Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
SS - Chapter 5
Location: Shopping Mall 1st Floor
Two hours later
Makoto Yuuki School Dialogue Render

All right, I think we visited everything.

That was time well spent~ Please wait a bit, I’m going to summarize all the info I’ve gathered onto my laptop.

Tac-tac-tac♪ (keyboard clicking)

Izumi Sena School Dialogue Render


I don’t want to bother you while you’re working, but heey, just what was the meaning of those actions we took so far?

It’s nothing like the date I imagined! We’re doing it over! Once more, I say!

Makoto Yuuki School Dialogue Render

I told you we’re not on a date… You can be like a troublesome girl sometimes, Izumi-san.

No, well, not like I actually know any troublesome girls. Just speaking based on image.

Izumi Sena School Dialogue Render

Haah? Who are you calling a troublesome girl!?

Ritsu Sakuma School Dialogue Render

Huh, you weren’t self-aware, Secchan? What a surprise~ You act like Maa-kun’s little sister sometimes… like a pubescent girl, in other words♪

Izumi Sena School Dialogue Render

I don’t wanna hear that from you, Kuma-kun! Eh? I’m like a girl? No waay, am I starting to resemble Naru-kun?

Ritsu Sakuma School Dialogue Render

Ah, so if you’re to categorize, you would count Nacchan as a girl, Secchan?

Izumi Sena School Dialogue Render

If I had to categorize. But that one’s more like, ‘Gender: Narukami Arashi’.[1]

And they’re best treated that way. Naru-kun will look at you weird when you treat them too much like a girl.

Ritsu Sakuma School Dialogue Render

Ahaha, Knights is a gathering of troublesome people…♪

Ideal environment for Secchan, lover of troublesome things. You’ve got to thank us, Secchan, we will work to heap up more troubles for you in the future♪

Izumi Sena School Dialogue Render

Haah? What the heck? Sooo annoying. I’m asking you, obey my words every once in a while.

We’re the same age, but you’re of lower grade than me.

Ritsu Sakuma School Dialogue Render

Eh~ Don’t I listen to you enough…? You need to make a ‘promise’ by sacrificing something yourself if you’re going to demand more.

It gets too restrictive with too many promises though, so I think it’ll be nice if our laid-back relationship can go on forever.

Also, just in case. I’ll start an explanation for Secchan, who can be dull when it comes to Yuu-kun…

I think Yuu-kun came here today to probe Eden’s movements.

Indirectly questioning the passers-by made clear one thing to me: Eden’s holding a concert in this shopping mall today.

Yuu-kun came to see that, probably.

He’s been avoiding the center hall where the concert would take place, maybe so the enemy wouldn’t notice him.

Izumi Sena School Dialogue Render

Haah? Eden? Ah… the strongest in our age group, said to be Trickstar’s greatest enemy for SS or something?

And they have Tomoe and Ran, who transferred from Yumenosaki, right?

I hate those guys….

There’s the annoying thing with them acting like they’re Trickstar’s rivals, disregarding us, but they also invade my workplace from time to time.

They make-believe as models and steal the good jobs away.

Sooo irritating. Can you believe they even plundered some of the best cameramen?

Ritsu Sakuma School Dialogue Render

Hmm… From what Ecchan was saying, they’re plundering human resources from other places too.

This is part of the ‘huge wave’, I guess. Nothing that really involves us students… us children.

But you’re a third year, Secchan, so it’s going to affect your future plans. You should get a good grasp of the situation just in case.

Izumi Sena School Dialogue Render

You should have been in the same situation, Kuma-kun. Yet you’re a relaxed second year thanks to repeating a grade… You have to move up to the third year this time, okay?

Ritsu Sakuma School Dialogue Render

Oui. Sure, sure. It’s okay. I pull through where it counts.

Izumi Sena School Dialogue Render

Wonder about that… Anyway, I’ve been hearing some fishy stories lately too.

Like how kids who haven’t got to shine much are getting scouted by that agency and transferring there.

They’re being dumb, there’s no such thing as an easy path… Not everyone would get warm reception like those two ex-fines.

After all that time taking it easy, never playing the cards that must be played…

They shouldn’t be aiming for a turnabout so late into the game, geez. The world’s not so kind.

Useless people stay useless wherever they go.

Ritsu Sakuma School Dialogue Render

Yup, yup. In the end, it’s all about skills… On the contrary, you have the grounds to be able to survive any kind of environment, Secchan, and you’re actually putting in effort.

But when someone’s neither that nor a genius like the King… they’ll just end up in even crueler hell after running away from one hell.

So it’s all about which hell you can get used to.

I’m going to sound like Ecchan, but if you don’t have the backbone to fight on despite suffering or being hurt…

Then you shouldn’t be aiming to be an idol. Not everyone can be one.

At home, you’re free to sit around with your mouth open, just waiting patiently for Papa and Mama to spoon feed you…

But once you’re outside, it’s a world of dog eats dog.

Izumi Sena School Dialogue Render

Oh, you know your stuff. So why I wonder, despite knowing all of this, does Kuma-kun keep having other people take care of him, even outside of home?

I’ll start charging you.

Ritsu Sakuma School Dialogue Render

Eh~ But haven’t I been working hard lately…?

  1. Gendered pronouns are pretty avoidable in casual situations in Japanese, but more formal speech does make it clear with the use of 彼 and 彼女. Considering how Arashi is referred to in official works book and such, I also default to translating them with “he/him”, but it would be weird in this case with Izumi, seeing the rest of the sentence.
Translation: kotofucius
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