Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
(Dancing Sakura Petals) Makoto Yuuki CG2
Makoto Yuuki Sakura Dialogue Render
(Yep, looking good!)

(We started off strong~ This might be my first time seeing such an excited audience.)

Location: Cherry Blossom Festival Stage
Cherry Blossom Banquet - 2
Makoto Yuuki Sakura Dialogue Render

(Not counting the students, the general audience that are of-age have probably been drinking, after all~)

(Since they're kind of drunk, they have good energy. But on the other hand, if we mess up on stage, they might just throw beer cans at us!)

(I'm getting nervous~ But I've practiced a lot, so I should be better at this now! I'll face this without being afraid of failure, I can do anything I put my mind to! ♪)

(... Hidaka-kun, he used to force me into doing jobs that I didn't even want to do.)

(I held back my emotions, becoming like a doll. Every day was like hell.)

(So I can understand how Akehoshi-kun feels. Because this is our job, it can't be helped. It's for the sake of our futures...)

(It's painful to be forced to get up on stage.)

(I'm sure it was the same for Hidaka-kun. Since his parents are also in show business, he had no choice but to follow in their footsteps.)

(Same for Isara-kun, who's caught between the Student Council and Trickstar, and always worrying about those around him instead of caring for himself...)

(We all have our struggles.)

(So that's why we formed Trickstar together, to do the things we wanted to do with all our might.)

(We're of the same soul, joining hands to stand on that shining stage.)

(There are times where we'll get into fights because the things we each want to do clash.)

(We'll lose sight of the fundamentals, and just like this time, not all of us will be able to stand proudly on the stage like we'd hoped.)

(But compared to how it used to be, this is still like paradise. Since we're all sharing the same pain...)

(We're sure to be able to join hands and soar to even greater heights together.)

(That's what I believe. So that's why I'm going to do my best as to not drag down everyone else.)

(I won't become dead weight and hold them back! I want to shine too!)

Mao Isara Sakura Dialogue Render

(Hm~ Makoto is doing his best, but he still seems pretty tense.)

(Kind of like he's holding out the best he can to not feel nervous?)

(Since Subaru isn't here, he probably thinks that he needs to work harder.)

(He has low self-esteem, so he's always worrying about being dead weight for Trickstar.)

(Thanks to that, his movements become awkward.)

(It'd be better if he had the flexibility to make any mistakes seem like they were part of the performance, though. He sure is hard-working at odd times~)

(Not that I have the leisure to be worrying about other people. Doing a four-person performance with only three of us really is tough. This is a lot more back-breaking than I thought it'd be~)

(Since the transfer student is out there selling merchandise right now, we can't have her fill in as the "Mysterious Masked Idol" like before, either.)

(Hurry and come back already, Akehoshi. We're gonna reach our limits soon, you know...?)

(Sakura in Full Bloom) Mao Isara CG2
Mao Isara Sakura Dialogue Render

(Oh? Someone's coming straight toward the stage...?)

(Hehe ♪ You really are the type of guy that never misses out on the moment to shine...!)

Subaru Akehoshi Sakura Dialogue Render

Sorry to keep you all waiting ☆

The brightest star with the sparkling smile, Subaru Akehoshi, has arrived!

Sorry for the wait, everyone! I'm here now, so you can all rest easy... ☆

Hokuto Hidaka Sakura Dialogue Render

You're late.

Subaru Akehoshi Sakura Dialogue Render

Ow! Hey, don't hit me with the bottom of the mic, that hurts! So violent!

Hokuto Hidaka Sakura Dialogue Render

We're in the middle of the concert, so we don't have the time to be chatting, but...

Where the heck have you been, you useless idiot? You're only being a nuisance by showing up so suddenly like this!

Subaru Akehoshi Sakura Dialogue Render

Meanie... I'm sorry for worrying you guys. But it's not like I was just fooling around this whole time.

Every day, I made sure to join in on everyone's flower-viewing and sang and danced and made a lot of noise! ☆

Hokuto Hidaka Sakura Dialogue Render

This is just my personal interpretation, but isn't that what they call "fooling around"?

Subaru Akehoshi Sakura Dialogue Render

Yeah, but! I made sure to promote SakuraFes to everyone that was doing flower-viewing at the school, and I invited a bunch of people I know, too~!

I experienced first-hand what makes everyone happy! ☆

Hokuto Hidaka Sakura Dialogue Render

Hmph. You sure know how to talk. Saying that you did promotions and surveys...

But, it's true that we were too busy with setting up the stage to worry about those aspects.

Subaru Akehoshi Sakura Dialogue Render

Yeah. I've been practicing the program a bit too, so don't worry.

The transfer student stayed up late with me to coach me through it~ ☆

I just kept it a secret until now so that I could surprise everyone! ☆

Hokuto Hidaka Sakura Dialogue Render

And what would be the point in you surprising us...

Well, whatever. I'll trust your technique. Though I'd prefer if you worked together with us a little better...

We've already warmed up the stage, so it's going to be all-out starting from here... Can you keep up?

(Sakura-colored Spring Breeze) Subaru Akehoshi CG2
Subaru Akehoshi Sakura Dialogue Render

Let's enjoy our concert with an even bigger smile! ☆

Hokuto Hidaka Sakura Dialogue Render

So cheeky... Once this is all over, it's going be super lecture time with you, got that, Akehoshi?

Subaru Akehoshi Sakura Dialogue Render

Ugh. How about focusing all your energy on the performance so that you won't have any left to give me a lecture~?

Hokuto Hidaka Sakura Dialogue Render

You don't need to tell me that. I always perform with full energy.

Subaru Akehoshi Sakura Dialogue Render

I believe you. Alright, let's sing, dance, and let echo the sound of our ensemble...! ☆

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