Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Runway Chapter 6
Location: Hallway 1st Floor
Madara Mikejima School Dialogue Render
Ooi! Anzu-saaaaa…nggh!?

…What’s wrong? I wish you wouldn’t suddenly cover my mouth like that. I thought I was going to die. Since when did you learn such an assassin-like skill?

How earth-shattering*! Interesting! It seems boys and girls do grow at an unbelievable speed when you’re not paying attention!

Which means they change! They adapt to the surrounding! You, too, are a living being, Anzu-san! Hahaha☆

Whoa, did you just hit me with a paper fan?

That’s another skill I’ve never seen! Bravo, bravo☆

‘Just be quiet please’? OK, OK! I shall comply to your wish, Anzu-san♪

But still, Anzu-san… What are you trying to do, sneakily hiding in the shadows like that?

I won’t tell anyone about it, so you should consult Mama when you’re in trouble.

Actually… today is the Festival Eve, right? It can’t be all right for you to be wasting time at a place like this… What happened to your work, Anzu-san?

Well, you’re mainly producing for the school festival, which is tomorrow, but…

While you might not be that busy today, it doesn’t mean you’re free, right?

It seems you took in some extra work and were absorbed in it, Anzu-san.

I see. So you’re worried for Makoto-san because he’s been acting weird?

He would sneak out of Spring Music Festival practices sometimes and go somewhere?

That’s certainly a cause for curiosity, but Makoto-san is free to do whatever he wants, wherever he wants, right?

It doesn’t appear like you’re Makoto-san’s lover or family, either, so I think there’s limit to being meddlesome, Anzu-san.

Well, I know that Makoto-san is the type of child one can’t help but worry about.

Oh-hoh. So Makoto-san started acting weird after he was sent to negotiate with Izumi-san for the Festival Eve?

The negotiation was a success, but it looks like there was some kind of condition?

Since you were the one who forced Makoto-san to be the negotiator…

You think it’s your responsibility if Izumi-san was doing something bad to him, is that right, Anzu-san?

I don’t think Izumi-san will do anything bad, thooough…

But if you’re curious anyway, rather than taking this kind of detour, you should ask the person himself.

You made Makoto-san and Izumi-san come in contact because you believed it could be a chance to restore their relationship, right?

You should watch how things are going for now, and just take responsibility for whatever results your action fruited.

That’s a Producer’s role, isn’t it? It might be a different problem entirely if they asked for your help; but too much meddling is simply out of line.

Well, that is simply my opinion, and you have the freedom to think differently, Anzu-san.

Hahaha. So you’ll go ask Makoto-san, since you’re worried, after all?

You were such a clumsy kid, but now you’re already capable of acting like a guardian♪

Okaay then! I’ll go with you and deal with trouble if there’s any. I can prove to be pretty useful, y’knoow; you should work me hard as you see convenient… Producer.

Runway Chapter 6 Scene Change
Location: Gym (Fashion Show)
Madara Mikejima School Dialogue Render
We’re here~ Let’s see, how are they doing?

Soon, it will be about time for the Fashion Show that Izumi-san and Arashi-san will appear in to commence.

After that, on the special stage set on the campus, the Spring Music Festival will start.

And there are lots other events of various sizes held around the campus, so the whole school’s gonna be a carnival! How fun! How festive! Hahaha♪

Makoto Yuuki School Dialogue Render
Madara Mikejima School Dialogue Render
Oh, that’s Makoto-san. He’s looking like always; you might have been worrying over nothing, Anzu-saan…

He looks relaxed. That’s a good look on him.

But what is he doing? He’s playing tambourine…?

(Model's Pride) Izumi Sena Full Render
Stop right there! Don’t make me repeat this, Yuu-kun!

More stylishly! You were so focused on hitting the tambourine, you ended up bending down! Straighten up that pathetic back!

Once more, from the top!

Today’s the day, so you’ve got to put more spirit into it! It always takes you so long to start up your engine, Yuu-kun! Aargh geez, this is frustrating me!

Makoto Yuuki School Dialogue Render
Err… Izumi-san, are you done with your own rehearsal? One more hour and it’ll be time for the Fashion Show, you know?
(Model's Pride) Izumi Sena Full Render
Haah? You think I don’t keep track of my own schedule? Don’t make a fool out of me! Soooo annoying!

Of course I’m ready. I’ll do it perfectly from start to end… So Yuu-kun, you should only focus on yourself rather than worrying about needless things.

(Model's Pride) Izumi Sena CG
(Model's Pride) Izumi Sena Full Render
Were you even in the position to worry about other people to start with? Pitiful Yuu-kun, who can’t do anything!

Clumsy, pathetic Yuu-kun—whose pretty face is his only saving grace!

My Yuu-kun!

But, you’ve decided to do your best on many other things, right?

I don’t like it, but this is how our bargain went anyway. I’ll assist you while you’re still hopeless.

Be grateful. Feel indebted to me to death. Say thank you, Yuu-kun.

Makoto Yuuki School Dialogue Render
Right, right. Thank you very much~…

You’re really helping me. Honest.

Translation: Kotofucius
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