Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Revolution - 8
Location: Garden Terrace Kitchen
Mao Isara School Dialogue Render

Transfer Student~?

I heard you'd be here in the garden terrace kitchen... and since you were taking your time, I decided to come check up on you~

If you're busy with something, let me know and I'll help out.

I couldn't really participate in Trickstar's activities, so I want to help out with whatever I can.

I want to deepen our friendship too, anyway ♪

Kaoru Hakaze School Dialogue Render

Woah, there.

No other guy apart from me is allowed here in the garden terrace, you know~?

Mao Isara School Dialogue Render

Woah! If I remember correctly, you're Hakaze-senpai from UNDEAD, right?

(The unit, UNDEAD, rumoured to be the most extreme and dangerous at Yumenosaki Academy...)

(He's in the same unit as Sakuma-senpai, isn't he? Why is he here at the garden terrace?)

(He only cares about hanging out with girls and is practically inactive in terms of idol activities...)

(But his abilities are amazing. He's an unmotivated player... or that's what his reputation's like. It's my first time meeting him in the flesh.)

(He's one of Sakuma-senpai's friends...)

(He's on our side, which means our objectives are the same, so he'll fight with us, right?)

(His attitude is pretty rude, considering all that...)

(Breezy Player) Kaoru Hakaze CG
Kaoru Hakaze School Dialogue Render

Hey, could I get you to stop staring at me? I'm not exactly the type of guy who gets happy at men gawking at me.

Anyway, I'm a little busy at the moment, so could you leave? Shoo, shoo!

Mao Isara School Dialogue Render

I can't exactly do that even if you tell me that... Er, have you seen the Transfer Student around here?

She's the girl from the producer course that was established recently.

Kaoru Hakaze School Dialogue Render

Yep, I've heard something like that from Sakuma-san, so I decided to come and meet her here~ ♪

Man, she's a cute one! I only caught a glimpse of her, but my eyes can't be deceived~

Geez, you should have told me this earlier, Sakuma-san. I've been waiting for good news like this since forever!

This must be my gift from god ♪

There's really nothing but filthy men here at the idol course. It's hell, after all!

This Transfer Student is just like a single flower blooming in a desert by the name of Yumenosaki Academy!

I've got to harvest that flower before anyone comes to dirty it~♪

Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render


Just when I wondered where you went off to instead of going to practice you were here... Searching for women again? You never get tired of that, do you? Do try not to get carried away.

Well, you do fine on stage without a rehearsal, nevertheless.

Kaoru Hakaze School Dialogue Render

Yeah, just take it easy. Let's have a good time!

You're unusually motivated, Sakuma-san. I don't really like those sorts of oppressing activities, you know~?

Why did you give the second year chicks the Transfer Student, anyway?

You should have secured her first~ All my motivation's gone down the drain now!

Maybe I should leave UNDEAD and go join their unit instead~

Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render

That would be troubling. Your military strength is needed in UNDEAD.

At the S1 next week, visitors will be coming, meaning ordinary girls will be showing up as well.

Why don't you direct your motivation towards making those girls your fans instead~?

Kaoru Hakaze School Dialogue Render

Hmm... that's charming in its own right. Geez, I'm just no match for you, Sakuma-san~

Well, it doesn't matter. I've got more than enough opportunities to catch the Transfer Student's eye in the future, anyway.

I'll withdraw for today!

I'll pass on practice, though. I've got a date coming up so bye bye ♪

Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render

...He got away. Good grief, he moves exactly like the wind, just like his name suggests.

Hmm, Kaoru-kun's dislike towards practice is really serious. He can do it if he tries, though.

  • Title note: Kaoru's name (羽風 薫) is also made up of the same kanji as "薫風/kunpuu (summer breeze)".
Translation: Creampuffs
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