Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
SS - Chapter 42
Location: SS Stage
Jun Sazanami SS Live Dialogue Render


(Yes! I’m doing so good! Must be because slaughtering that annoying bunch in one go put me in a good mood! Singing never feels more liberating!

The stress almost got to me because we’ve only been allowed to nibble at what’s on the table so far today. But now I’m gonna sing until my throat hurts~!

Old man! Watch in front of the TV as you bite your fingers in envy! Serves you right, eh? From hereon... when an idol fan speaks of Sazanami, it will be about me!

No one’s gonna remember some pitiful loser, crushed like a pathetic monster of the week by the fan favorite of the era! So hey, isn’t it fine already, old man?

Be appeased, pass on all your dreams to me, and live out the rest of your days in pleasure!

Maybe you should thank the wife who’s been supporting her slovenly husband all this time, and flirt with each other all over again!

All you old lovebirds need is to clap your hands and cheer me on together, as I thrive on this side!

That’s what I’ve wanted to see, y’know...?

...Geh!? Sagami Jin is among the official guest seats! The bastard, what’s he doing waving his hand at me with a grin!? And darn, at such a high place!

Make sure to watch me, yeah? I will splendidly triumph over your precious students today! Cry and resent me! It’ll make me feel even better~!

Haa? GODDAMN! I can read your lip movements, you know~? ‘Do your best’, is it? That goes without saying! I don’t need you cheering me on, Sagami Jin!)

(Resounding Beat) Jun Sazanami CG2
Jun Sazanami SS Live Dialogue Render

(You crushed my old man’s dream, but it’s revived to shine here and now...!

You can narrow your eyes if I’m too bright, y’know, Sagami Jin? You, the super idol once revered as the first star of the world!

I’m gonna rise above you like it’s a piece of cake, and aim for even greater heights! With Ohii-san, and everyone in Eden!

That’s my revenge and my reason for living. Wholesome, right?

There are no dark thoughts, no connivances―just a pristine ideal! Ahahaha!)


Ibara Saegusa SS Live Dialogue Render


(Ahaha. You seem to be having fun, Jun... a little too obviously so.

Ahh, doesn’t it feel like I’ve done something good? A good deed surely betters the mood♪

Doesn’t fill up the stomach, though. But maybe it’s a nice feeling to have once in a while.

Aha~... This isn’t good, is it? I think I’ve been poisoned by everyone here too.

There are more good people in the world, so personally, I find being a bad one easier as there’s less competition...

Haa~ I guess I’m losing my touch.

Would you laugh if you see me[1] right now? Or would you praise me, Yuzuru?

Your opinion of me seemed to be that I’m ‘competent, but with trouble in the personality aspect’, through and through.)

(Complete Joy) Ibara Saegusa CG2
Ibara Saegusa SS Live Dialogue Render

(Why, I ask for a reevaluation, Instructor Commander! After all, I’ve grown up healthy, with little stress, consuming good food―and become big enough to swallow you whole!


Hiyori Tomoe SS Live Dialogue Render


(...Hmm. No problem so far. The audience is giving a good response as well.

I don’t believe we’re losing to Trickstar in ability... so I just have to hope the decision of exposing the CosPro’s upper seats’ petty scheme won’t come back to bite us.

Being kind to enemies is the way of the noblesse oblige, but honestly, I hate losing.

Well, perhaps it’s fine... This is just the way of things; if you say it’s fate then I’ll accept it gladly. Of course I want to win, though.

But no matter how this ends, I will have no regrets if I give it my all.

A conclusion where we can laugh regardless of who wins and loses is the most preferable―if we hadn’t made that move, none of us would be smiling now... Que será será it is.

Just like this, even if little by little... Let’s spread smiles and love to the world.

That was the ideal I once aimed for with Eichi-kun and the others. Perhaps that’s all pretty, empty words; a slogan to win over the mass.)

(Proceeding Heart) Hiyori Tomoe CG2
Hiyori Tomoe SS Live Dialogue Render

(But from the bottom of my heart, I’ve always thought it’ll be nice if that comes true.

Forever love and peace! That’s what makes a fine weather...☆)

Nagisa Ran SS Live Dialogue Render


(...Fufu. I’m glad. They’re all having fun and smiling.

...When I look at them like that, something warm wells up within me.

...I can only pray this emotion is not a sin.

...We’re living beings that trample one another just by being alive.

...With each breath we take, someone cries and another dies at someplace unknown to us.

...As mere humans, it’s impossible for us to bring salvation upon each and every person.

...But, if we sing, maybe someone will smile.

...And maybe they’ll find a peace of mind, however momentary, in their dull or even hopeless everyday.)

(Sweet Domination) Nagisa Ran CG2
Nagisa Ran SS Live Dialogue Render

(...I’ll sing for that sake. That’s the cross idols bear.

...All for sorrow to decrease even just a bit from this world――

...Let’s do our best.

...If you say this is the meaning of my birth and the worth in my being alive――

...Then life is so precious.)


  1. He refers to himself with ore (俺)
Translation: kotofucius
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