Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Dilemma of Love 4
Location: Staircase
Kaoru Hakaze School Dialogue Render

...Hmm? Something similar's bothered you before, Anzu-chan?

Connecting with idols and working together makes you happy, but sometimes you get scolded for getting way too close?

No doubt. The atmosphere between a boy and a girl can get pretty complicated, after all.

There are some fans out there who'd seriously grieve if you got all clingy. Not that you'd want to be like that around one of your beloved idols, right?

Our dilemmas really are alike, huh. What'd you end up doing, Anzu-chan? "Bothered you" means it's a thing of the past, so how'd you work through your problem?

Well, I get the feeling you'd just draw a line in the sand and choose your work...

In other words, even if you get tied up in bonds or trusting relationships, you'd keep on walking on a path where you're closed off from them all?

It's the kind of conclusion only a good kid would reach. So an idol's success is more valuable than your own happiness, basically?

Ahahah. Then... wasn't I kind of a pain, since all I wanted to do is have a relationship with you?

Hm? "You weren't being serious?"

For sure~. All I did in school was try to lure in an unusual girl by thoughtlessly calling out to her. But now things are a little different.

I want you to keep on smiling. There's no way I wouldn't want to see all your efforts pay off when you're doing your best, right?

That's what I was thinking the last time you collapsed. But in my case, I have no one but myself to blame. It's a well-earned punishment for living so irresponsibly.

None of my problems apply to you, though. You're out there working hard, giving it your all. And while it's true that you aren't too good at looking out for yourself... it's not anything to blame yourself for.

You haven't done anything wrong.

...Hm? What's wrong, Anzu-chan? Eh? "You haven't either?"

I know, right? There's nothing wrong with loving and getting along with others, after all. Even the God who was born on Christmas Day wouldn't reject that sort of behavior.

That's why Christmas Eve is like a national holiday for lovers in this country.

But. What's okay for everyone else, is just a sin for an idol... probably.

The sin of betraying your fans' expectations, the sin of being absorbed in something other than your idol activities...

It's the kind of job you can't tackle without being a total saint, especially if you're going to be tied down by it all so religiously.

No, no. It's all so suffocating. I just wanted to live my life freely, doing whatever I wanted like some innocent kid.

...Oh, sorry. I'm just complaining.

Ahahah. You're glad I could let it all out after you asked me to talk to you about my problems?

Since I'm always laughing so senselessly, it's hard for you to figure out what's on my mind... this way I feel more human and it's actually a huge relief?

That's cruel... and here I was being considerate, thinking a whole, whole lot on how I didn't want to burden you with anything too heavy.

Hm? You know that, and thank you? There's no need to thank me, though~?

Anzu-chan's such a good, honest kid. I'm worried some bad boy will end up tricking you someday~. ♪

...Whoops. You were checking up on something, right? Sorry for getting in the way.

I've got to get going, anyway. I noticed something about that scandal article that I'm pretty curious about.

After a lot of thinking, I plan on checking on something that's still a little hazy about it.

Thanks, Anzu-chan. Talking to you probably lifted a huge weight off my shoulders.

You're always saving me by making me feel better.

Ahh, man. Everything would be so great if Anzu-chan were my lover~. You'd be so persistent when it comes to arranging all my business affairs and then we'd get to see and talk with each other pretty often.

Just getting to interact with a girl at all would put me at ease, really.

Though seeking someone out where people could see would just make things complicated again, so it'd be better if we kept things brief.

Like holding hands at an angle where no one would be able to see... — that alone would be pretty satisfying. Then I could concentrate on my idol activities.

As if~... huh? What's with the super gentle expression, Anzu-chan?

Eh? Why're you offering me your hand? You want to shake on it? You're saying you'd go through all that to keep me happy, just so I can concentrate on my work... ?

You'd sacrifice yourself anytime for an idol's sake... ?


No way. Even a gentle guy like me will get angry if you say stuff like that... — having you as a victim of my own success won't make me happy at all.

It might be the right thing to do as a producer, using any means necessary in order to lead idols down a path of success...

But I don't think it's the right answer at all.

My family's pretty successful in society, you know. They're some of the wealthiest in the area.

They're so cold and empty after sacrificing everything and anything... all that luxury is just superficial.

I'd rather die than be like that.

I probably sound like a kid who only dreams of fairy tales, but... every story that concludes with a "happily ever after" has got to have some love in it.

...Yeah. It's okay. Let's pretend you didn't hear any of that.

I just want you to take care of yourself, even if you're losing your way and can't see what's right.

You'll catch a cold if you keep sitting on the stairs like that, so be careful. We've still got one more month left to go until the SS live, after all.

I'll be cheering you on. I'm totally fine, so just do your best, okay?

All's well that ends well. I just want everyone to reach their happy ending with a smile on their face.

Translation: Mandy
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