Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Cherry Blossom Flower - 3
Location: Grounds
Mao Isara PE Winter Dialogue Render

Oof, alrighty ♪ Aaand, there we go ♪

(Sakura in Full Bloom) Mao Isara CG
Mao Isara PE Winter Dialogue Render

Phew, made it ♪ Here I am, Subaru. Hey, the view really is great up here~

Well, maybe not that great. The cherry blossoms block your vision, so all you can see are pink petals everywhere. So it's more like you can't see anything from here, huh, Subaru?

Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render

Ooh, Sari~ You sure got up here fast. You really can do just about anything ☆

Mao Isara PE Winter Dialogue Render

It's not like I can do anything, I just happen to dabble in a bit of everything. But more importantly–I don't know what's bothering you, Subaru, but how do you want to try talking about it?

Unless you say it out loud, I won't know. The same goes for the transfer student, and Hokuto, too. You shouldn't keep it all to yourself. We're friends, right?

A unit shares a common destiny. At least, that's how I see it.

There are others that discourage individuality and only aim to profit from the unit as a whole, but you know we're not like that, right?

Each person supports each other, putting forth their strengths, and add onto our shine as a whole. I see Trickstar as that kind of family-like unit.

But maybe I'm the only one. It's fine even if we fight or disagree now and then. Because that kind of friendly competition is what helps us grow.

But if you just run away from all that, there'd be no point in us forming a unit together.

It's fine if you'd rather pursue solo activities, but you're part of Trickstar, right? I won't tell you to always keep in step with the rest of us. There's no need for you to force yourself to go along with everyone else around you.

But, if we move forward together towards the same goal, we can reach amazing heights.

Is the top of this cherry blossom tree the highest you can go? It isn't, right? You can't let yourself get stuck here, you know?

Just like your name says, shining stars should shoot as high as you can go. All of us will too, together~ ♪

Hey, say something, would ya? Don't just let me be the only one rambling on about embarrassing stuff like this...

Even though you're usually so noisy that it's like you might die if you stop talking~

But you don't talk when it's about important things, huh? That's a little sad, you know?

... Hm? The transfer student climbed up too? It's dangerous, you know~?

Actually, since you're wearing a skirt, you shouldn't be climbing trees so casually. Koga and Shinobu are down there, so you have to be more modest, alright~?

But what's really dangerous is I feel like the branch is starting to creak a little.

Obviously, it probably can't stand the weight of three high schoolers plus a dog, being an old tree and all. Forget the branch, the whole trunk might just snap in two.

So you wanted to try talking to Subaru too?

That makes sense, since you're the producer.

Hey, Subaru, there's a girl here pulling some dangerous stunt just to come up and talk to you, you know~?

If you're still going to keep quiet, you can't call yourself an idol anymore.

No, you can't even call yourself a man. If you become timid like an insect, you'll be stuck clinging to this cherry blossom tree together with the caterpillars forever, you know~?

Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render

Ugh. Geez, so annoying...

I said I couldn't get my thoughts straight, but it's just one thing after another with you guys...

I'm starting to understand how Gami-san feels about only wanting to be friends with dogs because of how fussy and annoying people are.

Fine. Since there'll be no flower-viewing if the cherry blossom tree falls apart, I'll tell you guys everything before that happens.

Still, I don't really understand my own feelings really well either, you know~?

Have I ever told you this, Sari~? Or the transfer student? When I was a first year, I was a bit of an outcast in my class. I was always alone.

Everyone would just give into the student council's tyranny, hang their heads in shame, and go about every day with dark looks on their faces.

But I didn't like that... I kept on shouting about how we should do our best and try to shine brighter.

Everyone must have been irritated with how I kept on trying to rebel more and more. They'd all look down on me, ignore me, and then I was all alone.

Naturally, I wasn't invited to last year's flower-viewing, either.

I was already worn-out by then too, I didn't have the courage to join in on their fun by myself.

So I just went straight home, held Daikichi close, and cried for a long time.

But, you know, that's why... That's why this year, I thought I'd be able to go. I was really looking forward to it. But maybe I was just getting carried away by myself.

This year, I thought I'd get to have a fun flower-viewing with all the people I liked... I really hoped for that. I waited so long for the day that the cherry blossoms would bloom.

This year, for sure. I wanted to eat snacks with my special friends, and just goof around and have lots of fun together...

So then, I'd be able to wipe away that lonely memory from when I was a first year.

Even though I didn't even have any buds, even though I was just wasting away on the cold, dark, ground, I thought I could still flower.

Together with the cherry blossoms, spring would come to me. It was selfish and unreasonable, but that's what I believed.

Deep down, I know that Hokke~'s right. Our fight as Trickstar starts from here.

And it's a huge honor that we get to perform in this year's SakuraFes.

If we had to choose between SakuraFes or flower-viewing, it's obvious what the right choice is.

It'd be wrong for me to make everyone do something so meaningless just to make me feel better, or get rid of some bad memories.

I understand that. My wish is just a kid's selfish whim.

But, you know... Really, all I wanted was to just have a meaningless flower-viewing with everyone.

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