Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Runway Chapter 3
Location: 2-A Classroom
Makoto Yuuki School Dialogue Render

Here I go, Transfer student-chan.



~♪ ~♪ ~♪

W-What do you think? I tried playing one song with the tambourine… H-How was it? Let me hear your objective opinion as a producer!

Ahaha… Transfer student-chan is innocently clapping her hands and praising how good I am.

I’m happy to hear that, but I need you to properly tell me where I’m doing wrong.

Fufu. It seems you’re not too good at that sort of thing, Transfer student-chan.

Everyone in Trickstar is really kind too, despite words. No matter how crappy my performance was, they’d still look for something to praise.

But then Oogami-kun would put me down in the most heartbreaking way possible…

I wish there’s someone who would keep the balance, pointing out my flaws and giving me the correct advice.

Sakuma-senpai fits the bill, but he’s something of a unifying leader for both of us Trickstar and UNDEAD until the Spring Music Festival.

He’s everyone’s Sakuma-senpai. I can’t have him dealing with just me.

Hmm? What is it, Transfer student-chan? I’m sorry, you say?

Now, why are you saying sorry? It’s a wonderful thing, to be able to put yourself in others’ shoes and be kind. In reality, polishing others’ talent by praising what they do is ideal.

But see, if I’m endorsed too much, I think I’ll turn into a hopeless guy…♪

Fufu. Well, anyway. I’ll be going to the Light Music Clubroom to practice for Spring Music Festival. Transfer student-chan, you should drop by to see how we’re doing if you’re free.

I can safely say everyone will be happy to see you. Of course, that includes me.

Umm… Because we were doing other things along the way, I can’t really tell, but… we’re done with all of our class duties, right?

Now we just have to give the class journal to Sagami-sensei.

Yeah, good work to you too~♪

Because there was always everyone else, we don’t have much time to talk with just the two of us like this, so I’m happy I could have you for myself today, Transfer student-chan.

Class duty is a pain, but this one’s lucky~♪

Madara Mikejima School Dialogue Render
Ooi! Anzu-san! I can hear your voice! Are you over thereee?
Makoto Yuuki School Dialogue Render
Uhya?! Transfer student-chan, what’s wrong? Why are you hiding behind me?
Madara Mikejima School Dialogue Render

Excuse meeeeeee☆

Ooh? Huuh? Was it my mistakee? I’m pretty sure I heard Anzu-san’s voice coming from over here. Hmmm?”

Makoto Yuuki School Dialogue Render
Uh… Mikejima-senpai, was it? Do you need something from 2-A?
Madara Mikejima School Dialogue Render
Ooh? If my memory serves, you’re Makoto-san from the Game Research Club, right?
Makoto Yuuki School Dialogue Render
Ah, I dropped out of the Game Club. Things happened, and now I’m a member of the Tennis Club~♪
Madara Mikejima School Dialogue Render

Oh-hoh! I see, I see. It’s nice to remain a wanderer, while you’re still young!

Try your hands on everything until you find something just for you! Hahaha☆

That aside! Makoto-san, have you seen Anzu-san around by chance? I have something I’d like to ask heer♪

Makoto Yuuki School Dialogue Render
Eh? Anzu… Ah, you mean Transfer student-chan.

(whispers) Umm, hello… He’s calling for you~… Transfer student-chan?

Whoa, whoa! Don’t hide yourself under my blazer! Are you some kind of small animal, Transfer student-chan!?

(S-Somehow it seems like… Transfer student-chan is afraid of Mikejima-senpai? I took her for a spunky girl who wouldn’t falter at the face of most people, though…

Ahaha. She’s trembling. This side of her might be refreshingly cute, too♪

No, wait, I shouldn’t be watching in comfort! Umm, let’s see, what to do… What should I do at a time like this?

For now, I can try talking our way out of this?)

E-Excuse me! Mikejima-senpai, what is it do you need from Transfer student-chan?

Madara Mikejima School Dialogue Render

Transfer student-chan? So that’s what she’s usually called! To be called by a nickname is proof she’s getting along with everybody!

Great, great! Since Anzu-san is such a shy kid, I was worried she wasn’t making any friends! Hahaha☆

That aside! While it doesn’t seem Anzu-san is here, I’ll say this just in case:

If you don’t show yourself soon, I’ll expose your embarrassing secrets from kindergarten, Anzu-san!☆

Makoto Yuuki School Dialogue Render
Oh. I might want to hear that.
Madara Mikejima School Dialogue Render

Oh-hoh? So you’ve finally shown yourself, Anzu-san! How ludicrous*! Were you trying to hide? You can’t trick my eyes, you knoow?

Come here, come over here~ Let’s go with Mama♪

I have things I need your help on. There have been some troubles with the Festival Eve plans, you see…

I was away for some time, so I’m not too familiar with the school’s current institution.

Hence, I’d love to borrow some wisdom from Anzu-san, said to be the up-and-coming produceer!

Let’s go together! Of course, I won’t force you if you have something else to do, though.

Could it be you were in the middle of going on a date with Makoto-san?

Well, you guys looked so friendly with each other, hahaha☆ Are you dating him? Introduce your boyfriend to Mama!

Hmm? You’re not Mama, you say?

How unfortunate*! You say some very sad things, Anzu-san.

I wonder if you’re having your rebellious phase… but that means you’re starting to bloom into a full person, which is something to celebrate! Hahaha☆

Makoto Yuuki School Dialogue Render
(W-What is this, I wonder? I don’t really get what he’s saying, but it seems Mikejima-senpai… has some sort of complicated connection with Transfer student-chan?)
Translation: Kotofucius
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