Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
(Awakening Vampire) Rei Sakuma CG2
Rei Sakuma UNDEAD Dialogue Render

Come, everyone. Enjoy the banquet to your heart's content!

Tonight is the revival festival for us UNDEAD! The dead of night is truly our stage, after all; sing and dance to your dreams of this world until you desire it no more!

Location: Auditorium
Revolution 20
Kaoru Hakaze UNDEAD Dialogue Render

No, no. You're the only one who's trying to reverse day and night, Sakuma-san~ Well, I guess I don't hate the nighttime in particular or anything.

Only bad students have the privilege to enjoy the nightlife! It makes you feel like you're alive, doesn't it~? ♪

Koga Oogami UNDEAD Dialogue Render

Pah! Why don't you usually act like this, huh, you lousy seniors!?

C'mere, Adonis. We're gonna say somethin' too so we don't lose to these two pieces of trash here! Go on, say somethin'!

Adonis Otogari UNDEAD Dialogue Render

If you want me to talk, then I'll do my best. But, there's no point in competing with them by using all of our stamina.

(Thoughtful of Friends) Adonis Otogari CG2
Adonis Otogari UNDEAD Dialogue Render

In our case, it may be perfect if we're just a few centimetres away from biting each other's necks.

I'll do my best to follow up so that I don't lag behind. Is that all the things you wanted to hear?

Kuro Kiryu AKATSUKI Dialogue Render


(This isn't a good unfoldin' of events. Thanks to UNDEAD's sudden invasion, Akatsuki is restless.)

(The traditional culture which we Akatsuki specialise in didn't see this situation comin'.)

(We've always been steadily performing to perfection and displayin' our true worth to the world. That is traditional culture.)

(But, the wind has been taken out of our sails. We failed to hit from the very beginnin', so it'll be difficult to regain what we lost.)

(They have four people; we'll have to hold out by ourselves on the front lines until Hasumi gets back.)

(The more people there are occupyin' the stage, the more eyes there will be on us. That's humanity for you.)

(UNDEAD is already a cocky and strong bunch as it is. If we let them act like they own the place, then we'll just degrade to backup dancers.)

(The current strongest unit with a high degree of honour in Yumenosaki Academy, Akatsuki, is going to play the supportin' role? That's a load of bull.)

(Well, whatever. If Hasumi comes back, we should be able to recover until the worst case, the struggle for supremacy, begins.)

(Besides, doing all this thinkin' isn't my job. I'll just do what I've always done; carry out our performances with a perfect strategy, and then winnin'.)

(That's Akatsuki; that's our style.)

(I've got no choice but to accomplish my role. I'll fulfill my duty, but I won't go overboard.)

(There is the evil left behind from the ruined Dragon King Competition. I can't seem to get fired up this time around.)

(As long as I act cautiously, they shouldn't label me as a treacherous friend.)

(But of any unit in the entire school, it just had to be UNDEAD, huh. They're basically antiques; what's the point in standin' out now?)

(I completely thought the Transfer Student's unit would appear, though...?)

(Where are they and what are they doing?)

Koga Oogami UNDEAD Dialogue Render

Hey, hey, you don't seem so cheerful, eh, Kiryu-senpai?

Kukaka! The best of Yumenosaki Academy's all ruined now, I feel great!

We never gotta settle things back at the Dragon King Competition, so I'll let you grovel before my feet at this S1!

It's too late if you wanna cry and apologise~! The beast is strongest when it's wounded — I'm gonna crush that windpipe of yours!

Kuro Kiryu AKATSUKI Dialogue Render

Shut your mouth. Don't make so much noise on stage.

Sakuma... your pet dog is lackin' in manners.

Rei Sakuma UNDEAD Dialogue Render

Apologies, I'm embarrassed despite the fact that he's one of ours. Doggy here can't seem to get out of the habit of barking at everything, you see.

Well, it does serve as a threat, however.

Since ancient times, the howl of a dog has had the power to exorcise demons; isn't it perfect to drive away the tradition that has spread like a curse in this Yumenosaki Academy?

Tonight is a full moon, let us drive the spectators into a state of frenzy.

The dogs' howls will resonate and the demons will host a banquet. It shall be a devilish night full of more madness than a nightmare can hold ♪

(Burning Spirit) Kuro Kiryu CG2
Kuro Kiryu AKATSUKI Dialogue Render

Oh? So you're sayin' that the devils will run off if the dog howls? That means you'll get off the stage too, right, UNDEAD?

Koga Oogami UNDEAD Dialogue Render

Hey, look 'ere, I ain't no dog, got that! I'm gonna freakin' kill you for real if you don't get that straight!

(The Faithful Samurai) Souma Kanzaki CG2
Souma Kanzaki AKATSUKI Dialogue Render


It appears the "yunitto" over there is full of spirit, is it not, Adonisu-dono?

Adonis Otogari UNDEAD Dialogue Render

Thanks to everyone's chattering, I am quite comfortable.

Souma Kanzaki AKATSUKI Dialogue Render

We may be fellow classmates of Class A, however it does not mean I will ease up on you.

You shall make up for any ill-mannered actions by ending in a miserable defeat.

Adonis Otogari UNDEAD Dialogue Render

Yeah. I'm fully aware what we are doing is ill-mannered.

But while we are classmates, you shouldn't be directing those words to me.

Souma Kanzaki AKATSUKI Dialogue Render

What do you mean?

Adonis Otogari UNDEAD Dialogue Render

...I've said too much. On second thought, I really am bad at speaking. I'll focus on the performance instead.

Souma Kanzaki AKATSUKI Dialogue Render

Indeed. The stage protagonists are not us of the young, we should respect our seniors who have supported Yumenosaki Academy thus far.

The star performer has appeared.

Keito Hasumi AKATSUKI Dialogue Render

Sorry for the wait.

As expected, without Kiryu fitting the outfit for me, it's rather difficult to put it on myself.

Kuro Kiryu AKATSUKI Dialogue Render

Ahh... sorry about that, I should've been paying more attention.

Akatsuki is blessed in physique and you've all got good postures, so it's a lot of fun makin' our outfits. I've been ordered to create some complicated things as well.

Keito Hasumi AKATSUKI Dialogue Render

I don't mind. The outfits you make for Akatsuki are also another weapon for us.

It doesn't matter if you're making outfits for other units; I give you permission to carry out that side job.

As long as you continue to be sincere, the students won't bear a grudge against Akatsuki. We have our supporters as well as the accomplishments we have accumulated over time.

The winners will be none other than us, Akatsuki.

Translation: Creampuffs
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