Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Scroll of the Elements - A Hero in Stormy Times 2
Location: On the Castle Tower Stage
(Ninja's Way of Life) Shinobu Sengoku Full Render Bloomed


Chiaki Morisawa Scroll of the Elements Dialogue Render

(Ohh... Sengoku, he is feeling at ease, isn’t he? Even though he always tends to hold himself back- that is to say- he hides behind everyone else a lot of the time.)

(His eyes.. are shining. He really does love them, doesn’t he - ninjas? It’s a good thing to have something you like.)

(If you have “fondness,” then life- this world- shines more and more.)

(That brilliance, like a shooting star, may make someone’s wish come true.)

(For someone walking down a dark street at night, their head hung in shame, it may become the light of hope... it might become a miracle itself.)

(Yeah. Let’s write it together, the record of the path you have taken.)


(Healing Ninja) Midori Takamine Full Render Bloomed

(Senpai... Sorry for saying so while you’re being overcome with emotion, but aren’t you forgetting something you’re supposed to be doing...?)

Chiaki Morisawa Scroll of the Elements Dialogue Render

(Ohh, sorry. That’s a bad habit of mine, isn’t it? When I am happy, I just get excited, and I become unable to think about anything. You helped me out, cautioning me, Takamine. ♪)

(Healing Ninja) Midori Takamine Full Render Bloomed

(I didn’t really.... My head often goes completely blank, too, and I become unable to move on the stage, so...)

(In those times, everyone backs me up, right...?)

(Even if only for that much, I’ll return the favor, you know... if I don’t settle accounts for that kind of give and take, I feel gloomy, so...)

Chiaki Morisawa Scroll of the Elements Dialogue Render

(Yes, you’re a good kid, Takamine! ♪ That’s fine! The good you do for others is good you do for yourself...! All for one, and one for all!)

(Determined Ninja) Tetora Nagumo Full Render

(Midori-kun, step back a bit, okay? From here, the Captain is going to engage in some absurd behavior, opening a hole in the castle tower and sneaking in, so..)

(He’s going to use gunpowder, so if you’re nearby, you’ll get mixed up in it.)

(Healing Ninja) Midori Takamine Full Render Bloomed

(Yeah, I know... And with that, the castle catches on fire, he gets into a panic, and Shinkai-senpai tries to put out the fire and causes a deluge...)

(All of us, we get swept away, don’t we...)

(That kind of thing, lyrics and performance and progression are set up that will get across even if we don’t properly explain it to the audience...)

(It’s amazing, you know, isn’t it? Like, it’s entertaining, with all the running around and all...♪)

(I might have wanted to enjoy it as an audience member too, if I could have...♪)

(Determined Ninja) Tetora Nagumo Full Render

(Ahaha, enjoying it is the special right of the visitors, you know. But there is no rule saying like that we can’t enjoy it, is there?)

(Pheeew! Every single time...being on the stage gets me excited! I’m fired up~! ♪)


(Healing Ninja) Midori Takamine Full Render Bloomed


Chiaki Morisawa Scroll of the Elements Dialogue Render

(Yes. This time, Sengoku is standing out, being lively, but Nagumo and Takamine as well have developed remarkably since the time that I met them, haven’t they?)

(Nagumo’s bad habit of charging ahead too much has gone away, and all.)

(Takamine, as well, is seeing his surroundings enough that he cautions me. It’s a good trend. Wonderful.)

(It would be pathetic for me to be holding them back and all. As Captain, shall I show them my cool side?)

(Burning Ninja) Chiaki Morisawa CG2
Chiaki Morisawa Scroll of the Elements Dialogue Render

“There’s no helping it. Let’s light it up! Ninja arts: Katon no Jutsu...☆”

("Oh no, it’s going to start a fire!" … Although I made humorous movements like that...the song and music continue the whole time, and?)

(I did get acting instruction as well and all, I wonder if it’s coming out fairly naturally?)

(I had a lot to do, so that was hectic, wasn’t it? But, well, period dramas are a distant ancestor of tokusatsu...)

(It would be good if this can help cultivate again the soil that brought forth the heroes that I love.)

(Even if the times change, even if people change, the voices of the people who love justice and wish for peace should be respected! Let us fight for that reason, everyone together! ♪)


Kanata Shinkai Scroll of the Elements Dialogue Render


(Owah... That stuff, I do not like it... It is real “gunpowder,” isn’t it? It is dangerous.)

(I will become a “cooked fish”~ I have to “extinguish” it quickly.)

(Drifting Ninja) Kanata Shinkai CG2
Kanata Shinkai Scroll of the Elements Dialogue Render

“Ninja arts: Suiton no Jutsu~♪”

(Ohh... “Water” has started flowing, hasn’t it? My skin is getting “wet”~♪)

(Almost all of the “water” is “staged,” but at the same time, an “extinguishing agent” is being “dispersed”...)

(In an instant, the “fire” disappeared.)

(What kind of a “gimmick” is it, I wonder? It was explained to me but I did not “get it at all.”)

(It is a “tokusatsu” “technique,” isn’t it~ It is just like “magic.”)

(“We”.. could not use “magic.” Although we were called things like “monsters”...)

(I did not have a “way” to fight against the painful “reality.”)

(However. I am.. still alive. In this.. reality... I found a “way” to live- a “place that I belong.”)

(Shinobu, you are not the only one... to have been “happy” to be taken in.)

(Separated, driven away “farther” than the “stars” in the night sky..)

(However. There is a person.. who stretched out his hand that far to me.)

(That I gripped that “open hand,” I do not “regret” it. Although there are times that it is too hot, such that I am “troubled.”)

(I was in a cold “ocean” with ice floating in it, and so... it is “just” warm enough.)

(It is just right. It feels “comfortable,” you know.)

(Puka, puka...♪)

Translation: Looks after rainbows
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