Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
SS - Chapter 31
Location: Auditorium
(Morning Star) Subaru Akehoshi Dialogue Render Bloomed
I’m home, Yumenosaki~☆
(Standstill) Makoto Yuuki Full Render Bloomed
Ahaha, it really feels like home, doesn’t it~? The familiarity of this stage calms me so much.
(Cautious Gaze) Hokuto Hidaka Full Render Bloomed
Same here. Throughout SS preliminaries, we’ve only been transported to different parts of the town, so... we haven’t been able to stand here.
(One Step Forward) Mao Isara Full Render Bloomed
Don’t let your guard down just because we’re at home. If our opponent chose this location, it must be because they’re confident in their chance of victory.
(Cautious Gaze) Hokuto Hidaka Full Render Bloomed
Right. Although, as the number of reigning idols becomes fewer, it’s becoming harder to wage matches too, locking us into a stalemate situation...

We’ve had a hard time deciding our next move, so in a way, this match is a lifesaver.

(Standstill) Makoto Yuuki Full Render Bloomed
Ahaha. Just a while ago, we even decided to get it over with and wage a match against Eden!

Well, they refused though, despite our hard-earned resolve to stake our lives.

And then, as if in exchange, a surviving CosPro idol accepted our challenge...

It’s like, we challenged the master but the disciple came out? Kind of thing.

(Cautious Gaze) Hokuto Hidaka Full Render Bloomed
Yes. But even if they don’t hold up to Eden, I don’t doubt this idol group is at least second to them in competence.

Psych yourselves up. It’ll be a nice exercise before our fight against Eden on the real stage.

Seeing the number of leftover idols, if we win here, there’ll be exactly eight idol groups left standing. That means prelims will be done with, and we’ll be moving onto the finals.

(Standstill) Makoto Yuuki Full Render Bloomed
Meaning even if this opponent become our vassal, Eden won’t have the chance to take them back, right?

We’ll get to stay on the winning side as time runs out... I think.

(Cautious Gaze) Hokuto Hidaka Full Render Bloomed
Yes. Though it won’t be easy; it’s the greatest climax of the prelims.

I’m sure CosPro prefers their idol to be left around for the finals instead of us.

The fans who have been supporting the CosPro idols all over the city are gathering to Yumenosaki.

Location-wise, we’re right at home, but going by fanbase, we’re the one surrounded by enemy.

(Standstill) Makoto Yuuki Full Render Bloomed
Yeah. Especially since, according to Yumenosaki’s rules, the Auditorium is meant to prioritize the general audience instead of the students.

The seats are getting filled by CosPro fans.

Outdoor stages aside, the auditorium has ‘capacity’. If this continues and the entire audience seats are buried in CosPro supporters, we’ll have no chance of winning.

(Cautious Gaze) Hokuto Hidaka Full Render Bloomed
Hmm. It seems our enemy had a strategy ready so they could win even if they have to fight Trickstar in Yumenosaki.

CosPro really isn’t to be looked down upon.

Eden is enough of a threat on its own, but CosPro as a whole is the hottest, biggest power within the idol industry right now, despite its young age.

If we have only ourselves to depend on, we’ll just be putting up a futile fight and getting crushed.

However, we have allies on our side. Look, the influx of obvious CosPro supporters has stopped. I think we can put up a fight with this.

Most likely, the student council president or one of his people has changed up the rules to prevent the auditorium from being buried in CosPro people.

(One Step Forward) Mao Isara Full Render Bloomed
Uh, no. He can’t change rules that easily, you know... Just what’s up with your image of the boss of us stuco, Hokuto?

I think what this indicates is that we’ve obtained more outside fans. We’ve fought and weaved bonds with different idols of the country throughout the course of SS, remember?

They’ve gathered here for our sake. It’s not the prez using his authority to make things go well―we called in these fans.

We paved the path to the future with our own power.

Of course, prez and the others are likely working in the background too, helping to make sure the enemy won’t have their way.

(Standstill) Makoto Yuuki Full Render Bloomed
Fufu. We can’t leave it all to other people, right? We have to take that glory for ourselves!

Even if, in the worst scenario, all the audience in the venue are under CosPro’s influence――

All we have to do is make them into our fans, right, guys?♪

(Morning Star) Subaru Akehoshi Dialogue Render Bloomed
Ohh, now Ukki’s gotten full of himself! All right! We can win with this...☆
(Cautious Gaze) Hokuto Hidaka Full Render Bloomed
What? That doesn’t make sense. Well, strategy and all that stuff no longer matter once we’re on stage, so...

Our job is to sing and dance to our fill, for the sake of the people who came to watch.

Let’s do our best, guys. We’re going to win, and advance to the finals.

(Morning Star) Subaru Akehoshi Dialogue Render Bloomed
Sure! Let’s shine and sparkle at the throne of the idol business~☆
(One Step Forward) Mao Isara Full Render Bloomed
Ahaha, to be honest, it’s such a cruel joke that even after all these harsh fights, we still have an even harsher final stage waiting, but...

Well, when you’ve come this far, you can’t help but want the trophy, yeah?

(Standstill) Makoto Yuuki Full Render Bloomed
Right! We’re aiming for conquest! You know... I might have been pretty unassertive all this time, but I actually like being ‘first’♪
(Morning Star) Subaru Akehoshi Dialogue Render Bloomed
Of course, since you’re Trickstar too, Ukki! All right, let’s all be the first stars of the idol industry together, guys~! Hip-hip-hurray♪
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