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Season: Winter (冬)
Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Chapters: 45 Translation: kotofucius
Subaru Head.png Hokuto Head.png Makoto Head.png Mao Head.png Hiyori Head.png Jun Head.png Nagisa Head.png Ibara Head.png Izumi Head.png Ritsu Head.png Chiaki Head.png Wataru Head.png
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Story Notes

Associated Songs: Infinite Star, THE GENESIS


  • The first half chapters are titled Effort, while the second half chapters are titled Friendship (excluding prologue and epilogue chapters). Probably refers to the Shounen Jump motto “Effort! Friendship! Victory!” Morisawa Chiaki shouts it sometimes too.

Effort - 3

  • Gendered pronouns are pretty avoidable in casual situations in Japanese, but more formal speech does make it clear with the use of 彼 and 彼女. Considering how Arashi is referred to in official works book and such, I also default to translating them with “he/him”, but it would be weird in this case with Izumi, seeing the rest of the sentence.

Effort - 8

  • Ibara attaches -denka (殿下) to Hiyori’s name, a honorific usually used in reference to a member of the reigning dynasty.
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