Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
Salon de Thé 2
Location: Garden Terrace
Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render
Hyahoo, it’s an in-school part-time job! I’m super excited ☆

Whaddya think, Shinonon? Do I look good in this tea fair apron?

(Jasmine Tea) Hajime Shino Full Render
Oogh… Sniff…
Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render
Huh?! Why are you crying?! Did someone bully you? I’ll punish anyone who tries to push you around, Shinonon!
(Jasmine Tea) Hajime Shino Full Render
T-That’s not it. I’m so emotional about getting to work with you, Akehoshi-senpai, that the tears just started coming out…

This isn’t a dream, right? This is actually happening, right…?

Maybe I’m just having a nice dream. Akehoshi-senpai, please slap me in the face as hard as you can!

Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render
Uh, I’m definitely not doing that.

Shinonon, you don’t have to worry. This is real.

Trickstar has been so busy, in-school part-time jobs are usually done by you and the other students.

Today, I’m back to being a beginner and working hard at a part-time job with you. Shinonon-senpai, I look forward to working with youuu♪

(Jasmine Tea) Hajime Shino Full Render
Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render
Yep—you’ve been doing in-school part-time jobs for a long time. I’m a year ahead, so I’ve been doing them for a little while, but I haven’t been doing them at all recently.

So I was thinking, when it comes to this, you’re my senpai, Shinonon! I totally forgot the know-how for waiters, so you probably know more than I do.

(Jasmine Tea) Hajime Shino Full Render
I’m really happy you’d say that, but I really don’t have much confidence in working part-time waiter jobs.

On top of that I like doing laundry, so I do a lot of jobs involving that, and I’ve only been doing warehouse organizing and laundry jobs recently…

I might not be much help at all…

Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render
Whenever you do the laundry for us, they come back spotless and sparkling. You’ve been a big help to me too ☆

The essential part of being a waiter is smiling, right? So for now, you’ll be fine if you just give a great big smile! I mean, you’re so cute when you smile, Shinonon. C’mon, smile~!

(Jasmine Tea) Hajime Shino Full Render
Umm, like this? Ehehe, it makes me really happy when you say I’m ‘cute’.

My ideal is being told I’m ‘cool’, but…

I’ll work hard and aim to become a ‘cool’ person, just like Akehoshi-senpai!

I’m so happy to get to see Akehoshi-senpai working up close like this again~...♪

Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render
Aren’t you setting the bar a little high~? It’s fine, though; showing off my cool points to kouhai is my responsibility as a senpai, after all.

...Huh? Actually, doesn’t this conflict with me calling you senpai?

Well, I guess it doesn’t matter. It looks like some customers showed up while we were busy chatting away.

Welcome~! Table for one?

Whoa, it’s Anzu! Ahaha, our very special first customer is Anzu ☆

Hm? Your face is all blank; what’s up?

Ah, right. The cafeteria uses a system where you buy meal tickets from a vending machine to order, so you must have thought it was weird for me to be acting like a waiter.

Actually, me and Shinonon are doing an in-school part-time job~!

Starting today, the tea fair is open, but if you want to order something from the menu on the vending machine, just let me or Shinonon know, okay?

This is a limited time sale, after all, so it’s not available in the machine. It’s a different, special offer made by the waiters~☆ Feels pretty special, right?

Ah, you reacted when I said ‘limited’! When I see ‘sparkly’ things, I react too—I end up taking off at full speed~☆

Those 100-yen and 500-yen coins peeping out from your wallet are seducing me! Close it!

Otherwise, if you don’t stop me from reaching my limit, I’ll end up tackling you~!

Aaanyways, what are you going to ask for? If you’re ordering something from the menu on the vending machine, press the button and pass it to the cafeteria workers.

But if you’re going to ask for the tea service, talk to us!

Ooh, thank you for asking so quickly ☆ I added some fondant chocolates to the tea service; what would you like to drink~?

M’kay, looks like we have black tea, coffee, jasmine tea, and herb tea.

...You’ll have black tea? I’ll bring your drink with the desert, okay~☆

(Jasmine Tea) Hajime Shino Full Render
Fueh? Akehoshi-senpai, after Anzu-san, there are one… two… Wah?! Almost 10 customers at once?!
Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render
Maybe because it’s around that time of day when people decide to take a break? During a break from my lessons, I come out to the garden terrace for tea too.
(Jasmine Tea) Hajime Shino Full Render
I see. It seems everyone likes the tea service, so they all came to drop by the terrace.

They’re starting to clamor because the tea service isn’t an option in the vending machines…?

Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render
Today is the opening day, so it probably doesn’t even show up on the orders, I’m guessing.

Alright, attention, everyone~☆

Those of you who want the tea service, give us a holler☆ Everyone else, go ahead and line up at the vending machine like usual~

Okay, don’t shove~, make a neat line, please!

Yep, yep! No need to rush, we won’t sell out. No cutting in line!

Would you like black tea, jasmine tea, coffee, or herb tea? Okay, I’ll be with the next person in just a minute, so please hold on~!

(Jasmine Tea) Hajime Shino Full Render
Amazing... Akehoshi-senpai leapt into action, without a single complaint. Akehoshi-senpai really is an amazing person☆

Alriiight, I’ll do my best, too…♪

Ah, yes. Would you like my personal recommendation? Hmm. I would recommend you have the jasmine tea.

If you’re worn out, the smell of it helps to calm your nerves. It would be my recommendation if you want to feel at ease.

It has a note of sweetness, so I also recommend it to anyone who doesn’t fare well with bitter teas♪

Fueh, you would like the jasmine tea? I see, you wanted it because of my description? I’m happy to hear that~

Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render
Shinonon! Try spending some time over there; if you don’t take their orders, they won’t hang around. Head over, okay~?

Hmph! There are so many people here for the opening day! The kitchen’s gonna become a war zone; they might tell us to help too~?

Translation: Toki
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