Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Revolution - 7
Location: Soundproof Lesson Room
Mao Isara PE Dialogue Render

...Speaking of which, I don't see her around. Where did the Transfer Student go?

Subaru Akehoshi PE Dialogue Render

Woah, you're right! She often goes missing like that, where is she!?

Hokuto Hidaka PE Winter Dialogue Render

Did she get kidnapped again?

Subaru Akehoshi PE Dialogue Render

Hmm. Maybe she's in the garden terrace. She said she wanted some time to think, remember?

Actually, I think she's gone to get us some refreshments.

She's going to cook or make some sort of drink that will power us up.

For the past week... she's been learning about nutrition and stuff like that from the teachers.

I guess she wants to do something too, as the producer.

Hokuto Hidaka PE Winter Dialogue Render

Refreshments, huh... She seems more like a manager of a sports club rather than a producer.

I'm still happy to see that, though. I'm looking forward to seeing what she'll bring us.

I didn't expect much from her since she had just transferred into the school,

But I see that she wants to do "something", as well. The thought is more than enough, it gives me encouragement.

Subaru Akehoshi PE Dialogue Render

I know, right~? I heard she's going to prepare our unit outfits too.

I can't wait. Seeing how we're just wearing jerseys at the moment ♪

Mao Isara PE Dialogue Render

Hmm. She's more capable than I heard.

Hokuto Hidaka PE Winter Dialogue Render

Let's do our best too. We don't want her efforts to be wasted. We'll definitely win S1 and beat the student council.

Subaru Akehoshi PE Dialogue Render

Of course! I'll try real hard until I start vomiting blood~☆

She's been studying medical care and first aid too.

She can resuscitate us if we black out, so we can train until our bodies fall apart ☆

Makoto Yuuki School Dialogue Render

You sure seem enthusiastic... Akehoshi-kun, you haven't been doing any actual practice for an entire week, right?

Maybe that's why you're so excited. My muscles are at its limit, though.

Hokuto Hidaka PE Winter Dialogue Render

Yeah. Well, enough chatting. We'll just randomly play any of the unreleased tracks from the Light Music Club and start cleaning.

Let me know if there's a song you like and we'll consider it.

Currently, Trickstar only has two songs.

We'll leave the third one from the Light Music Club as an accent to the other two. I intend to reveal the new song at the end.

Six songs in total. I need everyone to memorise it like the back of your hand for the performance.

Depending on the situation, a couple of songs could be removed, but if it's possible, I want to perfect them all.

Listen to your own songs, everyday and always, until you know them by heart.

I've left the data with Yuuki. Download each song onto your devices, even if we've already decided on the selection.

Subaru Akehoshi PE Dialogue Render

A new song? What's it like? I wanna hear it ☆

Hokuto Hidaka PE Winter Dialogue Render

Hm. I wanted to avoid this as much as possible...

But my father's acquaintance, who I've known since I was a child, is a professional composer and he's composing the song for us.

That new song will be our treasure.

The dance will be choreographed by a specialist I've requested through my parents.

It's only a temporary grouping of things,

And we don't know how much we can get done in a week, but I hope we can get the new song completed, at the very least.

According to the professional, they'll create a work of art beyond our capabilities. I'm looking forward to hearing the finished piece.

Mao Isara PE Dialogue Render

Woah, it's rare for you to rely on your parents' connections, though. Does it go to show that you're that serious?

Hokuto Hidaka PE Winter Dialogue Render

Of course. We'll win S1, even if it kills us.

Our new song is the embodiment of those feelings. We're going to devote ourselves to defeating the student council.

We'll fulfill our own dream. We Trickstar are going to brighten up this dark and stagnant Yumenosaki Academy.

Translation: Creampuffs
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