.

There will be a lot of older ladies and gentlemen who don’t know the implicitly understood parts of an idol live performance, as well, so...

We have to be cautious about our words and actions, while thoroughly handling the explanation for that and arranging around it.

If it goes well, we could bring in fans for ourselves from among people who normally wouldn’t have any relationship with us. Let’s do our best, everyone. Hoorah! ♪

Souma Kanzaki School2 Dialogue Render

Hoorah ♪ I will, at least, confirm it with Hasumi-dono, but I do not think that “Akatsuki” would have a problem with such an approach.

The main points have been settled, and so I want to work out the specific details of the “live performance.”

Chiaki Morisawa School Dialogue Render

Yes. Sengoku is the one knowledgeable about ninjas, and so from here on, I will not intrude and will leave it up to him.

Ah~... The discussion got intense, and I’m a bit tired, aren’t I? I’ve gotten thirsty.

Souma Kanzaki School2 Dialogue Render

I have poured tea, so please help yourself. I have tea sweets, as well, you know. They are my own, homemade.

Kanata Shinkai School Dialogue Render

Souma, you are getting more and more “skilled” in “cooking” and things, aren’t you......?

Souma Kanzaki School2 Dialogue Render

Setting aside cooking for a minute, I have been receiving education in making tea from a tender age, you know. As it is a tradition of samurai, you see......

Although I do also feel that it is unfit for the scenery of the open, Western-style “Garden Terrace.”

Translation: Looks after rainbows
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