Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Cherry Blossom Tree - 1
Location: Hallway
Mao Isara PE Winter Dialogue Render
Alright. Now then, how about we get rolling and find where Subaru's gone off to~?

Although I feel bad making you run all over the place, I'll be looking along with you, so hang in there~

Taking care of the mentality of the idols they're in charge of is also part of a producer's job... Or would it be too pushy to say that? Well, with that said, I'm counting on your help ♪

Although you've ended up being a producer in every aspect through all of this, it can't be a bad thing to build up all kinds of experience. Probably.

Actually, if you could become like the glue? or lube? that helps Subaru and Hokuto get along since they're always fighting all the time, that would really take a load off of my shoulders ♪

Seriously... Those two get into fights practically every day. It makes me wonder why they even formed a unit together in the first place, you know~? They're a troublesome bunch, honestly ♪

Shinobu Sengoku School Dialogue Render
Isara-dono~ ♪
Mao Isara PE Winter Dialogue Render
Woah. Don't just suddenly butt in like that calling out in a loud voice. Act more like a ninja and sneak up quietly, would you, Shinobu?
Shinobu Sengoku School Dialogue Render
Hehehe. Isara-dono is the only one to ever treat me as a real ninja~ ♪
Mao Isara PE Winter Dialogue Render
... Oh, sorry. I should introduce him to you, transfer student. Although I'm sure you've already met him a few times.

This is my kouhai that I've been looking after lately. As you can see, he's a ninja enthusiast.

When I said I knew someone who's good at finding things, I was talking about him. Shinobu's an expert when it comes to gathering intelligence. Isn't that right, Shinobu?

Shinobu Sengoku School Dialogue Render
But of course! As a ninja who keeps an eye on things from day to day, I have no blind spots!

From hidden passageways to secret rooms, and even where to find hidden treasure—I can find anything ♪

Mao Isara PE Winter Dialogue Render
Is there even any hidden treasure to be found in our school...?
Shinobu Sengoku School Dialogue Render
Ahaha. Whenever I find something that might pass as one, I simply call it a "treasure" and make note of it on the map~!

For example, "the gorgeous mask belonging to the Drama Club president", or "the valuable fish being raised by the Marine Bio Club"~ ♪

As Nobunaga Takeda once said, "where there is a way, there is a way"!

Although something may seem far-fetched at first, if it continued to be retold, it's sure to eventually become a legend... ♪

But enough of that. Take a look at this! I made origami shuriken, and when you pull here, it transforms! I call them "Sengoku Shuriken"... ☆

Mao Isara PE Winter Dialogue Render
I see, I see. You seem like you're having fun every single day~ ♪
Shinobu Sengoku School Dialogue Render
I owe it to you, Isara-dono! You protected the Ninja Association when it was on the verge of being dissolved, and gave me something useful to do!

I feel greatly indebted to you~ ♪

I, Shinobu Sengoku, the head of the Ninja Association, will do whatever I can to assist you, Isara-dono! Even if I should have to go through fire and ice ♪

But as I am the only member of the Ninja Association, it troubles me that there might not be much that I can do.

Especially when it comes to finding things, human-wave tactics would be most useful, you see~?

Mao Isara PE Winter Dialogue Render
So you mean it might actually be harder to find Subaru than we thought?
Shinobu Sengoku School Dialogue Render
No, nothing is impossible for me! Ever since you contacted me, Isara-dono, I've been up on the school roof, searching everywhere with a telescope, you see~?

And I have located someone that appears to be the Akehoshi-dono whom you are searching for! If we don't hurry, he may change locations, so let us make haste!

It's this way. I'll lead you all there~ ♪

Mao Isara PE Winter Dialogue Render
Ooh, you really are good at this. I'll be sure to ask for your help again, Shinobu ♪
Shinobu Sengoku School Dialogue Render
Gladly~! Come, come, transfer student-dono, let's hurry along! ♪
Location: Grounds (Cherry Blossom Festival)
Sakura Festival Cherry Blossom Tree - 1 Scene Change
Shinobu Sengoku School Dialogue Render
We have arrived! ♪
Mao Isara PE Winter Dialogue Render
So after going around the entire school, looks like we're back to where we started, huh?

It's actually pretty close to where Hokuto and Makoto are setting up the stage.

Looks like I made you run around for nothing, transfer student. Sorry about that. Guess I'm not as good at handling situations as I thought, huh~?

Well, whatever. More importantly, where's Subaru?

(Looking for Someone) Shinobu Sengoku Full Render
Over here! Take a look at that exceptionally large cherry blossom tree... ☆
Koga Oogami School Dialogue Render
Gaaaaah! You bastard, don't get carried away, dammit! You makin' fun of me? Huh? Hurry up and say somethin', you damn loser!
Mao Isara PE Winter Dialogue Render
Woah! There's some guy going on a rampage over there!

Shinobu, you know that's not Akehoshi, right? I know they're both kind of like dogs, but that's Koga from my class. What the heck is he doing?

Hey, Koga! Don't go kicking the tree like that! You're gonna make all the flowers scatter!

Koga Oogami School Dialogue Render

‘The hell do you guys want? I'm in a shitty enough mood right without you idiots just standing there without saying a word, ya know?

It's these cherry blossoms! These cherry blossoms are so goddamn annoying! They just keep fluttering down one after another after another~!

I've already got a short fuse today, so if you want somethin', hurry up and spit it out, bastard!

Mao Isara PE Winter Dialogue Render
(Ah, so he's actually willing to listen to what we have to say. He looks and acts rude, but surprisingly, he's the type of guy that's willing to talk~ ♪)
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