Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Scroll of the Elements - Prologue
Location: In front of the Bulletin Board
Shinobu Sengoku School Dialogue Render

He~y, Kanzaki-dono~, Kanzaki-dono~☆

Souma Kanzaki School2 Dialogue Render

Hm? Oh, Sengoku, you are full of energy, as usual, are you not? However, although they do say that children are meant to run free, you must not run in the hallways, you know.

Shinobu Sengoku School Dialogue Render

Mmm? I.. am not a child, you know, de gozaru? I am already a high school student, de gozaru~?

Souma Kanzaki School2 Dialogue Render

Heheh, within society, high school students are still within the category of “children,” are they not? And, whether one is an adult or a child, one must refrain from acts which would inconvenience others.

I, too, am always scolded so by Hasumi-dono.

Look. Thanks to you coming running, the documents I was holding were scattered by the wind and fell.

Shinobu Sengoku School Dialogue Render

Ahh! Forgive me for that, de gozaru! I.. shall pick them up, de gozaru~♪

Souma Kanzaki School2 Dialogue Render

Hm, I am grateful. …More importantly, did you have some business with me?

Shinobu Sengoku School Dialogue Render

Ehh? No, it is not that I particularly had any business with you! I saw you, Kanzaki-dono, and I just became happy and ended up running over, de gozaru~♪

Souma Kanzaki School2 Dialogue Render

Are you a puppy? I am happy that you are fond of me, as I do not have much connection with my juniors.

Shinobu Sengoku School Dialogue Render

Kanzaki-dono, you are always walking around with a sword hanging off you, so you are difficult to approach, you know, de gozaru. And you are a member of “Akatsuki,” a jewel of the student council, and all…

It’s like, everyone definitely thinks you are a scary person, de gozaru.

Souma Kanzaki School2 Dialogue Render

Sengoku, do you think I am scary too….?

Shinobu Sengoku School Dialogue Render

Not at all! Before, I thought you were a seriously dangerous person for sure, but when I tried talking to you, you were kind!

Ah! But, if I act too familiar with you, would it be irritating, de gozaru!?

Souma Kanzaki School2 Dialogue Render

That is not so. Let us get along from here on as well….Sengoku. ♪

More importantly, Sengoku, are you free right now? I.. was asked by Hasumi-dono to handle putting up “posters” and such.

However, there are many, and I am toiling to do it. It would be helpful to me if you would assist.

Shinobu Sengoku School Dialogue Render

Such a task would be nothing, de gozaru~! “Ryuseitai” has just finished a big job, and so today is part of our break period and I am free, de gozaru!

Our Captain-dono, he is unexpectedly proper about giving us resting time, you know, de gozaru~♪

Souma Kanzaki School2 Dialogue Render

It is the same for myself. We have both been blessed with good masters, have we not?

“Akatsuki,” too, is in a period of rest.

Soon, there shall be the “Halloween Party” “S1,” will there not? Hasumi-dono, that is, the student council is exceedingly busy with the preparations for it, you see.

It is not so much that he cannot act, but it would be terrible if he were to push himself too far and destroy his health, would it not?

That the student council is busy, it is Hasumi-dono”s personal situation, and so….

Kiryu-dono and I were notified that it was possible that we may take on individual work, but…

Somehow, it feels as though we would be getting ahead of him, so, you see, I feel uncomfortable. Do I.. not have any independence, I wonder?

Shinobu Sengoku School Dialogue Render

Ahh, I, as well, find that I do not know what to do with my free time when “Ryuseitai” does not have activities, you know, de gozaru. We.. are similar persons, after all, aren’t we, de gozaru~♪

Souma Kanzaki School2 Dialogue Render

Are we? Well, ninjas and warriors, they may be similar things to society, but…

…Oh? I am sorry, Anzu-dono. I was about to kick you over. Why are you crouched in such a place?

Are you not well, or something? Are you alright? Shall I take you to the infirmary?

Shinobu Sengoku School Dialogue Render

Your expression looks as though you have not been sleeping much, you know, de gozaru. Anzu-dono~? I am concerned that you are overworking yourself, de gozaru!

Even though, if we were to receive the command, we who are in your “lordship’s” service would handle any difficulty ☆

Whaa!? Huh!? Don’t call you “lordship” so much….you say? If you tell me that in words, I would understand, you know, de gozaru~ I dislike you pinching my cheeks, de gozaru!

Souma Kanzaki School2 Dialogue Render

Look here, Anzu-dono. You must not pick on Sengoku too much, you know. The Buddha is watching.

Hm. Anzu-dono, although you were asked to handle various projects, you have gotten stuck, and so…

You came to look at the “posters” and things pinned up on the bulletin board, thinking that it would help if you could use them as references?

Certainly, there are many notices for “B1s” and recruitment papers pinned up on this bulletin board, are there not?

No matter how many you took down, it would be futile. And so, as it would be an endless but meaningless exercise to do so, Hasumi-dono has turned a blind eye to it, as well, but…

That is, the other day, “Akatsuki” ended up participating in the “B1” “Quarrel Festival,” as well, and all…..

We are not in a position where we can openly police the “B1s,” and all, are we?

If we were criticized, saying that we had no right to say such things, having ourselves participated, we would not be able to rebut that.

And liveliness is a good thing, and all, is it not? It is a mixed blessing.

….Hm? What is wrong, Anzu-dono? Is there something.. stuck to my face?

Hmm. Am I interested in period dramas….you say? Do I appear as though I would be?

Shinobu Sengoku School Dialogue Render

You do look like you would, Kanzaki-dono, de gozaru. Rather, you look like an embarrassing person who likes period dramas and samurai too much, and started carrying a sword in spite of themselves, de gozaru.

Souma Kanzaki School2 Dialogue Render

Is that so….. I will explain just as a reminder, but I do have the government’s approval to carry a sword, you know. Look, look, my license ♪

Shinobu Sengoku School Dialogue Render

The government? K-Kanzaki-dono, who are you, de gozaru….?

Setting that aside. What was that about period dramas, Anzu-dono?

I like them and often watch them, you know, de gozaru~

Ninjas in period dramas are pretty much add-on characters, that is, they are in a position like that of throwaway enemies, and so I am a bit unsatisfied with them, though, de gozaru.

Huh? If there was a period drama in which a ninja was the leading role, would I want to perform in it, you say?

Do you have a plan that provides for that for s-someone like me, de gozaru!?

If that is the case, then I absolutely want to perform, de gozaru! I could not give it up to someone else! Since that is my dream!

Uwahh! My time has finally come~☆

Translation: Looks after rainbows
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