Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
To Every Good Kid 3
Location: StarFes Stage (First Half)
< On the day of StarFes, before the First Half. >
Koga Oogami UNDEAD Dialogue Render

Hyahahah. ☆ About time things got wild! Trickstar finally came up with somethin' that suits 'em! I'm seein' you guys in a new light!

And here I thought they were just actin' like a buncha servile goody-two-shoes this whole time!

Not that they could help shrinkin' back a little when that happened to Anzu, I guess.

But this is it! So you ain't a bunch of careless chicks with mouths wide open just waitin' to get presents from Santa-san, huh?!

When there's somethin' you wanna get your hands on ya overturn everything. You aren't idiots who just thrash around until you get your way!

I knew that all along~. ☆

Trickstar! So you're sayin' if you don't make first place in the first half of StarFes then ya forfeit your right to attend the SS live?

We both want it so bad we can almost taste it, so how 'bout we take that privilege and make it a chip in a life or death gamble?

Bring it! We'll see just how great ya really are!

I've always wanted to go at ya head-on, sparks flying, and find out who's on top for good!

We're gonna win for sure! A last-minute comeback victory in the deciding match to see who the strongest idols are... UNDEAD's gonna be the ones to go to the SS live!

Ain't that right, Adonis?! You're on my level, right? So quit standin' around lookin' all stiff and spill already!

Howl at 'em like ya mean it! That's the way to fight!

(Agony over his Clothes) Adonis Otogari Full Render

Right. My whole body feels like it's on fire even though it's the middle of winter...

But try not to be so loud, Oogami. Guests are already flooding into the auditorium.

They haven't been officially informed about the details of the written challenge that Trickstar flung at us.

They might have some unnecessary preconceptions about the concert once they know.

That'd make for an unfair fight.

Koga Oogami UNDEAD Dialogue Render

Aahn? So some idiot out there probably thinks they're hilarious for tryin' to cause an upset by votin' for anyone who isn't Trickstar.

(Agony over his Clothes) Adonis Otogari Full Render

Yeah. Anyone fooling around like that will be in the minority. It won't be welcoming with their noise mixed in.

A fight's only fun when it's fair. A win like that wouldn't feel satisfying.

Koga Oogami UNDEAD Dialogue Render

Hmm. You got that right.

Well, from the looks on Trickstar's faces, they're wantin' to win big without relyin' on that unnecessary voting crap.

(Agony over his Clothes) Adonis Otogari Full Render

Which means they're underestimating us.

Koga Oogami UNDEAD Dialogue Render

Hahah. You're real hot-blooded today! Right on. You're no man if you ain't fired up!

We'll pick a fight from the get-go. Then we'll take that courage and beat the crap outta 'em at full-force!

(Agony over his Clothes) Adonis Otogari Full Render

Yeah. And the stronger the prey the prouder you'll be when you bring them down. There's merit in this... the hunter in me is excited.

(Another Side) Kaoru Hakaze Full Render

Hey~, you evil little gremlins. Aren't you a little too hyped before we get the ball rolling?

StarFes is supposed to last like a whole day. Won't you run out of steam if you go full-speed right from the start?

Koga Oogami UNDEAD Dialogue Render

Ah, playboy! Are you late on our big day, y'freakin' idiot? If you're not gonna work then take your ass home!

(Another Side) Kaoru Hakaze Full Render

Eh~? Talk about rude. Girls will hate you for that attitude, you know?

Besides, I'm not late. I made it in time for the real thing.

Sorry for rarely showing up. I had to pull Sakuma-san's coffin again... and it takes a long time to move this thing, okay?

Koga Oogami UNDEAD Dialogue Render

Aahn? You're tellin' me he's shut up in this piece of junk again?

Get outta there! Today's the day UNDEAD reaches the top and mows down all the small fry!

(A Senior&#039;s Word) Rei Sakuma Full Render

...Come now. There's no need to kick. My coffin is installed with a variety of functions, but it's become quite fragile despite its complexity.

(Another Side) Kaoru Hakaze Full Render

Ahahah. Which means a simple kid like Doggie's pretty strong, huh~. ♪

Koga Oogami UNDEAD Dialogue Render

Aahn?! Who're you callin' simple, asshole?!

(Agony over his Clothes) Adonis Otogari Full Render

Hm. Sakuma-senpai, are you still feeling sick? So sick that you can't even walk?

I'm worried... the three of us can perform during the daytime of the first half if need be. I want you to able to join us when night falls.

(A Senior&#039;s Word) Rei Sakuma Full Render

Kukuku. Such a pointless concern. It'd be a shame to miss out on such an entertaining banquet. This Sakuma Rei hasn't become so weak as to let fledglings be concerned for his well being.

Well, not that I can say I've fully recovered yet...

I seldom have days where things are flawless and I'm in perfect condition, but I'm sensible enough when it comes to my own weakness at least.

Arriving in my coffin while we have time to rest is meant to save energy.

I'll be able to sing and dance at my full potential this way.

(Another Side) Kaoru Hakaze Full Render

I had to waste mine dragging you the whole way here.

(A Senior&#039;s Word) Rei Sakuma Full Render

Don't complain. You've been skipping out on practice ever since you joined UNDEAD, correct? Now you're merely paying the price.

Retribution is a principle of the divine. So if you go through the motions and put in real effort, you're sure to be rewarded in turn.

Adonis-kun brought up the chain of hatred before...

But that chain isn't made up of just negative emotions. Love, hope, dreams, effort, and other such feelings are linked together in a cycle.

And that is why we must live out our lives in a way that's pure, just, and beautiful... for the shining future that's yet to come, gentlemen.

(Another Side) Kaoru Hakaze Full Render

Ahahah. No way. Are you supposed to be a Father giving a sermon or something? Isn't that way too far from our usual aesthetic?

(A Senior&#039;s Word) Rei Sakuma Full Render

It's fine every once in a while. It's Christmas, after all. ♪

Translation: Mandy
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