Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirement: Intimacy Level 2
Ritsu Sakuma sub story part 1
Season: Spring (春) Location: Garden Space
Ah~…. Sorry, but could you keep it down?

I mean that you talking on the phone is noisy. I’d appreciate you either talking quieter, getting off the phone, or just dying.

You’re interfering with my rest. Even though I was sleeping so well, you just started blabbering your mouth off. Are you trying to start something?

Don’t just space out. Didn’t I tell you to get off the phone? It’s annoying to have to repeat myself so many times, you know?

Ah~…. Also, I probably should’ve mentioned it earlier, but you’re stepping on my back. I guess it’s partially my fault for sleeping in a place like this, but could you get off?

You’re not that heavy though, so I could keep sleeping like this, to be honest. But my spine started aching when I woke up, you know? It’s hard to sleep very well when you’re in pain somewhere. Yaaaawn♪

Uh-huh. That’s right, get off of me.

Ah~…. Finally I can get back to my rest.

Hm? What’s with those questioning eyes? Do you have something to say? How annoying…

Ah~…. You wanna know why I’m sleeping in a place like this?

Well, I don’t usually sleep in places like this… Do I really have to explain? But that’s so annoying, you know?

Basically, I can’t help it when I’m sleepy. Once I feel like sleeping, I’m pretty much already asleep. Because I’m an “old man,” you know….?

So you don’t get it? Hmm, guess it’s because you’re still young, huh….?

Nn. I was held back a year, so I’m probably older than you, though. But I don’t really keep track of my age, so who knows?

Well, whatever. Basically, this is the first good resting spot that I found in this noisy school, so I’ve taken a liking to it, you know? It’s not a popular spot, so it’s always quiet. There’s the nice aroma of the flowers, and the soft ground makes the best bed. I can sleep really comfortably here….♪

So I’d really like it if you hurried up and left soon, you know?

As long as you don’t interfere with my sleep, I won’t have to do anything bad, either.

I’d really appreciate you just leaving me alone.

Well, see ya, then. Bye bye?

Ah~…. Finally, I can sleep.

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