Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
SS - Chapter 41
Location: SS Stage
Subaru Akehoshi SS Live Dialogue Render

Hello, everyone. Good day.

Ah, maybe it’s more fitting to say ‘good evening’ now. It’s nighttime. The sky is clear and I’m sure you can see the stars at their prettiest.

But anyway... Hello. I’m Akehoshi Subaru.

I’m not used to speaking formally, so I apologize for any discourtesy in advance.

And also... I’m very sorry for today.

You all came here to see our performance, to see idols dancing and singing happily. I’m sure you’re confused, having been exposed to the backdoor dealings of show biz and all that dark heavy stuff instead.

We’ll do something about it. It’ll be over soon. So please, listen to what I have to say. We have a gift of happy performances of your liking after this.

The video that played before the stage... That wasn’t fabrication. It was something put together from news reports that were really broadcast at the time.

My father was once called a super idol.

He was really popular... He was my pride and Mom’s; our most beloved person in the world. But he’s not here anymore.

He was branded a criminal by the world and died in prison without being cleared of that sin.

That’s a fact, and there is no changing the past anymore.

But I believe that the future can be changed.

So I will speak the truth: my father was falsely accused.

We have evidence. My best friend’s father―someone you all likely know as well―had secretly preserved records of that time.

He apparently submitted them to the police back then, but he was hushed up without them ever being investigated properly.

But he couldn’t stand that, and decided to keep those records safe.

The backup files he had at home were erased by someone who apparently snuck into the house. But the original records that he kept hidden just in case remain to this day.

I’ll submit them to the police once more. Also, the Tenshouin Zaibatsu and the Tomoe Foundation...

...will apparently help persuade the police to investigate the case properly, and make sure there is no unfairness at play.

It appears that stream was shown to you by a small part of Cosmic Production, out of some intents... malicious ones.

We managed to find that out through the inside help of Eden, who also belongs to CosPro. The culprits have been kept in custody and should be in the middle of investigation right now.

I’m terribly sorry for the mess. Today might be difficult, but maybe... by the start of a new year, all truths will come to light.

I do not know what the result will be. Maybe the records I submitted as proof were mistaken, and my father really committed those crimes.

And even if his accusations are finally cleared, he won’t come back... After all, my father and I are two different people. I ask that you don’t mistake that, at least.

Whether my father really turns out to be a wonderful super idol... or the opposite, a fearsome criminal... he’s still a separate individual from me.

I dreamed to be like my dad. I loved him. But I’m not his copy. I’ve lived until this day as myself, as Akehoshi Subaru.

Many life experiences and my meeting with my teammates brought me to the grand stage that is SS.

And there’s been nothing shameful in the life I’ve lived and the story I’ve weaved until today.

I have not committed crimes or any illegal actions. I gave it my all and worked hard, forming bonds with my surrounding people, piling up one victory after another, until I finally arrived here.

If you can’t believe me. If you think I must’ve taken disgraceful methods because I’m the son of a criminal... then you can study me up as you like.

I’ll always prove my innocence. I won’t run away or hide.

So, please, if you can find it to forgive me... allow me to sing in front of you with a smile from the heart.

Please let me stay an idol.



...That’s the end of the dark and heavy talk.

Can I lighten up the mood with a song here?

Okay... Right. Thank you very much.

We’ll choose a fun song, at least, so it won’t be too uncomfortable to hear.

Please listen to our―Trickstar’s song!


Translation: kotofucius
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