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Here, you can exchange scout or select coins of a specific scout for cards featured in the corresponding scout, or from the permanent pool of 5☆ cards.

Scout coins are obtained from the respective scout promotion at a 1:1 ratio: one roll rewards one scout coin. One select coin is awarded when you roll copies of 5☆ cards past the fifth copy, which maxes out its level at 80.

Three different 5☆ cards and 4☆ cards each, as well as two different 3☆ cards are available from each scout select, four of which are the featured new 5☆, 4☆ and 3☆ cards, which will not reappear in the permanent pool for three months after their original promotion ends. 300 Scout Coins are required to trade for a 5☆ (300 rolls, or 10500 diamonds), 100 for a 4☆ (3500 diamonds), and 50 for a 3☆ (1750 diamonds).

To trade for any card in the Select Coin lineup, 10 Select Coins are required.