Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Scroll of the Elements - Scroll of Clouds 1
Location: In the Historical Village
(Ninja's Way of Life) Shinobu Sengoku Full Render

Hee~y, Anzu-dono! Anzu-dono~☆

It is finally the day of the “Scroll of the Elements,” isn’t it, de gozaru! I.. have gone overboard again and gotten up too early, you know, de gozaru!

Anzu-dono, you too are always at work early. I respect you, de gozaru~♪

H-huh? She is not answering me, de gozaru! Can she not hear me, I wonder? I don’t want to be ignored, you know, de gozaru~?

Anzu-dono~! My “lordship”~ I am here, you know, de gozaru~!

(Ninja's Way of Life) Shinobu Sengoku CG
(Ninja's Way of Life) Shinobu Sengoku Full Render

Ah! You finally noticed me, de gozaru. Eheheh, good morning, de gozaru~♪

Yes! Please behold... this froggy statue!

It said that it was OK to get on top of it and take a picture, and so I just got onto it despite myself, de gozaru~♪

Please spare me a scolding, saying that it is embarrassing for a high school student to be doing this, alright, de gozaru? Because this was my dream, de gozaru~ Take a picture, take it ♪

Peeace ☆ I.. am like Jiraya? Ninjutsu, Technique of the Toad~♪

Anzu-dono, I want you to do Orochimaru or Tsunade, de gozaru! Huh!? You do not know of the three-way stand-off? Orochimaru has the snake, and Tsunade has the slug, de gozaru~♪

Huuh? Be careful not to lose my balance and fall into the pond, you say?

You must not take me lightly, you know, de gozaru. Since I am a ninja whose strong point is his agility, and...♪

Even so, there is that one-in-a-million chance and all... It would be a disaster if I were to be injured before the actual show for “Scroll of the Elements,” or if I got soaked with water and caught a cold, wouldn’t it, de gozaru?

I... will get down from the statue, de gozaru. This is farewell, froggy, de gozaru! ♪

Upsy-daisy... Good morning once again, de gozaru! Anzu-dono, good work, de gozaru~♪

Hm? What is wrong, de gozaru, making strange movements? Is that ninjutsu, de gozaru? Hahaa, Inmei Goshin...?

Huh!? Hug say? Wh-why? Has Captain-dono’s hugging habit rubbed off on you, Anzu-dono de gozaru?

Mgyah!? Wai- don’t force me into a hug! It hurts!

Hmph. Anzu-dono, neither your parents or your little brother is home this weekend, and so you are lonely, aren’t you, de gozaru?

Lately you have been busy with work and all, de gozaru, so you have not had much contact with your family... you say?

That is - how should I say it - unfortunate, de gozaru…

Because you are a “producer,” Anzu-dono, I am sure that you are so busy that I am no comparison, de gozaru.

Although family time is important, you cannot neglect your work, either…… It is troubling, isn’t it, de gozaru? I sympathize with you, you know, de gozaru.

Before, I, too, was... until I entered Yumenosaki Academy, I mostly stayed shut up at home all the time, de gozaru, but…

Since I have been bustling about outside lately, I am making my family lonely, de gozaru.

When I come home, both of my parents rush over, saying “Shinobu~! Shinobu~!” de gozaru ♪

Since I was a small child, I have been a strange one who loves ninjas, and so......

My words and actions were like this. I made my parents worry, you know, de gozaru. I never had any friends and all.

And so there is no helping that they are overprotective, de gozaru, but.. it is vexing to be treated as a child who cannot really do anything, de gozaru.

I am also in my adolescence, and so..

Anzu-dono. I am happy that you are kind to me, but I am not a stuffed animal, de gozaru.

No. Anzu-dono, I am not your “younger brother,” you know, de gozaru...?

(Burning Ninja) Chiaki Morisawa CG
(Burning Ninja) Chiaki Morisawa Full Render

Ohh, that voice is Sengoku! Anzu, you’re here as well, are you! That you are at the site this early in the morning, it must be because you are eager. How excellent ☆

I’ve been making the rounds for some time now, too, and going around the souvenir shops that are here and there, you know!

I think that you know, but this tourist attraction is also a holy ground for tokusatsu, so, you see...☆

Look, a bit ago, a combatant from Sho*ker was here, see! I had him give me his autograph, you know, ahhh I’m so happy!

My dream came true~ I will make this an heirloom of my house! Bwahaha...☆

(Ninja's Way of Life) Shinobu Sengoku Full Render


(Burning Ninja) Chiaki Morisawa Full Render


...Sorry! My timing is always, always, so bad, isn’t it!

Anzu and Sengoku, embracing each other like that...... Y-you had that kind of a relationship, didn’t you? I’m very sorry! I don’t want to get in the way, so I’ll get out of here!

(Ninja's Way of Life) Shinobu Sengoku Full Render

Th-that is not it, you know, de gozaru? Captain-dono, you are misunderstanding, de gozaru!

(Burning Ninja) Chiaki Morisawa Full Render

It’s alright. I understand.

I think that an idol and a “producer” would have a thorny path and all, and as Captain, I think that I cannot overlook a love affair, but!

Love cannot be stopped by anyone!

Please, be happy! That is all that I can say! I am cheering you on! Farewell!

(Ninja's Way of Life) Shinobu Sengoku Full Render

That’s why I’m saying, that’s not it, Captain-dono, de gozaru!? Don’t go off somewhere with a misunderstanding~? I wish that you would listen to what people had to say sometimes, de gozaru...!

Translation: Looks after rainbows
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