Normal Event mini 1/3

Scorching Hot! The Scenery of Southern Lands and Summer Vacation Rei Sakuma Normal Event 1
It's so hottt.... I'm gonna die~. Ah, young lady Anzu. I'm roasting under the scorching sun, as you can see. Summer in this exotic land is every bit as harsh as Japan's."
Choice 1 団扇で扇ぎますね!
I'll fan you with this!
Possibility 1 Character response: "あんずの嬢ちゃん、そんなでっかい団扇どこから持ってきたんじゃ?しかも、よく見れば『UNDEAD』って書かれておるし。くっくっく、我輩を応援してくれているようで嬉しいのう……♪
From where did you bring out such a large fan, young lady? Not only that, but I can see "UNDEAD" written on it after a closer look. Kukuku. It makes me happy to know you meant to cheer me on... ♪"
Result: Trust Up
Possibility 2 Character response: "おぉう、生ぬるい風が頬にあたっておる……。ずっと扇いでると嬢ちゃんが疲れるじゃろうし、もうじゅうぶんじゃ。……さてと。やはり外は限界じゃな、おとなしくホテルに退散しようかのう。
Ohh. A lukewarm breeze grazed my cheek... but you'll tire if all you're going to do is stand there and fan me. That's quite enough. ... now, then. I think I've reached my limit. I ought to return quietly back to the hotel."
Result: Blue Fragments
Choice 2 何か飲み物を持ってきますよ?
I'll bring you something to drink.
Possibility 1 Character response: "ありがとう。それならトマトジュースを持ってきてくれるかのう?我輩、トマトジュースがあれば回復するタイプの便利な吸血鬼じゃし。頼んだぞい、あんずの嬢ちゃん♪
Thank you. Then could you bring me some tomato juice? I'm the convenient sort of vampire that'll recover with that alone. I'm counting on you, young lady Anzu. ♪"
Result: Trust Up
Possibility 2 Character response: "良い良い。バカンスにきてまで嬢ちゃんをパシらせるのも心苦しい。どうにも耐えきれんかったらホテルに引っこめばいいんじゃし。気にせずバカンスを楽しんでおくれ
Very well. Still, it pains me to have you running errands on your vacation. I might as well hole up in the hotel if I can't stand it. So please, pay me no mind and enjoy yourself."
Result: Red Fragments

Normal Event mini 2/3

Scorching Hot! The Scenery of Southern Lands and Summer Vacation Rei Sakuma Normal Event 2
Come to think of it, you haven't been using a parasol to shade yourself from the sun at all, have you? Ah, this? I had it made for myself. It's an exceptional product that offers 100% UV protection."
Choice 1 それはちょっと気になります
I'm a little interested in it.
Possibility 1 Character response: "それなら我輩がつくって嬢ちゃんにプレゼントしようかのう。良い良い。嬢ちゃんには我輩の愛し子たちが世話になっておるし。これくらいさせておくれ……♪
Then perhaps I'll have one made for you as a gift. It's quite all right. You're often taking care of my beloved children for me. This is the least I can do... ♪"
Result: Trust Up
Possibility 2 Character response: "くくく、100%完全遮光が気になったのかや?嬢ちゃんも女の子なんじゃのう。ほれ、嬢ちゃんってそういうのに興味ない感じじゃったからすこし安心したわい。
Kukuku. Are you curious about the 100% UV protection? At the end of the day you're still a girl. Here. I'm a little relieved since it felt like you'd say it doesn't interest you."
Result: Red Fragments
Choice 2 だから焼けてないんですね
So that's why you aren't sunburnt.
Possibility 1 Character response: "くくく、アイドルじゃもの。染みやら『そばかす』ができたら大変じゃろ?……何じゃい、嬢ちゃん。感心した顔をしているが嬢ちゃんは何もしておらんのかや?ふむ、女の子のほうがそういうことに熱心そうなのにのう?
Kukuku. I'm an idol, after all. It'd be a problem if I developed skin spots or freckles, yes? ... what is it, young lady? I haven't done anything and yet you look impressed. Hmm. I suppose girls are more passionate about such things."
Result: Trust Up
Possibility 2 Character response: "ふふん、対策しておるからのう♪ 褒められるのは嬉しいものじゃ。ほれほれ、肌に触っても良いんじゃよ?対価は嬢ちゃんの血で構わんから♪ あっ、嘘じゃよ?冗談じゃよ、『血は吸わないで』って言いながら逃げないでおくれ~?
Heheh. Since I took the proper measures. ♪ I'm happy to receive your praise. Here, here. It's all right to touch my skin. I'll just take your blood as compensation. ♪ Ah — not really, though. It's just a joke? Please don't run from me while saying something like "you won't suck my blood"~!"
Result: Yellow Fragments

Normal Event mini 3/3

Scorching Hot! The Scenery of Southern Lands and Summer Vacation Rei Sakuma Normal Event 3
"あっ、嬢ちゃん。見ておくれ、蟹じゃよ蟹♪ 何じゃい笑って……。あぁ、ついさっきまでぐたりしておったからのう。いろいろしてもらったお陰で回復したんじゃ。礼を言うぞ。嬢ちゃん♪
Ah, young lady. Take a look at this. It's a crab. A crab~. ♪ Why're you laughing... ? Ah, since I was completely exhausted until just a moment ago. It's thanks to your doing so much for me that I was able to recover. You have my thanks, young lady. ♪"
Choice 1 じゃあ、ご飯を食べられそうですか?
Does that mean you can eat?
Possibility 1 Character response: "ご飯……?もうお昼ご飯の時間かや?ついさっき朝ご飯を食べた気でおったわい。……よっこいせ、っと。ん?お昼ご飯なんじゃろ。それならホテルまで移動せんとな♪
Eat... ? It's about time that time, isn't it? It feels like we only just had breakfast. ... up we go. Hm? We were going to have lunch, yes? Then we should head back to the hotel. ♪"
Result: Trust Up
Possibility 2 Character response: "うむ。今なら重いものでも食べられるぞい♪ えっ、ステーキ?しかも大盛りであるのかや?他にデザートもある……?さすがに重すぎるし、我輩はデザートだけにしておこうかのう
Yes; I can eat something heavy now. ♪ Eh, steak? A large cut of it? Not to mention dessert...? That's, admittedly, far too heavy. I'll go with just the dessert."
Result: Blue Fragments
Choice 2 じゃあ、潜って獲物を狩りましょう!
Then let's go diving and catch something!
Possibility 1 Character response: "……そんなことをせんでも、ホテルのひとが食材を用意してくれるぞい?あぁ、獲物云々は抜きにして海で遊びたいんじゃろか。良い良い。そういうことなら付きあうぞい♪
... even if we did, the hotel staff are willing to prepare dishes for us. Perhaps you'd like to skip the hunt and play in the sea instead? Very well. In that case I'll accompany you. ♪"
Result: Trust Up
Possibility 2 Character response: "えっ、何でそんな話になるんじゃ?南国の島じゃなくて無人島じゃったの?……あぁ、アドニスくんがバーベキューの材料集めとして海に潜っておったのう。じゃからってあれを我輩がやるのは無理じゃよ?
Eh? How'd our conversation drift in this direction? This is an uninhabited island, right? ... ah, Adonis-kun went diving in the ocean to gather ingredients for our barbeque. That doesn't mean I'm going to jump right on in too, though?"
Result: Yellow Fragments
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