Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Revolution - 4
Location: Dojo
Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render

Hm? Yeah, that's my embroidery. I'm good at things like that.

'Cause it makes my lil sister happy. Her socks, apron, and arts and crafts bag are just some of the things I've made for her.

Tetora Nagumo Summer School Dialogue Render

Heheh ♪ Taishou's as good as any pro~ He's the one who made the outfits for Akatsuki, you know!

The outfits for the unit I'm in, Ryuseitai, were also made by him~♪

Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render

Yeah. The dance moves from Tetsu's unit are pretty intense, so you've got to make sure the outfits are sturdy, otherwise it'll come apart.

It was actually pretty difficult to make.

Well, when it comes down to it, I can mend it.

Make sure you use it with care. I'm not an outfit shop, so I can't keep makin' 'em forever.

Well, I do enjoy sewin', though.

...Oh? So your unit wants an outfit as well? Would you like me to make it for you?

I don't need anythin' in return. If it'll make things even between us, then that's enough.

But well, it doesn't hurt to learn how to sew... I'll give you the cloth and tools, so I'll teach you the ABCs of how I make the outfits.

I'm sure your friends would be happier if you made it, though.

Nothing beats havin' an outfit full of affection made by someone who knows you well.

...Missy, I'm one of the big shots behind the power of the student council; I'm the second in command in Akatsuki. But, by no means, am I in favour of the current circumstances of the academy.

I have my position and duty to consider. I won't be able to help you openly.

If you and your unit are plannin' on openin' a rift in the current status of this stagnant Yumenosaki Academy, then I'll be cheerin' you on in the shadows.

It's disappointin', but that's all I can do. I'm supposed to be skilled with my hands, but it seems I can't even live my life the way I want.

Tetora Nagumo Summer School Dialogue Render

W-What does that mean? Transfer Student-san, are you trying to oppose the student council?

That's awesome~! No one has ever confronted them head-on or even attempted to go against them, and you want to challenge them for a shoot off?

That's so cool~ you're ablaze, Transfer Student...☆

I've got a grudge against the student council for ruining the Dragon King Competition too! I've been feeling so bitter that I can't even sleep at night!

It's not only me, everyone's waiting for a hero!

As far as my leader's personality in Ryuseitai goes, we can't go against the student council as long as they're part of the "justice"!

I'd just lose pathetically if I challenged them over and over again by myself!

So if you can take them down! I'll support you from the bottom of my heart!

No, please, I want you to dispel the regrets we have...!

Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render

Leave it at that, Tetsu.

Missy here will be walkin' across a dangerous tightrope. If you make her shoulder a lot of burdens, then she'll lose balance and fall into the depths of hell.

You guys are plannin' something for the S1 next week, aren't you? I've heard about it from the vice president... Hasumi.

He isn't even payin' any attention to you guys, though.

The student council has an information network within the school.

Word hasn't gotten out yet, so we're only assumin' that you're plottin' somethin'.

Don't let your guard down and concentrate on what you have to do.

The student council at this school has too much power. We're basically dancin' in the palm of their hands.

I'd like to bite away at that hand, though.

Something is definitely bound to change.

I'm lookin' forward to seein' what you'll do, missy.

Translation: Creampuffs
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