Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirement: Intimacy Level 10
Ritsu Sakuma sub story part 2
Season: Spring (春) Location: 2nd Floor Passage

Ah~... Who are you again

Ah, right right. Transfer student

Meeting you here might be fate, so could you go buy a drink for me by going to the garden terrace?

You know, I would go if I could

But, the distance from here to the terrace is too much. So, I thought it would be a pain

I'm different from you, I'm what you call an "old man". You must've heard from your parents to respect your elders right

Ah~... You're still making me explain? But it's such a pain

Hm? Flavor of drink? Do I have to explain every little detail? It's annoying?

If they have any fizzy drinks, Lemon or Melon I don't mind which one

Hey now, get going. I'm really thirsty right now you know

If you keep on babbling, my throat might really dry up

Besides... there's a limit to tiredness. If I end up sleeping here I'd get in the way of others

So, I need to get rid of this fatigue

Nn... I'll wait patiently for you to return, so hurry...

....yawn, hm ♪

You've bought it. But, I couldn't wait patiently so I fell asleep.

Well, it doesn't matter too much since I'm an "old man" Fizzy drinks are with no doubt the most delicious ♪

The feeling of its fizziness is irresistible, it's become a habit. You don't like it? You're missing out on life

But I can agree on the fact that I can't comprehend the taste

Ah, the taste of fizzy drinks are quite strong. I think there are a lot of people that don't like the fizzing of it. Though I don't mind it myself.

Also if you don't drink it in one go, the carbon dioxide will disappear

Because if the carbon dioxide goes away, it simply becomes a normally sweet drink. I don't like it when the fizziness goes away.

The fizzy taste is irresistible, if it weren't for the fizziness it wouldn't be called a fizzy drink

But, I'm not good at drinking it in one go either. Because you see once you become an old man, it becomes harder to even drink

The drink you bought and brought to me here, even if I drink one sip of it, it would be too much for the stomach. Seriously, what a waste

Since you're still young, your stomach won't be filled so fast right?

This kind of situation is when I start becoming jealous of youngsters... If I was younger, I would be able to drink much more

Ah... it's no use. I can't drink anymore now.

Translator: Keitohasumi
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