Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirement: Unlock in (Night Theatre) Ritsu Sakuma's Idol Road
Ritsu Sakuma True Ability 1
Season: Spring (春) Location: 2nd Floor Passage
Yawns... ♪

(Ah~... The sun shining through the window is so annoying. At this time, the sun is prickling, even walking is bothersome)

(I want to sleep, but if I sleep here I'd either dry up or get stepped on by someone)

(Ugh~... It's an era that's hard to live in for vampires. Well, vampires are always subjugated side and no one is on the side of saving us)

(Surely there should be a soundproof practice room further up, or is there not..?)

(My memory has gotten bad as I grow into an old man, although I don't want to be an idiot old man like anijya)

(Ah~... Yeah. I remember now. I have a feeling Secchan booked a soundproof practise room for Knights, so he said to go do free practice)

(He bothers too much, seriously)

(Knights count as one of the strongest unity in Yumenosaki, there's no need to fuss with practicing)

(To begin with Knights is together as a relationship of convenience, I don't want to be ordered to do this and that)

Ugh~... This is the limit of my sleepiness, just right, there's the shadow of this pillar here, it's fine to sleep for a bit right? Zzz... ♪

Mmm. Who is it, the rude person who's shaking my shoulder to wake me up...?

What, so it's you transfer student. If I sleep here I'd trouble those passing through, I know that without you telling me.

I thought I told you this before, but I'm a 'grandpa' so I can't hold back my sleepiness. If you don't take care of your elders I'll be cursing you, I'm bitter~* (T/N: Ritsu says 'Urameshiya' here which is often used for Japanese ghosts as a 'curse')

Wait, are you listening to me? Where are you taking me, pulling my hand like this? That being said, I don't want you touching me so easily

Hey, transfer student. If you're going back to the classroom take me to the soundproof practice room. The door is open so no need to go to the staff room.

Also, let go of my hand. It's fine to just lead the way, I don't mind.

I know my own physical condition, so it's just annoying to be fussed over by someone else

You can't understand can you, that kind of thing? It's fine though, I'm not asking you to get it

The one who gets me is the only one I recognize as my family, Ma~kun. I don't need anything other than Ma~kun.

Scene Change: Soundproof Lesson Room
Ritsu Sakuma True Ability 1 Scene Change
Finally we arrived~... ♪ Here, I can sleep safely away from the sunlight piercings, zzzz... ♪

...Hey, transfer student. How long are you staying here for? You're done with your business, so it's troublesome if you stick around for a long time

Since we're here show me your performance...? You want repayment for taking me here, how petty

To start with I haven't changed clothes. Being in someone's favor is so bothersome...

Mm~ there should be an outfit here...?

There is, there is. Yawn, fuh... ♪ So, I'll start right away 'kay~?

I should stretch first to get rid of my sleepiness maybe, hey, hey... ♪

What is it, transfer student? Even if you anticipate what kind of performance, I don't have plans to show you

I can't do grandiose movements with how sleepy I am, and I'm not in the mood to show anyone so

You see, I'm fickle. Even if I may feel like it just earlier, I can change my mind in just a little bit

It's so hard to handle, you think it's troublesome too right?

Yeah, that much is right. To start with vampires are incompatible with humans, we can't get all friendly with our prey

Even though there are exceptions like Ma~kun, at the base of it demons are solitary creatures

No, even if you're all eager with "I won't let you be alone"... I didn't call on you, and it's troublesome

If you get it, just go. Though I just pushed out my sleepiness, if you're going to stay around I can't concentrate on my performance you know?

If you want to know my true ability, you have to rethink the time. I'm a night creature, so I can't even show you half of my true ability during the day

Just like a cat spend most of its day sleeping, I also mostly sleep in the day

Transfer student, you often disturb my quiet sleep so I've some grudge I want to say to you

(Night Theatre) Ritsu Sakuma CG
Anyway no matter what if you want to see my performance when the sun set... When it's cloaked by the night's curtain, ask then

During the night I'm full of energy so I'm in a good mood, even you might have a chance then okay~?

Translator: Nomi
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