Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Revolution - 12
Location: Soundproof Lesson Room
Mao Isara PE Dialogue Render


...Oh, Transfer Student. You're still here at school? It's already midnight, you know?

I want to practise a little longer since I want to make up for the time I lost last week.

Unless we're in sync, we won't win the S1.

If I'm taking part, then I'm in it to win. Even if...

I end up facing off with the student council, I'm sure the vice president won't be complaining as long as I follow the rules and fight fairly, though.

In fact, when I told him I'd be participating in my unit practice, he said to me, "good luck".

Do you think he hardly considers us the enemy~?

But we have a chance at winning. Even as I'm saying this, there isn't much time until S1 and we're lacking in strength.

I've got to desperately work hard. Well, even if I stay up all night and force myself, it'll only ruin my health.

It looks like I'm not good with handling stuff like this.

I always thought I was on top of things, but I guess that wasn't the case.

Subaru and Hokuto have already gone home to prepare for the practice tomorrow. That's the right decision, there's no need to push myself so hard.

But only those who believe in themselves can carry their dream --their hopes-- onto the next day.

Unless I do whatever I can today while I'm awake, a coward like me would only get anxious, huh.

I don't exactly know how to make full use of the twenty-four hours we've been equally given, but it looks like you're in the same boat as me, Transfer Student.

Ordinary guys like me sure have it tough, standing right next to those with talent~

Well, making ends meet is the one thing I'm good at, so... something will work out, I guess.

The issue is Makoto. He tends to brood over a lot of things.

Trickstar's track list for S1 will be chosen based on your opinions, Transfer Student.

Six songs in total. We've decided to have a song assigned to each of us which will focus on us individually.

The first song we'll be performing right after the curtain rises is a stable track which everyone appears in.

After that is one more of our previous songs, and then three new tracks the Light Music Club have offered us... Each of us will be the centre of one song.

The order goes Subaru, Hokuto, me, and then Makoto. Makoto's lacking in skill, so he'll be in charge of the final song...

And if he ends up making a blunder... we should be able to recover with a song performed by everyone.

It feels like we're trying to look out for him, but we're spoiling him at the same time though. He understands the situation himself and knows that he's lacking in ability.

And so, that's why he's probably thinking "I can't afford to mess up".

If he cares for the unit, but ends up messing up anyway, then it means he's just extra baggage. "I'm not needed in Trickstar; I'm just dragging everyone else down..."

He'll definitely end up with those thoughts. He once had a setback before, so his self-esteem's pretty low.

Makoto has good qualities as well as strong weapons. He's needed in Trickstar, but he himself has the lowest self-confidence out of everyone in the unit.

He's a complicated guy. But that's why all the more to win S1.

By attaining victory, you build confidence. That's what Makoto needs.

The road to victory will be hell, I'm sure; one where you'd rather look away. We've got to pay attention and support him.

He's insecure and inexperienced, but he has talent. He shouldn't be hiding in the shadows like a coward; he should be taking centre stage, or at least that's what I think.

It'd be a great help if you thought the same way though, Transfer Student.

...Oh, so you were working on something? Sorry for having you listen to me chatting away. It looks like I'm pretty talkative~

So, what's that you're doing? Sewing?

Ohh, so you're making the outfits for us in Trickstar. You sure are doing a lot for us~

That's a great help, but will you make it in time, though?

You're staying this late and working on it to ensure you do, huh. I appreciate your hard work. I can stop the music if it's too loud and interrupting your concentration.

I've got the songs downloaded onto my device, so I can listen to it with my earphones. Well, it is a nuisance when I'm dancing though.

...You sure? It helps with coming up with the image for the outfit as you watch me?

Alright. Then, I'll go ahead and dance. Sorry if it's kinda noisy in here.

Also, tell me when you're going to leave. I'll take you home. It's already dark out, so it'll be dangerous for a girl to go home by herself, right?

We've got to look after you. Or at least that's what Subaru and Hokuto say...

You're like the goddess of victory for us Trickstar, you know?


Translation: Creampuffs
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