Sakura Festival
Event story 1
Season: Spring (春)
Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Chapters: 9 Translator: Enstars Translations
Subaru HeadHokuto HeadMakoto HeadMao HeadAdonis HeadKoga HeadSouma Head Shinobu Head
Translation Notes
Associated Songs: CHERRY HAPPY STREAM *

Cherry Blossom Flower - 1:

  • Oji-san: translates to “Uncle;” also “Mister,” used when addressing middle-aged men that would be around the age of an uncle.


  • Sakura Niku: refers to horsemeat, but it called this because the color and sliced slabs (especially when arranged in a circular pattern on the plate), resembles cherry blossom petals.
Story CGs
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