Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
Rockin' Star - Chapter 2
Location: Light Music Club Clubroom
Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render

(That Poochie, immediately running about. If he does not look ahead of him and collides into someone, just what will he do?)

(It appears... that he is just that desperate. The young have to be so.)

(The remaining years of my life are short. If I dashed about recklessly as Poochie does, I would likely run out of fuel the next day and collapse.)

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Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render

(... I may have said it in a slightly malicious way, have I not?)

(That I will consider the participation of UNDEAD if he is able to find another group, with his own abilities; such a condition is disadvantageous for Poochie, is it not?)

(If Poochie finds another group, and I do not agree to it, UNDEAD will not participate in the Rock Fes.)

(And yet... that does not stop Poochie in any way, does it? He is facing forward... running towards the future.)

(Like a child that grows and becomes an adult, that child must come to stand on his own.)

(Well, during the radio show, he was providing support for Adonis-kun. It appears that he is growing little by little.)

(A trial such as this one, I would like him to overcome it, however...)

(As much as I want to lend a hand, now is not the time for that. There is that saying that "lions throw their own children into a bottomless ravine," is there not?)

(That is, to only spoil them is probably not love.)

... Hm?

Oho, young Miss Anzu. It is good to see you at the Light Music Club. I welcome you...♪

Rock Fes? I see. You met with Poochie in the hallway there and he spoke to you about it, then.

It is as you say, young miss. It seems that Poochie is running about in order to search for a unit that will join in the Rock Fes.

Kuku. You are making a face as if you want to say something, are you not? Why is it that I will not lend him any power? It is probably strange, is it not? Young miss?

It is not likely that Poochie has relied on you, young miss. Nevertheless, could it be that you are thinking that you wish to lend Poochie your strength?

... Is that how it was? You cannot abandon and leave a troubled person behind, young miss?

It may be splendid that you think of wanting to help everyone.

However, young miss Anzu, you are in charge of the management and planning of the Halloween Party, are you not?

The Halloween Party is an S1... It is a great Dream Fes that is held only four times in a year.

During the Tanabata Festival there were many who lent their aid to you, young miss. However, this time, you must finish off the work practically by yourself.

Let us assume that you, young miss, cooperated with Poochie, and found a unit to participate in the Rock Fes.

Even if the requirements to participate in the Rock Fes were satisfied, it is likely that I would not agree to it, you see.

If it appears that you lend him your aid, young miss, then that is as far as Poochie's ability goes.

You as well, young miss, may come to neglect the work that you must prioritize the most, and there may be misgivings in the standing that you have built up as a producer thus far.

It is not necessary for you to be burdened with all of the idols' problems because you are the producer.

Young miss, you have only one body.

If you produce for a great number of units, and moreover, take charge of caring for the members, young miss, you will completely collapse.

What is it that you must do now?

It is not that you be of help to Poochie. It is to make the Halloween Party a success as a producer, is it not?

I see. You properly understand, do you not?

UNDEAD will also participate in the Halloween Party. It is the period where we must build up practice for that purpose.

I will not lend my strength to Poochie... No, there are those kinds of circumstances, where I have reasons I cannot lend it to him, as well.

Kukuku, young miss, you are rather perceptive, are you not? Indeed, it is not the case that I am using the Halloween Party as the only reason.

What sort of reason could it be that I will not lend my strength to Poochie...? Hm, I shall treat that as my homework for you, young miss.

It is important to complete the work that was given to you, and to provide results that are more than what is expected of you. However, it is also important to develop your ability to think for yourself.

Be that as it may, you will probably not acquire it right away. It would also be good to discuss it with someone and seek out the answer.

However, you must not ask for the answer. That is the same as cheating after all, is it not?

Now then, young miss Anzu, I am looking forward to what kind of answer you will provide...♪

Rockin' Star - Chapter 2 Scene Change
Location: Classroom 2-A
Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render

Ah, it's Anzu! Yahho, yahho, morning~☆

Whoa, your eyebags are terrible, huh~? Lately, you've really been working hard until late, haven't you?

Yesterday, I was practicing with everyone for the Halloween Party, too, y'know, so it’s the same for me.

Anzu, you'll design the outfits, won't you? I'm looking forward to it~ I'm really excited ♪

But, after the Tanabata Festival, Anzu, you're also doing the planning and management this time, so I'm worried about whether you'll collapse from doing too much work, you know~?

Tell me if there's anything that I can help you with, okay? I'll be your strength for anything...☆

Hm? What's wrong? You're sta~ring at my face, is there something stuck on it?

I ate my food quickly, so could there be some rice grains stuck there~? How about it, did I get it? Or else, is there something that you want to discuss with me right away?

Hm~... If it's nothing, that’s good, though, right? If you're really bothered by it, Anzu, even you'd tell me that it's bothering you.

Worrying about it until the very end that there’s nothing you can do, that's not the way to discuss it, is it? Even if it's something trivial, it's totally okay.

We're allies and close friends. No matter what kind of trivial thing it is, I'd be happy to lend you a hand, you know~♪

Eh? You're saying that, because we're friends... because we're allies that you trust, there are also times that we can’t particularly help out the other person?

If it were me, and a friend was troubled, I'd act right away. If there's something that I could do, I would do anything. I want to be of help to them, don't I?

But, if there's a reason, I shouldn't lend a hand.

If you trust the other, believing in them is also being an ally... Hokke~ and the others have said that too, huh?

It's precisely because you trust in the other person that you don't help them out. That you devote yourself to watching over them, thinking “If they are that sort of person, they'll absolutely accomplish it, won't they?”

It's just that it seems I won't be able to help myself, though.

Ahaha, if you tell me thanks for just this much, I'll have to thank you everyday, Anzu~

Woops, the chime to start classes will ring soon, so we need to get to our seats!

Anzu, today, you'll be producing for us, won't you? Starting now, I'm happily looking forward to after classes ♪

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