Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
(Darjeeling Tea) Subaru Akehoshi CG
Location: Garden Terrace
Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render

So~rry to keep you waiting!

That's one lava cake with black tea for you, Anzu. Do you need milk and sugar? Well, I brought some anyway just in case, so I'll leave it here for you. ♪

Phew. It's so busy it's dizzying! Oh, and Chichan-senpai came by earlier to have a tea set too!

Running all around like this is totally bringing me back when I picked up part time jobs at school... Mm? That's what I'm doing right now?

Haha, that was a lo~ng long time ago, though. I did a lot of different jobs to get money then. It was pretty hard, but fun too!

On top of being busy with your producer work, you're taking on part-time jobs too, right?

You're always so high in demand, but that just means you really love your work, huh?

I think it's awesome you put your all into what you do, but seeing you so crazy busy all the time makes me worried too.

Isn't it important to stop every now and then and smell the flowers..?

... Or something like that, haha. Maybe I'm just thinking too much. It's been so busy, but I've finally got a moment to rest.

Alright! Eat up, before it gets cold~.

There's this warm oozy chocolate that'll melt from the middle. That's what makes this dessert so special. So if you let it cool, it'll lose its awesomeness!

Mmm? It's super delicious? Of course it is! Shinonon filled it with lo~ts of love!

... Alright! Even though I wanna stay and chat the day away, I should get back to work!

I mean, even the chef and kitchen staff are out there working as waiters! I don't wanna cause them even more work.

Look, Chichan-senpai's over there! I'll call him over! That way you guys can chill and talk together, okay?

He can be a real handful, but he's a great guy!

Hahaha, but don't tell him I said that! If he knew, he'd never leave me alone!

Pinky promise~☆ Whoa, they really could use my help. I should get going. Alright Anzu, enjoy~!

Salon de Thé 6
Location: Garden Terrace's Kitchen
Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render

Whew... We finally sent out all of the orders. Great job, Akehoshi-senpai!

Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render

Great job to you too, Shinonon~☆ I mean, I pretty much abandoned you to do everything in the kitchen. Sorry about that!

But it looks like the staff's back to working in the kitchen again, so I guess that means we can go back to our original jobs~♪

But it feeeels like I'm forgetting something... Hmm, let's see here... I'm working for the sake of money, and I'd never forget anything when it came to money...

If it's not important I'll usually forget it in thirty mins, but otherwise I never forget important things! I've even totally memorized everyone's orders perfectly!

Let's see... I saw Chichan-senpai... and I kinda get the feeling he left me something for me to do...

Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render

Well, earlier you told me to add another tea set, but there wasn't a drink order attached to it. So I didn't make a drink for that one.

Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render

Oh, shoot! I remember now! Chichan-senpai said he'd leave his drink up to me, I totally forgot.

I made sure to bring the other customers their orders first. Whoops, there! I'll bring him his drink right away and tell him it was my bad!

Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render

I'll help too! I finished making all of the lava cakes, so I'm free at the moment.

I'd like to help out and work more..♪

Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render

You're becoming like Anzu now, wanting to do so much work! Don't worry about it, I just have to make a drink. I'll be fine by myself~☆

Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render

Is that so? Okay, I'll make sure the other customers are doing alright then. Go, Akehoshi-senpai!

Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render

Hahaha. Thanks for your adorable support! You go too, Shinonon!

Alright! Now, what should I make for Chichan-senpai? Oh, I know! What about coffee?


Hoohoo~. The delicious smell of coffee is filling the air. ☆ I wonder how Chichan-senpai takes his coffee. Black?

Oh well, I'll bring milk and sugar anyway just on case. I'm awesome like that!

Alright! It's all done. Let's go~☆

Salon de Thé 7
Location: Garden Terrace
Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render

Sorry for the wait, Chichan-senpai!

I went with coffee to go with your lava cake. Bon appetit~☆

Oh yeah! The coffee's freshly brewed, so it's piping hot. Be careful! Should I blow on it to cool it down for you? Hahaha ☆

Chiaki Morisawa School Dialogue Render


Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render

Whoa, what's with that stern look for? Did you get tired of waiting?

Do you want me to get some Tabasco sauce for you? Being the red ranger and all, maybe you wanted something red..?

Chiaki Morisawa School Dialogue Render

That's not it, Akehoshi... I'm sorry!

I know I left the drink up to you, but actually, I can't handle coffee..!

And I've never had it black before either... Curse this childish tongue of mine!

But this isn't just any old coffee... It's the coffee that Akehoshi specially picked out and brewed for me!

I'll drink it! I just need to add a ton of sugar and milk!

Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render

Um, you really don't have to force yourself...

Heheh, you're such a child sometimes! It's a good thing I brought milk and sugar just in case...

Chiaki Morisawa School Dialogue Render

Well, I can't deny that... Sorry that I'm such an embarrassment of a captain.

Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render

Hey, don't call yourself an embarrassment! Like whatever, it's not like I like black coffee that much either...

Adding milk makes it so much better anyway.

Anyway, enough about that. Did you know that Anzu's here too? I told her I'd call you over, but I wonder if she left already...

Chiaki Morisawa School Dialogue Render

Oh, she was there just a moment ago, enjoying the dessert. Maybe she just went to the bathroom!

Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render

Great, that means she'll be back soon. I gotta give my thanks to her for hearing me out earlier.

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