Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirement: Intimacy Level 15
Ritsu Sakuma sub story part 3
Season: Spring (春) Location: Library

Don't you know that you have to be quiet in a library I was having a good sleep for once, you know that tapping on the shoulder means that I wouldn't be able to stay asleep.

You mean the library isn't a place to sleep?

Don't say weird things like that. Do you know why books are placed here?

It's to be used as a pillow because it feels nice, that's why there are so many books around.

Not even knowing something like this, you're very ignorant of the ways of this world.

Ah~... You're a transfer student. Then remember that from now on.

Our conversation's finished right? Then why aren't you moving away from my eyes?

You standing there is getting in the way.

Hm? You're asking me why I'm not wearing my school uniform? It's not my duty to explain that to you.

But since you're not stepping aside, I guess I'll have to tell you. ....Such a pain.

You see, this is my idol outfit. Since our unit name is "Knights" we dress up like them.

Things like knights, I don't really mind.

To put it in one way, It's like I've continuously been a member by myself.

Well, since we don't have a leader, doing whatever I want might be a good thing too.

Since I told you my reasons, why aren't you going away already.

Even though I can sleep with another person being nearby, it still gets in the way.

If you weren't here, I would be sleeping peacefully, you being here is only becoming a hindrance.

Hm? Ah, that's true. There's one button that's not done. But this doesn't stand out so it's fine.

Fixing it is a pain so leaving it like this is fine I think.

It's bothering you? You're really annoying.

Being precise or proper, I don't like that really.

Living freely and lazily is the best, It's mysteriously helpless why people pay attention and worry about every small detail.

...It's quite stuffy. Can I undo my buttons?

Well, I feel like something would go off if I started moving. Yawn... Can I sleep?

I feel like I had some tasks to do, but it's no fight against fatigue. What if you began taking naps once in a while?

Ah~... mm. Then, goodnight.

Translator: Keitohasumi
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