Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Revolution - 16
Location: Student Council Room
Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render

"Hello? Vice president?"

"This is Tori Himemiya. The day for S1 —the dreamfest— has finally arrived, hasn't it~? ♪"

"The festive day where we, the student council, display our authority to the incompetent general public and those concerned~☆"

"Anyway, that's all for the regular report. Nothing's amiss here at the front of the school gate, or should I say the reception!"

"Visitors are entering in an orderly fashion and compared to our previous event, it was about the same level as a calculated error. As I thought, the degree of attention the official Yumenosaki Academy's dreamfests have are really high inside and outside~♪"

"The gallery in the auditorium is just about to be full. It doesn't look like we'll need to start limiting entry just yet~ ♪"

"But visitors will keep on coming, so your instructions to install a large display on the grounds were right on, vice president!"

"Impressive, as always ☆"

"It's just a live performance from the students, and yet there are this many people gathering to watch them~"

"TV reporters and magazine journalists just keep on coming. I'm prioritising and leading them to good seats, of course~ ♪"

"The general public are behaving themselves since they'll be kicked out if they cause an unnecessary ruckus."

"Things are so peaceful here, I can't even consider it a small skirmish with the enemy!"

"It's a magnificent view, really, seeing the crowd bustle like that! Ahh, it feels like I'm watching a mass game ☆"

"The students within the school seem to be pretty obedient too, surprisingly~"

"Since this dreamfest is open to the public, we'll have visitors from outside the school watch from the auditorium, and the students will be watching the battle from their classrooms..."

"It looks like they're making sure to follow that rule~"

"Hmm~ It's pretty anticlimactic right now. There are some suspicious rumours going around though, but... things are progressing smoothly right now. Or at least, it feels like they are!"

"That's all for my report. Any questions?"

Keito Hasumi School Dialogue Render

No, if nothing's amiss, then good. All is right in the world.

Sorry for making you work despite today being a holiday, Himemiya.

It seems I'm prone to worrying too much. Eichi... the student council president is still hospitalised, and it appears Isara will be participating in the upcoming dreamfest as a performer.

Therefore, it's troubling that we're lacking in staff. You're being a great help, Himemiya.

Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render

"Heheh~ I don't mind if you compliment me a little bit more ♪"

"I'll be giving all the annoying work to my manservant, so I'm just taking it easy."

"Our unit activities are on hold at the moment because our leader's hospitalised anyway~☆"

"Speaking of which, how about yourself, vice president...? You're supposed to appear in today's dreamfest, so should you be working so hard?"

Keito Hasumi School Dialogue Render

Full authority for S1 has been passed onto us, so it's the student council's work. We can't afford to cut corners.

Considering how I have to deal with the office work, venue security for S1, keeping in contact with the students and teachers... as well as various other jobs, I'm as busy as a one-armed paper hanger.

I'd even want to borrow the hand of a cat.[1] In spite of that, it's not a good idea to take in an uncertain component, meaning we cannot rely on someone else for help.

We, the student council, have no choice but to do everything ourselves.

Nevertheless, it appears things are moving smoothly, free of accidents, for the time being. It's another peaceful day at Yumenosaki Academy.

Perfect order is kept in place. As long as I'm here standing, I won't let the fools do as they please.

  1. A phrase meaning that you're so busy you'd accept help from anyone, even a cat.
Translation: Creampuffs
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