Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Revolution - 23
Location: Auditorium
Rei Sakuma UNDEAD Dialogue Render

Akatsuki... A crimson moon that floats within the darkness, huh.[1] How lovely and devilish ♪

Keito Hasumi AKATSUKI Dialogue Render


I don't know what you're scheming, but I'll be taking the liberty of crushing you by using the full extent of my abilities.

No, I'll just be clearing away the dust and cleansing the area. I have a mission of perfectly maintaining the cleanliness in Yumenosaki Academy.

Rei Sakuma UNDEAD Dialogue Render

Indeed. Order has returned to the pandemonium that is called Yumenosaki Academy; the accomplishments of the student council is evidently great.

I shall acknowledge the fact as someone of the Five Oddballs, who used to run rampant in the academy.

However, history will repeat itself. Over and over again. There is no mistake as it is I, a walking dictionary, who says so.

It's your turn to be hunted down this time, it's your turn to be disposed of and thrown away into the trash can ♪

Keito Hasumi AKATSUKI Dialogue Render

Is this your revenge... Sakuma-san?

Rei Sakuma UNDEAD Dialogue Render

Of course not. The original Five Oddballs have reduced to three now.

It is no longer our era. I cannot remain as I am forever, waiting for the ugliness of age to bleach me dry.

All I've come to do is to break off the swirling connections in the dead of night before new rays of sunshine shine in.

In any case, although I am older, there is no need to add the honorific of "-san" to my name.

Right now, we are fellow rivals; take a lunge at me without holding back... isn't that right, boy? ♪

Keito Hasumi AKATSUKI Dialogue Render

Hmph. Then I'll do just that and punish you for all your wrongdoings.

Rei Sakuma, I thought you were far more clever than this.

How incorrigible.

Kiryu, Kanzaki, we're going to change the lineup.[2] With both UNDEAD and Akatsuki on stage, the audience won't know where to look.

We'll divide the stage into two and each unit will take their positions on either the north or south side.

All that's left is to dominate the stage by using everything in our power. It's a battle for the top position.

I'll turn this into a bloodbath for you foolish rebels; we'll dye the auditorium in the colour of Akatsuki.

Souma Kanzaki AKATSUKI Dialogue Render

Understood. Stealing the distance between yourself and the opponent is the secret behind swordplay; I see you understand the tactics, Hasumi-dono.

Rei Sakuma UNDEAD Dialogue Render

If that's the case, why not split up the stage fairly based on headcount? It's rather cramped here with four people as opposed to you three over there, you see~?

Keito Hasumi AKATSUKI Dialogue Render

There is no need for me to make such a compromise. Hurry up and leave, intruders.

Rei Sakuma UNDEAD Dialogue Render


(I've done all I can, but to no effect, it seems. Even if he has rotted, the fact that authority lies with him does not change[3]; an invincible unit?)

(If they perform as they've always done, then our superiority which we've gained through a surprise attack will crumble.)

(Their style of traditional culture will become the strongest if they fall into their usual pattern, meaning clever schemes will not work. )

(Nevertheless, we are the ones who have gotten our way unfairly. Unless we make some sort of compromise, the ones who will be suffering from the dispute shall be us.)

(Currently... the audience still thinks of the unprecedented Battle of the Bands-type fight as one with the performance.)

(I need to make sure it stays that way until the very end. If the dreamfest is stopped, our plan will come to be nothing, won't it?)

(Everything will be ruined if the teachers or security arrive. At this rate, if the programme continues to progress smoothly, then we'll be able to shift the plan into its next stage.)

(It shouldn't matter even if we win. If we can ruin the solid Akatsuki's flow even a little and stand on equal footing, then that would be most satisfactory.)

(The more they are cautious of us, the more Hasumi-kun and co. will forget about Trickstar. That is our true motive. Kukuku ♪)

Keito Hasumi AKATSUKI Dialogue Render

(The noise UNDEAD is producing is much more of a nuisance than I thought.)

(Rock, huh. How barbaric... It's the complete opposite of Akatsuki's traditional culture; we're getting in each other's way and trying to bite the other to death.)

(If it's like this, we won't be able to bring out our usual performance.)

(The distinctive feature of our unit are our emotive and elegant performance. Now, that has been interfered.)

(It feels as if construction in the neighbourhood has begun as I'm trying to entertain my guests by serving them elegant tea.)

(Nevertheless, the fact that we're both interfering with each other's performance doesn't change. We're just like water and oil; as we oppose one another, a rift is created between the votes.)

(Damn, it's such a sudden situation that I don't have the time to think properly.)

(Why couldn't I sense this? The suspicious aura was well evident. Did I let my guard down after the long-awaited peace? Did I, too, do that?)

(What on earth are you planning, Rei Sakuma of the Three Oddballs?)

(I confirmed it while I was changing in the dressing room earlier.)

(Just what is he trying to do...? Originally, UNDEAD didn't declare that they wished to participate in S1, and yet they're performing right now.)

(When did they register? I have no recollection of accepting their application.)

(Does this mean carrying out illegal means is their specialty? He was once called the head of the problem children, the Five Oddballs.)

(I've been unintentionally forced to allow them to stand on the same stage. Just as fate has. I need to look into the details later, but... this isn't the time for this, huh.)

(So UNDEAD has properly registered as a participant in S1, and the academy has accepted that in name.)

(I can't even use my authority to drive UNDEAD out. Of course, I've already considered the worst case scenario as well.)

(Things are about to get stormy. We, the very symbol of justice –the student council– will become violators.)

(That is the sort of composition that has been created. Our appearance and position will be shackled and we won't be able to move an inch.)

(The Strict Leader) Keito Hasumi CG2
Keito Hasumi AKATSUKI Dialogue Render

(There is no choice but to make them surrender by using what we're truly capable of. That will also be our potentiality.)

(Don't underestimate us. To the devils who have crawled out from the darkness: you shall taste the judgement justice –no, I– will bring upon you.)

  1. "Akatsuki (紅月)" literally means "red/crimson moon".
  2. The original Japanese for "lineup" (布陣/fujin) can also mean "battle formation", whereas the English is rather loose and can mean a variety of things e.g. a queue.
  3. The line "Even if he has rotted, the fact that authority lies with him does not change" may sound somewhat strange, but a clearer translation/meaning would be "something that is not what it once was but it is still high class".
Translation: Creampuffs
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