Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
SS - Chapter 43
Location: SS Stage
Subaru Akehoshi SS Live Dialogue Render
Nagisa Ran SS Live Dialogue Render
..What’s wrong? You’re spacing out, Subaru-kun.

...Soon they will be done counting the votes. Hang in there a little more.

...Until the curtains are closed, we must stand straight with a smile.

...I understand though. You’ve had it rough today, both physically and mentally.

Subaru Akehoshi SS Live Dialogue Render
Ahaha, you’re still so animated, though! No less from you, Nagisa-san♪
Nagisa Ran SS Live Dialogue Render
...Fufu. Well, I’ve been doing this longer than you.

...I’ve been an idol since I was born after all.

...That might be talking too big... but really, for as long as I can remember, and by the time I became my father’s child, I’ve always wanted to become an idol.

...I was mostly inside a white room with practically no stimulation.

...But sometimes, my father would bring in a small TV.

...He would show me footage of your father.

...Whenever he did that, Father had such a blissful look to him, you see.

...So I imitated your dad.

...Father was so happy. Called me a genius. He even brought the actual person to meet me.

...And then that man taught me how to sing.

...Ever since that day, I’ve sung as your father taught me.

...I’ve continued to imitate him.

...I wanted to become an idol that would please Father.

...No, maybe it’s exactly because I had him as a fan―that small and childish as I was, I managed to become an idol.

...Father passed away, and I no longer had an audience.

...But Hiyori-kun, a child of the Tomoe family that picked me up, smiled the same way when he heard me sing.

...In Yumenosaki, I sang and danced along Eichi-kun and the others in fine, and everyone smiled.

...I was happy.

...Contented. Just by that.

...But it seems other people can’t be content with it.

...They told me often, that there are other fun things out there.

...That I don’t know the true shape of this world, the true shape of happiness.

...Pitiful, they called me. I couldn’t understand, so I pondered over it.

Subaru Akehoshi SS Live Dialogue Render
Have you found an answer?
Nagisa Ran SS Live Dialogue Render
...I still ponder over it. And I probably will continue to, for life.

...Like a philosopher. Like a believer. I’ll keep on pondering, until I die.

...Ibara will ponder the rest of the difficult things for me anyway.

...Hiyori-kun will tell me what to do when I’m about to cause trouble for someone.

...Jun is relatable somehow, and when I’m with him, it’s like I’m looking at my reflection in the mirror, which is a help.

...I’m not dissatisfied in any way. That makes me feel a little bad, even.

Subaru Akehoshi SS Live Dialogue Render
I see. You have it so nice, Nagisa-san. You’re so simple and pure. I envy you.
Nagisa Ran SS Live Dialogue Render
...That might be the first time someone told me that they envy me.

...Thank you. For not calling me pitiful.

...Subaru-kun. I said that your father and mine resemble each other.

...But let me amend that. Your father was what mine could’ve been if he never made a mistake.

...Or is it the opposite? I don’t know. But, your father never did anything wrong.

...He diligently taught a strange, creepy child who couldn’t even smile well how to sing.

...He told me many times, that he had a son.

...That he wanted to be someone his son wouldn’t be ashamed of.

...That he wanted to stay an idol his son could look up to.

...So I think that your father stayed an idol of your dreams to the end.

...If he really had become a successor of my father, taking part or lending a hand in any of his wrongdoings――

...Then he should’ve received my father’s protection. He wouldn’t have been broken apart like that.

...My father was a truly terrible villain, but his crimes were never exposed, even after his death.

...He never got arrested. He was a careful man, a consummate villain beyond anybody’s grasp, and impenetrable as a god.

...If your father was really another such villain, he wouldn’t have met such an unfortunate end.

...I think that he must have fallen into the trap of someone that’s not my father... an opposing power.

...My father was hard to catch, and that’s why those people placed their aim at his favorite super idol instead.

...And then by associating my father’s past crimes with him, they must’ve planned to lure my father into a trap, to finally catch him.

...That plan amounted to nothing in the end as my father lived out his days tranquilly.

...But he couldn’t protect your father. I think my father regretted that to the end.

...Supposedly, he offered his help time and time again, but your father rejected all of it.

...He remained sublime and honorable to the end, never tainted by evil.

Translation: kotofucius
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