Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
(Flying Guts) Tetora Nagumo CG
Tetora Nagumo Summer School Dialogue Render


Uhh, thanks for making it all the way here, Transfer Student-san!

Location: Dojo
Revolution - 3
Tetora Nagumo School Dialogue Render

Welcome to the sacred grounds of the Karate Club! The martial arts dojo~ ♪

All right! I know it's a bit filthy in here, but come on in...


Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render

What's wrong, Tetsu? What's with the noisy pitter-patterin' of footsteps?

Tetora Nagumo School Dialogue Render

Ahh, Taishou! Sorry, I'm just nervous since I'm not used to talking to girls!

Uwaa, he flicked my forehead!

Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render

You just can't calm down, can you. You should learn to be more calm and self-possessed.

Tetora Nagumo School Dialogue Render

Calm and self-possessed... I don't really know what that means, but all right! Osu ☆

Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render

Geez. I'm sorry for the noise, missy. Sorry for callin' you all the way out here.

Well, nothing's going to happen if you stand there all day. Come in. ...Tetsu, how long are you goin' to stay on the ground like that. Go and show the visitor around.

Tetora Nagumo School Dialogue Render

Osu! Then, uh, I'll go brew some tea~ ♪

Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render

Food isn't allowed inside the dojo, moron. Follow the rules... so that means we can't brew any tea for you, though. Well, relax and enjoy your stay.

Just sit wherever you like over there.

...You don't have to be so alert. I only want to return your handkerchief.

I'll fulfill my duty. You saved me during the unauthorised competition the other day.

I take it upon myself to repay my debts without fail. If there's anythin' you're worried about, come talk to me about it. I'll do whatever I can to help.

...Tetsu, say somethin' amusin' so she doesn't get bored.

Tetora Nagumo School Dialogue Render

Ehh!? Don't ask for the impossible, Taishou~!

I know it's an act of affection, though! Err, let's see?

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers~!?[1]

Ugh, I can't come up with something amusing out of the blue like that~!

Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render

I see. Well, I'm not very good at talkin', either. But unlike me, you're cheerful, Tetsu... So I'm sure you'll be able to hold a witty conversation if you get used to it.

Don't get nervous, get accustomed to the situation. You're an idol too, aren't you? Interactin' with fans should be a piece of cake.

You'll never make it big in the idol industry if you choose to dodge the issue.

Tetora Nagumo School Dialogue Render

Osu! There's always a deeper meaning in your words, I've gotta write that down ♪

Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render

Tetsu. Being honest is your strong point, but it's also a demerit. ...Hmm, where did I put it?

There. Here's your handkerchief back, missy.

...Hm? It's not the one you gave me?

Ahh, it's exactly as you say. It looks like I've made a mistake and accidentally taken one from home instead. It seems I've made a blunder in the most crucial area.

(Returning) Kuro Kiryu CG
Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render

But you've come all the way here to the dojo already. I can't bring myself to see that you've come on a fool's errand.

It isn't much, but I'll give you this handkerchief instead.

No need to be modest. There's a little extra embroidery on it, but... you don't have to take it if you don't like it.

  1. The original Japanese, "隣の客はよく柿を食う客だ/tonari no kyaku wa yoku kaki wo kuu kyaku da (the customer next to me (is a customer who) often eats persimmons)", is a tongue twister so I've replaced it with a similar one in English.
Translation: Creampuffs
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