Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
To Every Good Kid 9
Location: StarFes Stage (First Half)
(Nostalgic Outfit) Nazuna Nito Full Render

...Yeah. I understand how you feel now, Hajime-chin.


Hajime Shino Rabits Dialogue Render

Huh? Eh? Why're you thanking me... ?

(Nostalgic Outfit) Nazuna Nito Full Render

I'm glad you could be honest with me and share all that raw emotion, I guess.

I think it's remarkable... since I was never able to do that myself. I really respect you.

For sympathizing with me when you've been put in a similar position... or rather, for being able to express what I couldn't put into words.

Hajime Shino Rabits Dialogue Render


(Nostalgic Outfit) Nazuna Nito Full Render

I thought the only thing I was allowed to do was be wracked with that guilt. That it was all on me for betraying Valkyrie so I could find my own happiness.

But it shouldn't have been like that. From the very beginning, they...

Valkyrie was an important place for me. It was my youth that shined so brightly.

And I wanted us to shine even harder together, just like we used to.

So if I could laugh and be happy, maybe they'd catch it and start smiling too.

I came up with excuses for my betrayal. For leaving them behind...

But it's not like they weren't important to me.

They were just as important to me as Ra*bits is now.

So if they're at risk of being eliminated then I want to help them. Even if they don't want me to, I want to do all that I can.

You probably understand how that feels, Hajime-chin.

Hajime Shino Rabits Dialogue Render

I-I do... I'd come running to Ra*bits' side no matter how far if they were in trouble.

(Nostalgic Outfit) Nazuna Nito Full Render

Ahahah. You guys will be fine. It feels like you'll be laughing together even when you grow old...

And if that's what you want then I'll work hard to make it come true.

I'm one of you, after all. A member of a lovely unit that lives with joy and makes others happy.

I'm proud of that. I want to keep being that me.

I'm just going to lend those guys a hand while they're in trouble. I'll definitely come back to you; I promise. There's no way I'm gonna make you sad, Hajime-chin.

I don't know what the future will bring, but I can say that for sure with all my heart.

Don't worry. This is the last time I'll ever do this, so... I want you to forgive me for being selfish. I love you guys more than anyone else.

Hajime Shino Rabits Dialogue Render


...It's a promise, then. If you're lying I'll complain about this moment for the rest of my life.

(Nostalgic Outfit) Nazuna Nito Full Render

Just complain? .... you sure about that, Hajime-chin?

Can't you be more frank and tell me everything from here on out? I won't get the message otherwise since I'm pretty dense.

That goes for you too, Mitsuru-chin! Tomoya-chin! Follow Hajime-chin's example! You don't have to be good kids that listen to everything I say all the time, okay?

Mitsuru Tenma Rabits Dialogue Render

...Right back at you, Nii-chan.

All right! You done talking about all that hard stuff? Then let's get moving!

There's only one Nii-chan in the whole wide world, so you won't be able to act as a member of Ra*bits while you're helping Valkyrie with their comeback.

That means we've gotta do our best with just the three of us!

Tomoya Mashiro Rabits Dialogue Render

Oh, yeah.. you can't participate in multiple units throughout the same performance according to the rules.

Not while people are voting, at least. So until the first half is over...

You can only choose one side. That's just how it is, huh.

Ra*bits will manage with just the three of us while you join back up with Valkyrie.

We'll be at a disadvantage since the audience is way larger than usual, but I want to win this and sing in the second half, so... we just have to give it our best.

Mitsuru Tenma Rabits Dialogue Render

Yeah! So we've gotta train our butts off until the last possible second and get way more hyped! Hang in there! We wanna make this explosive!

Long-distance running is what I'm good at, anyway! I'm gettin' fired up~! We've gotta rearrange our performance real fast to fit three people!

Hajime Shino Rabits Dialogue Render

Ah, right! We need to do that! I'm sorry! I talked for forever and left us with no time to spare!

Mitsuru Tenma Rabits Dialogue Render

It's not your fault, Hajime-chan. It never is! It's okay, really. Challenges are exciting! I'm gonna have way more fun this way~. ☆

Tomoya Mashiro Rabits Dialogue Render

Yeah. Even if I'm pretty much shaking now that I know the truth, I can't switch off now...

Time to concentrate. Let's do this~. ♪

Hajime Shino Rabits Dialogue Render

Right! It'd be a shame if we were eliminated right after Nii-chan left us!

Let's make this a huge success so Nii-chan won't worry!

Huge enough to make him regret ever leaving our side... ☆

(Nostalgic Outfit) Nazuna Nito Full Render

Ahahah. Not bad, Hajime-chin. Looks like you managed to put a lot behind you. I'm glad... it makes me happy to know how strong you've all become.

Mitsuru Tenma Rabits Dialogue Render

But that doesn't mean you don't need us anymore, right?

I'm only gonna say this once 'cause I've been holding back, but I really wanna sing with you guys forever!

(Nostalgic Outfit) Nazuna Nito Full Render

... yeah. I feel the same way. I'm the one who's gotta work hard so the rest of you don't leave me in the dust.

(White Gift) Mitsuru Tenma CG
(White Gift) Mitsuru Tenma Full Render

Yep! Let your guard down and I'm gonna blast off into space like a rocket! We grew a whole lot with your help, Nii-chan!

And I wanna prove to you just how much! Right, Tomo-chan? Hajime-chan?

Tomoya Mashiro Rabits Dialogue Render

Right! Look at how far we can go without you, Nii-chan. This might be the best opportunity to show you, actually. We can get this settled before New Year's.

How far we've come since the day we met ... take a good, long look and don't worry.

Then you can be selfish after this and do what you want even more, okay?

Hajime Shino Rabits Dialogue Render

Right. We're supporting that Nii-chan right now.

(Nostalgic Outfit) Nazuna Nito Full Render

...Thank you.

Ahahah. We're supposed to be Santa during StarFes and give out presents to the audience.

But before I realized it you guys grew too big for presents, huh.

Thank you... for being so amazing. For growing up so strong.

Hajime Shino Rabits Dialogue Render

Fufu. It's too early to say all that. It's going to be tough from here on out, so let's both do our best.

The children will start to worry if Santa-san's wearing a long face.

So let's go in with smiles and wish everyone a Merry Christmas... ♪

Translation: Mandy
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