Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Revolution - 20
Location: Auditorium
Keito Hasumi School Dialogue Render

(Who are they? Why are they performing and for what purpose?)

(Could it be that they invaded the stage and are planning on occupying it?)

(The audience gathered in the auditorium probably haven't grasped the abnormal situation yet. It appears they seem to think that it's a part of the performance?)

(The student council is lacking in staff, but despite that, I wanted to say that the security in the auditorium was perfect.)

(I was supposed to have changed into my unit outfit in the dressing room, but instead I chose to work in the student council office.)

(Did those people take advantage of that time gap to infiltrate, get up on stage, and start performing like it was natural to?)

(How incorrigible.)

You lot...! What are you doing? I'll consider this an act of rebellion against the student council!

Get off the stage immediately! This is not someplace you're allowed to stand up on!

Rei Sakuma UNDEAD Dialogue Render

Now, now, Hasumi-kun.

Don't say something so heartless.

Originally, the dreamfest is like a world stage of dreams for idols.

Therefore, there are very few participating units this time around. We simply jumped in as to decorate the place with a flower.

You all may be fighting to your deaths for the leading role, but when that time comes, I hope you'll spare us the trouble.

Keito Hasumi School Dialogue Render

...Sakuma-san. What a rare sight to see you standing here.

Rei Sakuma UNDEAD Dialogue Render

Kukuku. I'm merely but an old man who has shoved a leg into the coffin; I do not regret dying in battle in a flashy manner. I'd like to make a name for myself in the final moments.

Old soldiers never die; they just fade away, or so I'd like to say... Sleeping alone is rather lonely, you see, so I simply wanted another fellow to travel with me to the depths of hell.

Keito Hasumi School Dialogue Render

Are these insolent men your followers?

Rei Sakuma UNDEAD Dialogue Render

No, they are my dear comrades.

It's been a long time since we last stood on stage, it seems we've all forgotten the proper conduct.

Somebody has called for the group this Rei Sakuma is leading, UNDEAD ♪

Perhaps it's due to the fact there aren't many units participating, but I'm grateful to see that the dreamfest is set to start so late.

The nightly veritable pandemonium[1] will not end until the sky turns white.

If you're not satisfied with that, then command your troops and come at me. You're welcome to chase us away from the stage with your prideful Akatsuki.

Or has it been such a long, peaceful period that you've forgotten how to stand on stage and fight earnestly with courage?

Keito Hasumi School Dialogue Render


Fine. The ordinary visitors in the audience don't know what's going on, so I'll use the opportunity to get rid of you all.

If you cause a brawl or a similar commotion with the visitors involved, then it'll be an issue of trust in Yumenosaki Academy.

Tonight, the performances will progress smoothly and end like it always has; the audience won't notice a thing.

While Eichi has been away, I am the person with the highest amount of responsibility — someone who has been entrusted with the order of this school. I cannot allow you to dirty the dignity of the student council at Yumenosaki Academy.

Sakuma-san. If an earnest fight as idols is what you wish for, then I accept your challenge.

The style you and your group uses...

At the unauthorised match, B1, where two units stand on the same stage and perform at the same time — Battle of Bands. Is that what you want?

Rei Sakuma UNDEAD Dialogue Render

Hmm, now that is what you call a "showdown". What is the point of your behaving and turning into a "good child", performing in an orderly manner?

Well, those are your invincible tactics, aren't they? To let go of your winning strategy would be the same as an infant unable to take off its own diaper. Is that what you're afraid of?

I don't mind if you want to do it in sequential order, however we will not leave the stage.

We shall wait for our turn with a backwards glance as we perform ♪

Keito Hasumi School Dialogue Render

Hmph, you're just a thief who threatens violence when detected.

I'll kick you out. This is our stage. You lot have lost your reason to stay and will be chased out.

I'll show you the difference in power, putting on airs doesn't make you invincible.

We'll chase you away from the stage, to the point where you cannot bear to stay. Akatsuki is the strongest here, and we'll make you scarce along with your song.

The audience will never turn your way. Ghosts from the past will disappear without leaving a trace in anyone's eyes.

It would be pointless if we didn't obtain complete victory on your grounds. That way, perhaps you'll learn to never point a sword at us ever again.

We'll make you surrender in front of everyone here, troublemakers.

Kanzaki, my outfit is ready in the dressing room, isn't it?

I'm going to go get changed. Buy time for me until I return.

Souma Kanzaki AKATSUKI Dialogue Render


However, is it all right to let these people do as they please?

I would even turn this into a scene of carnage and submerge them in a sea of blood by your order!

Keito Hasumi School Dialogue Render

That's not necessary. If the audience is confused by an unusual event, the student council will be the one at a loss.

If the dreamfest is interrupted, then it'll turn into an unprecedented catastrophe.

It's possible that Sakuma-san and co. are after "that". You must never provoke them, otherwise you'd just be playing right into their hands.

I'm sure showing the fools our difference in ability will be more than enough.

...The dreamfest is not a simple competition where UNDEAD, whose activities have been on a long hiatus, can win so easily.

We, too, are being looked down upon, it seems.

I'll make you regret challenging Akatsuki and the student council.

  1. Veritable pandemonium (百鬼夜行/hyakkiyagyou): I can't seem to find the right words to explain, but according to jisho, "a large number of people plotting and doing evil; creepy characters roaming about presenting a most scandalous sight".
Translation: Creampuffs
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