Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
To Every Good Kid 6
Location: StarFes Stage (First Half)
(Nostalgic Outfit) Nazuna Nito Full Render

Besides, they've looked real happy lately.

When I paid him a visit... Itsuki tried to act cool even though he's weak with a cold.

He told me a lot while coughing the entire time.

"I'm leaving Kagehira to you if I die". Not that he's that desperately ill or anything.

He even showed me the organized results of the DreamFes lives they've participated in lately...

It's like his heart grew weaker thanks to his condition. Like we were reminiscing about things at his bedside just before he was going to die.

I know for sure that he... that they're moving forward in a better direction. So it'd be awful if everything ended here...

That's why I want to be the one to help them this time. Me, who couldn't do anything at all before.

...Will you be able to forgive me, Ra*bits?

Mitsuru Tenma Rabits Dialogue Render

What's there to forgive? I already told you. Do what you gotta do, Nii-chan!

I just wanna help you!

Nii-chan's cherished us this whole time like a Dad or a Mom would... protecting and teaching and guiding.

We owe you a bunch. It's like you gave us somethin' super sparkly that we can barely even hold!

So gettin' to pay you back for it bit by bit's just our duty as children!

(Nostalgic Outfit) Nazuna Nito Full Render

Parents, huh... ahahah. I never expected you guys to call me that.

I thought a little opposition was justified. "Don't go getting involved with people who have nothing to do with us", maybe.

But you guys would say something like that, huh. In that case... I've gotten more than enough in return.

(Goal) Hajime Shino Full Render


(Escaping) Tomoya Mashiro Full Render

...Hajime? You've been pretty quiet.

You don't have to keep up the obedient, goody-two shoes act. Just say what you want to say, okay?

(Goal) Hajime Shino Full Render

...Eheheh. You're always giving me a reason to speak up, Tomoya-kun.

Nii-chan. I, actually... really don't like this.

(Nostalgic Outfit) Nazuna Nito Full Render


(Goal) Hajime Shino Full Render

I think you're being selfish, Nii-chan. Separating from us due to personal circumstance when the S1 live is such an important event for Ra*bits right now...

It feels cruel. I hate it.

(Nostalgic Outfit) Nazuna Nito Full Render

Eh? R-Really? I didn't think Hajime-chin of all people would be the voice of protest here... that's unexpected.

(Goal) Hajime Shino Full Render

You think so? Eheheh... it feels like everyone's always giving me way too much credit.

Like no matter what I say or do everyone will think I'm a good kid who never complains.

But Nii-chan... I'm just a spoiled crybaby who gets lonely real easily.

I don't want someone I love to go far away even for just a second...

Everyone left me behind in the past because I'm slow. It was lonely and I hated it.

But it's always been like that for me. I sulked when my little brother and sister were born and my parents paid them more attention.

They told me to be patient and put up with it since I'm the "big brother"...

My little siblings were lovely. It made me so happy that even someone like me could spoil and support them. Then before I even realized it, I couldn't express my discomfort anymore.

That me from the past that wants to be coddled is still inside me even now. The shameful, embarrassing me who I want to pretend doesn't exist.

But even now that me is me. A someone that still isn't satisfied.

A me who was neglected up until I became a high schooler and was frustrated in so many ways.

(Nostalgic Outfit) Nazuna Nito Full Render


(Goal) Hajime Shino Full Render

But at Yumenosaki... everyone in Ra*bits and even Akehoshi-senpai... you actually look at me.

For just a second you looked back at that slow me and held out a hand like it were the obvious thing to do.

That alone filled me up with so much happiness. That's all it took for me to love you.

That's why I really didn't want to say anything... keeping this all a secret is a bad habit of mine.

(Nostalgic Outfit) Nazuna Nito Full Render

...Then why're you doing it now? It's better to keep quiet about stuff you don't want to say. It's only natural for boys to want to keep their cool image.

(Goal) Hajime Shino Full Render

Fufu. But aren't you the one who asked, Nii-chan?

That I would hate for you to leave my side, to leave Ra*bits even temporarily and return to Valkyrie...

I just want you to understand how I feel.

(Nostalgic Outfit) Nazuna Nito Full Render

Nnh...I get it. I'm not trying to cause trouble for Ra*bits or make you sad.

(Goal) Hajime Shino Full Render

Yes. You want to save Valkyrie and I want to cheer on your cause and support you.

The only issue here is how I feel about it, so do you think you could help me set those feelings straight?

After I'm thoroughly convinced I can cheer you on with all my heart.

I'll still be a little sad, but... we're not animals like our unit name suggests, so I don't want to keep denying you based on feeling alone.

(Nostalgic Outfit) Nazuna Nito Full Render

Right. People tend to look at us members of Ra*bits like we're the pure little animals in our namesake, but...

We're human, too. There's no ignoring that fact.

Society itself treats humans the worst. If there's anything else you want to get out Hajime-chin, now's your best chance.

I'll listen to you. I want to hear your thoughts and understand them. It's not too late to get things moving after that.

(Goal) Hajime Shino Full Render

Okay. There's one more thing.

Uhm. You see, I've actually been keeping a secret from everyone.

It has to do with something else. The prank Sakuma-senpai made... it has to do with Hakaze-senpai and that scandal article.

Didn't you wonder why I was crossdressing in that photo?

Mitsuru Tenma Rabits Dialogue Render

Ah! I did think it was weird! Since unlike Tomo-chan, Hajime-chan seems like he really hates wearing girl's clothes...

(Escaping) Tomoya Mashiro Full Render

Huh? Wait. What do you mean, "unlike Tomo-chan"? I don't like crossdressing either!

(Goal) Hajime Shino Full Render

That's right. Fufu.... unlike Tomoya-kun, I really can't stand the thought of having to crossdress.

(Escaping) Tomoya Mashiro Full Render

You too, Hajime?! Damn it. You just say what's convenient about everyone except me, huh?

(Goal) Hajime Shino Full Render

I mean, I don't want anyone to hate me if possible...

But it's not an attitude that'll get me much praise. A kid who believes in only doing what's convenient for them tends to give the wrong impression.

"You can say anything." "No matter what terrible thing you do it's okay." They'll start to think they're accepting of everything.

Even if I do nothing but hold back, there are some things I just can't help hating.

But that's why I think "that person" hasn't done anything wrong. There was just a misunderstanding between us since I'm one of those kids.

(Nostalgic Outfit) Nazuna Nito Full Render

What do you mean? Who's "that person"? You were talking about that scandal article, so... are you talking about Kaoru-chin?

(Goal) Hajime Shino Full Render

No, it's not like that... uuu. Having to talk about my own feelings this much is surprisingly difficult.

(Nostalgic Outfit) Nazuna Nito Full Render

Don't worry. I'm not going to get mad at you or anything if you can't get it all out properly. So will you tell me your thoughts after you take the time to organize them?

(Goal) Hajime Shino Full Render

Okay, Nii-chan.... ♪

Translation: Mandy
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