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Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
Restaurant Second Half 2.png
Location: Garden Terrace
Eichi Tenshouin Summer School Dialogue Render.png

Now that that's been decided, I suppose we should decide on our roles.

Wataru Hibiki Summer School Dialogue Render.png

In that case, allow me to help out in the kitchen... ☆

I have been hearing people wondering if there is a lack of kitchen staff and when their food will arrive.

Eichi Tenshouin Summer School Dialogue Render.png

You act like you don't, but you really do watch your surroundings. It's admirable, Wataru.

Wataru Hibiki Summer School Dialogue Render.png

Fufufu. Reading the situation like this is only natural when serving His Majesty ☆

Now then, allow me to gallantly make my departure...! To spread love to people throughout the world... ☆

Eichi Tenshouin Cafeteria Dialogue Render.png

Well then, we should get going too.

... An apron?

Ah, you prepared one for me? Thank you, Anzu-chan.

What do you think? Does it look strange?

... Fufu, getting that much praise is a little embarrassing. You look good in one too, Anzu-chan.

Whoops, I don't think it's the time to be exchanging compliments. It looks like a bunch of orders have been piling up while we were having our chat.

I'll take care of the heavier dishes. Can you carry the lighter ones?

I might have a weak body, but my physical strength is average, at least. You don't have to worry; I'll be fine.

Alright, you can carry these dishes... you shouldn't carry too many at once, or you'll lose your balance.

Great. That many shouldn't be a problem. I'll carry the rest, no problem.

The customers are waiting for you, Anzu-chan. You can leave things here to me; go on ahead ♪


... Alright, it looks like everything's done here for now.

Is working as a waiter really that surprising, I wonder? Everybody was staring at me with wide eyes.

Considering how I had no previous experience working as a server, I think I did a pretty good job.

It was the first time I've worked in a part-time job at school too. Fufu, there’s a first time for everything.

But working in a part-time job and interacting with other students was nice.

This time was definitely worthwhile. Perhaps I should actively mingle with everybody else like this in the future too.

I should thank Anzu-chan for this.

... Now that I think about it, I haven't seen her at all. Is she still working?

Is that... Anzu-chan? What a handful, that girl. I said I'd carry the heavy dishes, and yet she's pushing herself anyway...

I know that's the reason why she's so beloved by the students in this school, but I end up wishing that she'd rely on me more.

(Not that it's the time to be thinking so leisurely.)

... Anzu-chan! Are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere?

I'm glad... hm? The dishes? Jeez, you're concerned with the most irrelevant things.

But it's just like you to be concerned with dishware more than yourself.

Ah, I'll carry the rest — can you ask you to go help out Wataru?

Wataru will start sulking if I keep you all to myself, after all.

Restaurant Second Half 2 Scene Change.png
Location: Garden Terrace Kitchen
(Magic Recipe) Wataru Hibiki Dialogue Render.png

Amazing! Let's add some spices! Pour the oil into the heated frying pan...! The burning flames are the real thrills of cooking... ☆

Oh my, Anzu-san. Has there been a problem with an order?

... I see. I'm afraid that a clown such as myself has no understanding of how the great Emperor thinks.

However, if that is how Eichi wants to offer his love, I shall gladly receive it... ☆

(Magic Recipe) Wataru Hibiki CG.png
(Magic Recipe) Wataru Hibiki Dialogue Render.png

Fufufu. What is wrong? All the staring is making me terribly embarrassed...! My hair?

Ah yes, leaving my hair down while cooking would be unsanitary, after all. I gathered it all up into a ponytail... ☆

I cook at home as well, so this is nothing!

Are you curious? You must be! Very well — for you, Anzu-san, I shall introduce you to my specialty dish!

Now, please take a look...! Eggs into an omelette! Simple rice transforming into chicken fried rice... ☆

Taste over process, taste over appearance — that is what's been said since ancient times. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the details!

Most cooking is edible as long as there is love. Fuhahahaha ☆

And thus, my omurice is complete... ☆ Don't be shy, have a taste ☆

What do you think? Just one bite will keep you coming back for more, yes? Fufufu. It seems like Anzu-san has become a prisoner of my cooking as well.

The world will not be filled with love with cooking that simply just tastes good. It is because of unique, peculiar flavours that people become entranced... ☆

Oh dear, there's ketchup at the corner of your mouth. Ah, please don't move.

... There, I have wiped it off. I see that you too have a childish side, Anzu-san. I'm relieved ☆

I have noticed that you're working much too hard as a producer. It's different from Hokuto-kun, but I have been quite concerned.

Fufufu, are you surprised? Surprises are the driving force to filling the world with love ☆

To be able to surprise Anzu-san, the one who has bestowed this school with love and surprises, is more than a clown deserves...!

I may be called mysterious, as one of the Three Oddballs, but I love this school more than anybody else.

For somebody like you to have descended upon this school, I welcome you from the bottom of my heart... ☆

Don't you think that me demonstrating my cooking is proof of my profound love for you? Yes? That's right!

This school, the students, you... I love everybody ☆

However, I have a slight feeling that you may be special amongst the rest. Fufufu, not that even I understand what that means.

Amazing! As mysteries uncover even more mysteries, love uncovers even more love. Wonderful...!

Please bestow upon me even more countless mysteries! Let's dispel them with love... ☆

Translation: shoe
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