Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Rocket Start Sparse Flash 5
Location: Hallway
(Advancing Heart) Mao Isara Full Render

…Oi, why are you following me, Ritsu?

It makes me curious, see… do you have any business with me? If you just want to hover around, it’s annoying, you know? Can you go somewhere else~?

Ritsu Sakuma School Dialogue Render
Ughhh. Maa-kun has been acting cold lately.
(Advancing Heart) Mao Isara Full Render
Don’t call me “Maa-kun”, we’re not kids anymore, see… You’ve not changed at all, Ritsu.

Get over this spoiled kid act quickly.

Ritsu Sakuma School Dialogue Render
Don’t call me “Ritsu”, call me “Ricchan”! Cutely call me “Ricchan” like you used to!
(Advancing Heart) Mao Isara Full Render
Don’t throw such a strange tantrum! Eeei, I really don’t get what you mean! Anyway, school is completely over now, so can you just go home without bothering me~?
Ritsu Sakuma School Dialogue Render
Our way home is the same, isn’t it? Let’s go home together, Maa-kun…♪

Fufufu. How nostalgic. We used to carry our school bags and go home together…

When we decided to make a detour, we would join our hands as we bring our face close and talk.

And I used to carry the tired, sleeping Maa-kun on my back…♪

(Advancing Heart) Mao Isara Full Render
No, I don’t ever recall doing such things. I remember I came home looking about to die because I had to carry both you and your school bag.
Ritsu Sakuma School Dialogue Render
Fufufu. Maa-kun has become my loyal “servant” since long ago, huh♪
(Advancing Heart) Mao Isara Full Render
“Servant” my butt. …Seriously, I still have work to do, you know, so can you just go already?

You can go home by yourself, right, Ritsu? If you’re feeling too unfit to walk, just call your “big brother” at home, okay?

Your “big brother” has already come back, hasn’t he?

Ritsu Sakuma School Dialogue Render
No, that thing called my big brother has decided to die in some foreign country.
(Advancing Heart) Mao Isara Full Render
What the heck… But I heard a rumor saying your “big brother” has come back, you know?

Your “big brother” is also popular in the neighborhood, after all.

Compared to him, you’re such a stillborn brother…

Learn to live more seriously by imitating your “big brother” a little more. Rather, I am really curious to know how you’ve been living until now.

Ritsu Sakuma School Dialogue Render
Uhh~ I sleep, then I wake up. I inhale oxygen, then exhale. Rather than “living”, I guess it’s more like “I wasn’t dead”.

Well, whatever. I’ll be sad if Maa-kun hates me for teasing him too much, see, so this time I’ll listen to you and go home by myself…

Can we go home together tomorrow? When is it fine for you?

(Advancing Heart) Mao Isara Full Render
Why do you want to go home with me that much…

On a serious note, I’ll be really busy for a while, you know. I’ve been helping with the student council’s work recently.

Ritsu Sakuma School Dialogue Render
Student council, huh… Now that you say it, it’s been re-established just recently.

It looks like someone similar to my big brother became the student council president, huh. That person is apt to be given such a title.

Maa-kun also likes that kind of thing, doesn’t he… You like doing difficult jobs with little profit, just like a gofer.

You’re that kind of weirdo who likes being busy.

(Advancing Heart) Mao Isara Full Render
Who are you calling a weirdo? I mean, some~how, it looks like the student council is short on staff, you know.

I just happened to see someone being all busy in the hallway, see, so I helped him carrying his documents.

Then, the time we performed together increased little by little… And now I’ve been invited to join the student council.

Well, I have no reason to refuse the offer. Besides, I feel like I am in the middle of training now, so I wonder whether I should join the student council or not.

This is just a hunch, but the student council seems a little bit dangerous… That’s why I am really considering if I should go any further or not.

Ritsu Sakuma School Dialogue Render
Wh~at’s with that “I am really considering”. Maa-kun most likely does not think about that, right? In any case, you’re probably drowning in great joy and going all “kyaa kyaa”, aren’t you?

It’s fine, it’s Maa-kun’s life, after all… But still, I am worried.

If you’re at a loss for what to do, you can rely on me. I will help you at any time, I will grant all of Maa-kun’s wishes.

Even if the whole world is turning against you, I will be Maa-kun’s one and only ally.

I will kill all the fools who annoy Maa-kun whenever you want.

(Advancing Heart) Mao Isara Full Render
Even if you kill them all… Stop saying such things, it’s embarrassing. We’re high school students now, you know, get rid of your chuuni disease.

Bye, then. See you tomorrow in class… Ricchan.

…He’s already disappeared. That guy is like a ghost, huh~

Well, whatever. Ummm, what should I do after this…

Uggh, an unpleasant work has been passed to me.

I hope they stop making me do things like this, after all, I am only helping with the student council’s work… But the student council seems to be seriously short on staff too.

I fe~el like I am only doing the dirty work… Good grief, and here I hoped I wouldn’t do troublesome tasks.

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